Summary: Modern day AU. When Kenshin finds out that Shishio has been betrayed by the Ishin Shishi, he returns to avenge his former comrade's murder by hunting down the men who condemned him to death. But when someone beats him to the kill, he realizes that there is more than meets the eye. BK.

Disclaimer: Rurouni Kenshin belongs to Watsuki Nobuhiro. I lay no claim on its characters, and events. The situations described in this story are however, mine.

Rating: T for violence and slight, very slight limes.




The Battousai's Return




Music blared from the speakers and lights danced crazily in the dark, smoky club where he waited for his quarry. He stood in a corner on the upper level of the club, watching and waiting for tonight's victim to show up. The spot afforded him a view of the entire place, most importantly, he could see the main doors to the club, and no one could enter or leave without him knowing. As he leaned forward on the balustrade, an attractive girl standing to his right slunk up to his side, and lifting her lips to his ears whispered a breathless invitation. He turned to her, making his disinterest clear and hoping she would leave it at that, and not bother him further.

The target hadn't arrived yet. Where was she? She was supposed to have been here twenty minutes ago. He could see her pitiful little friends waiting at one of tables ringing the dance floor. A tall, attractive guy with spiky hair lounged in a chair, checking his watch from time to time, next to him, a beautiful girl with jet black hair leaned against him, their hands and fingers entwined, across them a small, perky girl with a braid that reached till her hips. All of them were waiting for her but she hadn't yet arrived.

He swept his eyes across the crowd of swaying, gyrating people in the club. Nothing. He recalled the data in the dossier once more.

Target's name: Kamiya Kaoru

Age: 17

Occupation: Student of International Affairs at the University of Tokyo

Hair color: Blue-black

Eye color: Midnight blue

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Legal Guardian: Kogoro Katsura

The photograph attached to the papers in the dossiers had shown her laughing, unaware of a person trailing her, following her every move. She had been under surveillance for over two months now. There had been someone following her, and making note of her habits, her likes, dislikes, hell he even knew what she had for breakfast. Finally, tonight was the night that he would make his move. Everything would go according to plan and there would no mistake. He couldn't afford to make a mistake, not now, not with her. She was the key to the whole mystery.

She was the only thing he could bargain with. The only thing that could bring him answers. Answers he sought desperately, answers he needed to gain his peace of mind again. A peace, bought at such a high price, that was in danger of shattering, destroying everything he had stood for, every promise he had made, every lie he had believed to bring the Ishin Shishi to power. Should she reveal what he feared, everything would be negated.

And he….he would be reduced to a mere pawn; he would no longer remain a revolutionary, a patriot but become no better than a hired thug. He gripped the glass in front of him. No! That would not happen. This was all a mistake. It had to be! All those sacrifices, all those lives, they hadn't been taken in vain, they hadn't! They had a meaning. They had a purpose. He had a meaning, a purpose. He released the glass, and turned back to the door. He didn't have to wait long.

She was here. As he leaned forward to get a better look, he raised his eyebrows. That picture had nothing on her. This girl was gorgeous. She wore a black dress that ended about two inches above her knees, showing off a pair of fantastic legs. The neckline tauntingly revealed the rise of her breasts and the gauze sleeves just covered her shoulders, leaving her arms bare. He let out a slow breath.

She crossed over to where her friends sat, sliding in beside the small girl. The table soon erupted in laughter as the foursome eagerly shared the details of their days. Kenshin leaned against the wall, and simply watched. He was happy enough just to look at her, sweeping his eyes over her, drinking her laughter, her smiles. Soon, she would feel his gaze upon her, she would look up, notice him and it would be time for the game to begin.

He moved to a table clean across the room from her's but one where he could watch without any impediment. He waited.



Kaoru threw her head back and laughed. She felt only slightly light headed; the vodka was slowly working on her. As Sano refilled her glass, she felt it again. A distinct prickling all over her body, as if some one was watching her. The feeling had been there since she stepped into the club but what was it? She felt it again, this time more sharply than ever before. She raised her head and looked around, searchingly.

As she turned her head towards the dance floor, she caught a glimpse of a man, sitting at the far end of the room, watching her. Her eyes widened as their eyes suddenly locked. She looked away immediately. A feeble blush was fighting its way up her throat. She decidedly kept looking at the table till her curiosity got better of her and she turned around once more, only to find the man still looking at her, stroking his chin thoughtfully. He had blood red hair and his eyes smouldered violet; his lips curled into a slow smile as he watched her watching him.

Flustered she looked away again. She frowned. What the hell was wrong with her anyway? Guys always stared at her, she was used to it and this was a club, of all places. Normally, she didn't even bother giving them a second glance so why was she so concerned about this one? Because he's a total babe said the annoying voice inside her head. She shook her head. Gods! She was beginning to sound like Misao. It had to be the vodka.

She looked up as Megumi dragged Sano away to dance. Misao stared longingly at them, moulded together, swaying to the rhythm of the music. She sighed. "Kaoru, why can't I have that? Is there something wrong with me? Am I ugly, or worse, boring?"

Kaoru snapped her head towards Misao, "what are you talking about? Where's this coming from?"

Misao sighed. "I just don't understand. Why two women as gorgeous and fun as us are alone on Saturday night?"

"Well, I wanted to be alone; you on the other hand turned down at least two dates. So why don't you think about that?" Kaoru sipped her drink, fighting the temptation to turn to look at that red-haired god again. While Misao started enumerating her reasons for refusing her dates, Kaoru shyly stole another look towards the redhead's table. She sat up straight. It was empty. He was gone!

Kaoru felt like kicking herself. You idiot! You should've gone and talked to him, at least asked him for a dance. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid…

"Hi. Care for a dance?" A voice broke through her self-curse rant. She looked up. It was him! He hadn't gone. The vodka was definitely doing things to her since she smiled, recklessly, flirtatiously and took his hand, even as Misao watched dumbfounded with her mouth open. "Ummm…sure".

He clasped her hand firmly and pulled her out of her chair. Kaoru found herself unable to tear her eyes away from his as he pulled her to the centre of the floor, surrounded by warm bodies, lost in the heat of dance and sensation.

He pulled her towards himself, and she followed, pressing her body flush against his. She wound her arms around his neck; he put an arm around her waist and dug his fingers gently into her hair, enjoying the silky feel of it. He moved his face closer, gently stroking her neck with his chin. She gasped as he dropped a feathery light kiss on her throat. She looked at him as he smiled, "Oh I'm sorry but I couldn't resist."

"Do you always do that?"

"Do what"

"Apologize for things you aren't supposed to do, but you do anyways."

"Does this count as a thing I'm not supposed to do?"

"Of course it does!" He cocked his head to one side and grinned, "Really?"

"Yes, really! You just kissed me and I don't even know your name!"

"I would hardly call that a kiss."

"What are you talking about? I" She never finished the sentence. Before she could guess what he was about to do, a hot mouth claimed her lips, softly invading them, tugging gently at her lower lip. His tongue gently teased the sensitive skin of her mouth, coaxing her to part her lips. Kaoru was too shocked to resist. By the time, she came to her senses and realized she was standing in the middle of the dance floor letting a complete stranger ravish her lips again and again; she was enjoying the kiss too much to stop it.

He maneuvered their way out of the crowd. Kaoru let out a moan of protest as he stopped kissing her. He smiled, and stroked her cheek with his fingers. He pushed her against a wall and began to rain kisses on her throat. His hands clasped hers and his thumbs traced round patterns on the palms of her hands. As his fingers began to massage her neck gently, she leaned against him and threw her arms around him, propping her head on his shoulders.

"What's the matter sweet?" He asked as she refused to move her head from his shoulder and snuggled deeper into his embrace.

"Too noisy and my head's spinning." He laughed. "It's not the club darling, it's you. I think I should've taken things a little slowly, you're completely out of breath".

Her head was spinning. She just wanted to sleep. She looked up at him, imploringly, "I'm tired. I wanna go home". He tilted her face upward, and softly brushed her lips with his own, moving his tongue over them before thoroughly kissing her. Kaoru's knees buckled and she clutched at him for support. When he broke away, his eyes weren't violet any longer. They were like two flaming pools of gold. Lust shone through his eyes as he stared intently at her. Kaoru drew a deep breath and moved away, less sure of the situation than she had been.

The moment passed as soon as it had come. He looked away and mumbled, "I'm sorry about this." Kaoru began to unravel her arms from his neck; he swept a hand forward and pressed a handkerchief to her face. Her hold slackened and she slid from his grasp, she would have crashed onto the floor, had he not knelt immediately and scooped her up in his arms.



He stood over her, watching her limp form on the bed. The effect of the drug would be over shortly, he had handcuffed her to a bedpost. He knelt next to her, and gently traced her jaw with one finger. He sat there, silently for a few minutes before walking away. He picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Katsura." He rasped.

"B-Battousai". A voice stammered from the other end of the line.

"I have the girl. Now, you ready to sing or not?"

Author's Notes

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