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Memory Blank...Again

Summary: Danny is in a ghost fight when he falls to the ground and lands on his head, rendering him unconscious. When he wakes up, he's in the middle of the park and he can't even remember his own name! Can his "new" friend, Sam, help him get his memory and his life back? DxS

Chapter 1: The Fight

Our story begins in the pale days of autumn, where Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, and Tucker Foley were playing video games in Danny's room.

"Ha! I beat you both again!" Sam cried triumphantly. Danny and Tucker groaned.

"Man, why do we always have to get beat by a girl?" Tucker got an elbow in the face for that one.

"And what do girls lack in the video gaming department, opposable thumbs, one track minds?" Sam asked, raising her eyebrow accusingly.

"Hey, I never said anything about guys being better than girls at video games!" Danny said defensively, grinning and throwing up his hands like they were a shield. Sam rolled her eyes, thinking of how cute he looked when he was being playful.

Danny gasped and a blue mist escaped his lips.

"Ghost sense." He mumbled automatically.

"I gotta go guys, be back in a minute!" And with that he let out his battle cry and transformed into his superhero alter-ego, Danny Phantom and flew threw the wall.

Sam stared after the white-haired ghost until he disappeared, heading in the direction of the park. She knew it was probably just the Box Ghost again, but she was always worried he might get hurt. Tucker on the other hand, hardly even noticed his friend's absence, as he was engrossed in his PDA...again.

Danny Phantom flew over the park, searching for the ghost that triggered his ghost sense. Being as though the park was like a small forest, the ghost had plenty of places to hide. His ghost sense went off again, this time telling him the ghost was very close. He stopped and hovered, glancing around.

Suddenly, Danny was hit in the stomach with an ecto-blast. He yelled and fell a few feet, then flew for where the blast had come from.

"Plasmius! What are you doing here?" Danny spat. The older halfa merely smiled calmly.

"That is for me to know, and for you to forget." He said, his smile now a smirk. Danny frowned. What the heck did he mean by that? He quickly shrugged the question off and shot his own ecto-blast at Vlad. He deflected the ecto-blast and teleported behind Danny. Danny spun around just in time to be knocked out of the air by a particularly powerful ecto-blast.

He lay sputtering on the ground, trying to recover his breath from the blow while Vlad took the time to laugh at him.

"Twenty years more experience sure does have its advantages, doesn't it Daniel?" He said. Danny lifted himself off the ground and stared up at Vlad, ignoring the white-hot pain in his side.

"Yeah, but sheer power's an advantage in itself!" He yelled, shooting five double-fisted ecto-blasts up at the older halfa. The blasts combined and turned pure white before they hit Vlad. He yelled and was thrown to the ground. Danny flew up above him and readied another ecto-blast.

Vlad had taken the hit right in the face, and he didn't look too good. His whole face was blistered and oozing blood and he was unsteady on his feet. Getting angry, he pulled out his new Long Distance Plasmius Maximus and shot it at the younger halfa. He missed.

Danny dodged the white blast from the new Plasmius Maximus and dove down into the cover of the trees. He knew that Plasmius Maximus was bad news. Weaving in and out of trees, Danny heard Vlad's maniacal laughter not far behind. His heart beat a hundred times faster as his speed reached its max.

Vlad was getting closer, but the trees prevented him from getting a good shot at the younger halfa. Getting frustrated, Vlad shot the device randomly, hoping to flush the cunning halfa from his flight. It worked. Danny heard the blast hit a tree directly behind him and made a sharp turn upward, but he turned invisible as he did so, infuriating Vlad further.

He flew up out of the trees and became invisible himself, but apparently too late. An ghost ray hit him right in the stomach, rendering him breathless and making him fall to the ground ten feet below.

Danny, from forty feet in the air, saw Vlad slowly get to his feet. He was wobbly and weak from the blow he'd delivered to his stomach and Danny was very proud of himself. He was about to leave the injured halfa to retire to his castle in Wisconsin when a white stream of energy hit him head on. He screamed in agony as the energy enveloped him and turned him human. And then he began to fall.


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