Title: Anger

Author: Dís Thráinsdotter

Rating: K+

Summary: Gimli hears tales about Orcs.

Disclaimer: Gimli doesn't belong to me, only my plot does. Pre LotR. Gimli´s POW.

Author's note: Sequel to The warrior in Me

This morning a trading group came back to us from a journey they made to the nearby towns. The trade had gone well, our tools are eagerly sought after by the Elves and Men living in the area but they had been attacked by Orcs as they went through a forest near the mountains. None of them had been slain, thank goodness, but a number of them had been injured. Fortunately they had been able to repulse the Orcs and send them packing, and they were not too far from the halls.

It is so frustrating to hear these tales about Orc attacks and not be able to help. I want to go with the traders but father, not to mention cousin Balin, say that I am not yet ready. I know that I am only thirty years old and not of age but I have heard the tales that are told about the fights against Orcs that our people have done. It has always been like that, the Orcs have always attacked us as well as the Elves and Men. I have heard these tales but it feels as if I haven't truly understood them until now, when I was able to see the wounded for myself. Now I see what father meant when he said "one day you will see and then you will understand". I have seen and I do understand. And I am angry.