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Chapter 3: Daniel Masters?

Danny sighed at the cold as he rolled over in his sleep, right off the park bench. He jolted awake and braced himself for impact...but it never came. A wave of cold consumed him and left as suddenly as it had come and for some reason, he was afraid to open his eyes. He was still for a moment and tensed for anything that was to come. Nothing seemed to happen, so Danny slowly opened his eyes.


All Danny could see around him was dirt, he was completely engulfed. He looked down to find his hand, and nearly fainted when he saw the dirt all the way through his arm. Panicking, Danny did the only thing he could think of, he started to dog paddle towards what he hoped was the surface.

And then he could see; Danny was out of the ground and lying on the bricks around the fountain, kissing them. He rolled over onto his back and let his breath return to its normal pace. He brought a hand up to wipe the sweat away from his forehead and stopped breathing when he saw it, white gloved and glowing.

"I'm...dead?" He whispered, horrified and still not breathing. He realized this and immediately threw green ectoplasm chunks all over the bricks.

"What am I?!" He screamed upon seeing the glowing upchuck. Terrified, he jumped up and screamed again when his feet failed to touch the ground.

"Easy, little badger." A voice came from behind him. Danny turned and froze.

"W-who're you?" He asked, and out of habit began to breathe again. It felt strange to breathe as a ghost. The man, tall and wearing an expensive black suit, smiled at the boy's reaction inwardly, but arranged his face into a hurt expression.

"You don't know me?" He asked, making his smooth voice rocky from feigned disbelief. Danny shook his head.

"I think I hit my head, and now look at me! I'm floating!" The man shook his head, seemingly saddened.

"Oh, my poor, poor son. Come here Daniel, I'll take you home and clean you up. I'm sure you'll feel better in no time at all." Danny jumped when the man called him son; for some reason it made him angry, but he was tired and pushed the anger away.

"Is home near?"

"No. But we can get there in a hurry. Just don't worry, you'll be fine." Danny felt his feet touch the ground and he fell forward in his exhaustion.

Hours later, Danny woke up in a comfy king-sized four poster bed in a huge green and gold walled room complete with a super-sized wall mount TV. He yawned and got up, staring at his hands.

"Maybe it was a dream." He thought aloud. His hands were bare flesh again, no glow or anything. Smiling, Danny got up and found a fresh change of clothes waiting for him on the dresser. He quickly changed into them and recognized that the hole in his side had been patched up.

"Ah, Daniel, so glad you're up. Did you sleep well?" The man asked as Danny descended the spiral staircase into a magnificent library.

"Yeah, I slept fine. But I still don't really know what's going on. You're my dad?" Danny asked insecurely. The man smiled.

"Yes, I am your father, Vlad Masters, and you are my son, Daniel Masters."

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