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"Why do I have to be here with you!" Inuyasha complained

"Feh" was all Sesshoumaru had to say

It was true they were stuck together because Kagomae and Rin said they needed to spend 'Brotherly Time together'. So here they were in a hot spring.

The awkward silence was getting to Inuyasha so he started gloating about how much better he was at fighting and that he could kick anyone's ass including Sesshoumaru's. This went on for some time going into different subjects and somehow it finally landed on sex. None seemed to care how awkward the subject was instead they fought over it.

"half demons are better because we can feel compassion for our mates because were half human" Inuyasha bragged

"Full demons are better looking and it comes naturally and I bet I could please anyone" Sesshoumaru coldly stated.

"Yeah suuure" Inuyasha rolled his eyes

"You wanna bet?' Sesshoumaru asked getting closer to the hanyou. Inuyasha was strangely getting nervous but only responded by tossing his head to the side and letting a "feh" come from his lips. Suddenly his head was snapped back by Sesshoumaru's hand on his chin and warm lips crashed on another pair.

"MPH!" Inuyasha struggled but was pinned to the rock behind them.(lolz this is fun! )

Sesshoumaru started to grind his hard member into Inuyasha's. A moan escaped his lips.

"S….Sesshoumaru...St...stop" Inuyasha barely pleaded

"Nope I'm going to win a bet and prove you wrong" Sesshoumaru whispered into his ear which sent shivers down his spine. He pressed his lips to Inuyasha's again. 

Inuyasha's P.O.V

Shit why does it feel so good! He's my brother and enemy! What's that? something wet ran across his lips Hell no I'm not giving that teme his wish! He felt a hand go down his stomach as Sesshoumaru's hand gripped around his member which caused him to moan and let Sesshoumaru slide his tongue into his mouth exploring the warm caverns of his mouth while working him below.

Regular P.O.V

Inuyasha started bucking his hips wanting Sesshoumaru to go faster but only made him go painfully slower while he smirked. He then let go which made Inuyasha whimper at his loss.

"I thought you said to stop dear brother?" Sesshoumaru mocked

Inuyasha opened his eyes only to see that annoying smirk playing across Sesshoumaru's lips.

"Well" Sesshoumaru questioned.

Inuyasha turned his head to the side he didn't want to beg but...well…it felt so good.

"I…p...please…onii-chan" Inuyasha actually begged.

Another smirk played across Sesshoumaru's lips as he pulled Inuyasha's legs around his waist. He pressed his lips to Inuyasha's again as he positioned himself at his entrance. He waited for no signal instead he quickly pushed in. Inuyasha winced in pain but soon felt better when Sesshoumaru found his pleasure spot.

"There…hit there again" Inuyasha begged once more

Sesshoumaru was taking great pleasure in this so he thrust faster and harder when he heard Inuyasha's little mewls and cries. He took Inuyasha's member into his hand as he rhythmed his hand to the way he was moving. It finally sent them both over the edge. When they climaxed they collapsed on each other (thank god for the rock)

After a bit Sesshoumaru finally got out from Inuyasha and stood up to walk away but before he did he turned his head and said while smirking "Told ya so"

It's stupid! My friend loves it though so ya well I hope whoever reads this likes it!