Dreams Turning Into Reality

After taking a second to run her fingers through her matted hair, Joey got up out of bed and made her way into the kitchen. Noticing it was still dark outside, she figured she had a few hours left until she had to get up for school, so she hoped once she got back into bed, she'd quickly fall back to sleep again.

"I just need something to cool me off before then..." Joey outwardly commented to herself, before opening the freezer in front of her and taking out a piece of ice. Afterwards, she put the cool ice to her hot skin and watched in surprise as it quickly began to melt at a very unusual speed. "What the hell..?"

Reaching into the freezer, Joey tried another piece of ice and watched as it did the same thing almost instantly. It seemed like nothing was cooling her off.

"Need some help?" a familiar voice asked, causing Joey to jump in surprise and then widen both eyes in shock as she turned around to see none other than Drue Valentine standing in front of her.

"What are you doing here...?" Joey opened her mouth to ask, but before the words could even slip pass her lips, Drue was moving towards her.

Joey had no clue how he had gotten into her house or what he was doing here this late, but that small detail didn't really matter to her at the moment as Drue reached out his hand and touched her hot skin; bringing with him a cool gentle breeze.

"Mm..that feels good."

Unfortunately, the cooling feeling had one little downfall. Joey was becoming so cool that her nipples had begun to harden; a fact which Drue had immediately picked up on.

Removing his hold on Joey's face, Drue reached over and without any effort ripped Joey's shirt off; leaving her exposed for his lust filled eyes to devour.

"Has anyone ever told you, you have great tits, Potter?"

Before Joey could utter out a word, Drue's mouth was around one of her nipples; causing her eyes to immediately shut in pleasure and any answer that she wanted to give, quickly decease.

"Mm, don't stop." She moaned as he began using his teeth to nibble on her skin.

The sensation felt so good to her.

"Come here..." Drue beckoned, before placing his hands on Joey's hips and picking her up; instantly afterwards, Joey wrapped her legs around his waist and watched as he laid her down on the kitchen table.

"Drue.." she began, but he silenced her with a kiss, fueling the fire that needed desperately to be put out.

After getting himself situated, Drue took his two index fingers and slowly lowered Joey's panties. Joey's eyes began to widen as she realized what was about to happen.

Seeing the expression on her face, Drue quickly replied, "I wont hurt you," before parting her legs and continuing with, "but this might sting a little."

Feeling like she was in good hands, Joey nodded her head after a second and then closed her eyes; waiting patiently for what was to come next...


As if cold water had just been splashed across her face, Joey quickly opened her eyes and bolted up right. Looking around, she realized she was back in her bedroom and wearing the exact same clothes that she had put on the night before.

That must've meant it had all been a dream.

Drue hadn't come to her house in the middle of the night and they hadn't almost made love on the kitchen table. And even though she knew that she should've been relieved about that fact, a small part of her couldn't help but feel let down.

Fortunately, she didn't have time to ponder that thought because a second later, a banging noise was heard at the door. "Joey, wake up! Pacey will be here any minute and your breakfast is getting cold."

After taking a second to look at the clock beside her, Joey let out a small sigh before telling her sister she'd be down in a minute and then throwing the covers off of her and getting up out of bed; accidentally stepping on one of Alexander's toy ships in the process.

"Dammit!" She muttered angrily to herself, before quickly wobbling to her closet in pain.

After picking out the first thing she saw in her closet, Joey quickly took off her clothes and threw on the clothes that she had picked from the closet. Once that was done, she began furiously combing her hair, while inwardly trying to forget the dream she had-had and the events that took place the night before.

"Get a grip Joey, with your luck, Drue's already moved on to something else now and you're the only one still thinking about it."

Knowing she wasn't even kidding herself with that one, Joey furiously threw down her hair brush and then proceeded to put her shoes on.

Interestingly enough, just as Joey was beginning to slip into her boots, there was a knock on her door causing her to impatiently shout, "Bess, I'm hurrying as fast as I can, and you know how Pacey..." she began, but when she looked up, she immediately stopped as she saw that it wasn't her sister Bessie at the door, but Pacey, who was standing in the doorframe with a sly grin on his face.

"Oh, I know just how your studly boyfriend can be...downright late all the time," Pacey said in a high pitch voice, causing Joey to first roll her eyes in amusement before standing up with her hands on her hips, and a quick retort on her lips, "I don't remember saying anything about you being studly?"

While making his way towards her, Pacey jokingly replied, "Hmm, I think you might've said it the other night when I was…", before leaning down and passionately kissing her on the lips.

After a couple of seconds of letting him do this, Joey pulled away from, the now slightly aroused, Pacey and giggled slightly before saying, "Pacey, come on, now, stop, or else we're going to be late for school,"

Not seeing any problem in this, Pacey jokingly replied, "And your point is," before pulling Joey in for another kiss; an action which caused Joey to laugh at her boyfriend's words, before finally breaking free from his grasp.

"C'mon horn dog, or else we're going to be really late for school," she said, before picking up her bag and leading a reluctant Pacey into the hallway and into a panicking Bessie, in the process.

"Whoa, Bess, where's the fire?" Pacey asked jokingly, while quickly steadying Joey before she fell on the floor.

"Sorry...it's just that I had made these plans with Bodie tonight, but the babysitter just called and said she had the flu, and it seems that Joey will be working tonight, so I have to tell Bodie that our dinner plans will have to be pushed back until further notice and he's not going to like that--while keeping up with this place, we've barely had time to talk to one another about anything else but this place in weeks."

Seeing the irritation in her sister's eyes, Joey quickly replied, "You don't have to change your plans, Bess. Since I'm working tonight, Pacey doesn't have anything else to do. He can baby-sit for you...right Pace?"

Seeing that the spotlight was now turned to him, Pacey began to slowly look back and forth between both Potters, while inwardly thinking of something he could say to get himself out of babysitting Alex, who was at the moment going through the terrible twos.

"Well..." he began, but fortunately was interrupted by Bessie.

"No, that's okay. You probably have things to do. I'll just tell Bodie that our first night alone since this summer has to be canceled because of lack of services. Maybe he'll be happy watching the Facts of Life Marathon with Mr. Gumble," she said, before turning around to leave; an action which caused Joey to jab her elbow into her boyfriend's ribs before staring him down with one of her infamous glares.


Knowing what that tone meant, Pacey let out a inward groan at having to watch the two year old for the night, before outwardly calling out Bessie's name.

"Bessie, wait a minute!"


After taking a second to look again from Bessie's pleading face to Joey's determined glare, Pacey inwardly sighed one more time before outwardly asking, "What time do you want me here?"

A question which caused Bessie to immediately close the gap between her and the younger male and start squeezing, what felt like, every breath out of him.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you." Bessie commented, before kissing him on the cheek and then leaning over and kissing Joey on hers as well. "Bodie is going to be so happy when I tell him the good news...we have so much more planning to do now, I don't even know what I'm going to wear. Thanks again, Pace."

After watching Bessie walk off, practically skipping, Joey couldn't help but turn around and beam at Pacey. "Not even eight hours into the day and you're already showing me the reasons why I fell in love with you."

Knowing he was defiantly going to have to make Joey pay for this one 'caused Pacey to roll his eyes at his plans for the evening, before playfully glaring down at his girlfriend and sarcastically throwing out: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you owe me,"

Capeside Hallway

As soon as Joey and Pacey had made it to school, they found themselves bumping into Jack and Jen, who were at the moment rolling there eyes at the students around them who were ramming into each other, trying to make their way to class before the bell rang.

"I never understood this school...people run to get to their class ten minutes early just so they can lounge outside the door and be two minutes late for attendance," Jack said, while moving aside for a guy on a skateboard.

"It could be worse," Pacey commented, after a second; causing the other three of them to look at him, curiously, only to get him saying, "I don't know how, but it could be," in return.

Joey smiled at this comment, before stopping her movements as they all reached the stairwell, where they all were now going to have to split up. "Well, I guess this is it. I'll see you guys later," she commented, before kissing Pacey on his cheek and then saying goodbye to Jen, as well.

After watching the other two proceed upstairs to their next class, Joey and Jack started back down the hallway.

"Ten bucks say they blow off homeroom."

Knowing that Pacey had been taking some effort to go to his classes this year, especially since finding out that he might not graduate if he didn't, caused Joey to quickly reply, "Twenty, and you got yourself a deal," before shaking hands with Jack and bidding him adieu as he walked into his first period class.

Three down, one more to go. Joey inwardly thought to herself, before continuing down the hallway to her class, but interestingly being intervened as a door to the left of her was suddenly opened and she was pulled into the janitor's closet. "What the…"

Unfortunately before Joey could get the last word out, she was forced silent as someone's lips slammed on top of her; an action which caused her to freeze in surprise, but then after a couple of seconds, pull away in anger.

An anger which soon left her as a hand flicked on the light switch beside her head, and Joey soon found out who had pulled her into the closet...