Eternal Life of the Undead:

Black Daimond:

Summary: In the underworld Vampires are the strongest breeds. A pure blood vampire is the most powerful while a un pure blood is beneath them. But what of the half bloods. Serena Tsukino is a human who finds herself in the palace kitchen of the Undead Kingdom. While there she runs across captive humans meant to be meals at the prince's upcoming birthday party. She tries to set them free and gets caught. As a result she gets sent to the prince's court to be killed by the woman loving prince...Will the undead prince Kill the most beautiful woman to ever land in his court or will her charms give her enough time to stake him. READ REVIEW AND FIND OUT IF LOVE CAN TRULY OVERCOME HATE:

Chapter1: Introduction-captured.

A young girl with long blond hair held up in two buns stumbled as she ran out of an Ally. She came upon a door and sneaked in she waited for the noise outside to die out and looked about her surrounding. She jumped when she saw all the people in the place. Many of them looked too tired to move, people both old and young were minding there business as if she wasn't there at all. She saw a small boy with blond hair looking up at her with blank eyes. She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around, a young girl with grey hair was standing behind her.

"When were you caught?"

"Caught what are you talking about. I was just hiding out here because this guy was after me. What's wrong with everyone here?"

"You most be from afar. We who live here are food to the undead. We are all going to die today at the break of Midnight. It's the prince's birthday."

"What do you mean die? and what are the undead you are talking about?." Serena who was mortified at what the woman had said was also confused.

"We are going to be food for the undead. Vampires. We were all captured differently but we are all going to be food."

"That's not true. Why don't you just run."

"If we run. Others outside will hunt us and kill us or bring us back then the killing will be more painful." The woman looked like she lost all hope of ever escaping. She looked around her and everyone was had the same loss in there eyes.

" I know a way out. I got here with a back gate to the entrance. It's unguarded because there is a river there but my boat is there we can get." She sounded confident and was willing to do as she said.

"You really think so?" the old woman had a glimpse of hope in her eyes and everyone else had turned to look at her.

"We need elderly, children, and pregnant woman if there are any in here to get out first...How many of those are there?"

"There are no elderly, many children and one pregnant lady." The woman said." We all look out of youth because of the time we've spent here and the blood we've lost." Serena nodded

"Follow me. We can only take fifteen people at a time. In the boat. The ten children remaining will have to hide in the bushes. Don't get up no matter what." The children and the only pregnant lady followed her. The made there way down the back gate and a very swift river. She loaded the maximum number of people the boat could take and helped push them out to sea. The children and the lady started to row the boat out. She pushed the remaining children behind a bush and left them there to hide. She put shrubs and other stuff around them to hide them. She waited for hours. It was sun down when the boat returned with a man.

"My wife told me what happened. Where are the remaining children." The man looked tired and anxcesious. Serena let the children out of hiding and sent them on the boat.

"Get others to bring more boats. There are many other men and woman here. I'll get the remaining women to come if you get more boats before the sun completely disappears. They will die by midnight." The man nodded as he rowed out. Serena ran back to the kitchen back entrance making sure that no one saw her. She smacked in and got as many women as she could. When she got there there were no men around and the sun was disappearing, she could hear the small wails of the undead. Everyone started to freak out and the women were about to run when serena's scream got them all to stop.

"There they are run. Swim you can make it the tide isn't that strong. Return when it's morning and if there's anyone left take them they'll be waiting here for you." The women started to head for the water Serena who was still on dry land kept shouting instructions.

"I'll have them hide and wait. Return with help and anything that can stop these Vampires."

"How about you." The lady who had told her about the vampires said from not far. Serena could hear the foot steps just inches away from her.

"Just go I'll be fine." The woman nodded and left. Serena went into the bushes and ran away to return to the kitchen. But even before she step out of the bushes. She felt a sharp pain on her neck and the world around her turning black. She looked up at eyes as black as space without any lights. That was the last thing she saw before her world turned black.

She heard strange noises around her and she could feel her body aching. The noises were whispers. She tried to open her mouth but only moans came out, she opened her eyes slowly to see nothing but darkness. There was a little light showing through from the corners of the window and from any other door way that lead outside.

" So you are finally awake. About time. You little vixen it's not fun to kill you when you sleep. Your blood would have been mine if it wasn't the prince's day. OW well you are going to die either way." The voice came from a figure on the left by the door. It was closed and she couldn't see the figure by it. She opened her mouth to to say a word and only a gould came out. Her troath was dry and her head hurt like hell. She tried to move her body but couldn't. When she looked at her left arm she realized that she was tied to something. Her hands were above her head, and her legs were spread out and tied at the ankles. She pushed her arms trying to escape.

"Don't bother, only pure bloods can break free of off that rope. You should stop before you start bleeding from the wrist... Then again go ahead you'll only tempt me more." The men that remain will be served right after you are. The prince and the others are going to the village as soon as tomorrow night to clean up the village for a meal thank to you the village will die by tomorrow." She could hear the smudginess in the voice and the anxiety that was mixed with anticipation. She felt her blood boil at the thought of all those children and the women.

"I'll rot in hell before I let you get to them, you god forsaken monsters will never see that village. I told them to get ready for an attack. They will be ready or gone by the time you get there. If there's no one on shore tomorrow morning then they'll get the hell away. You kill me and hope you get fed up because that's going to be the only meal you are getting for a while."

"If you believe that then we surely can't have that being the problem. We will not kill you instead you will lour the people here. You'll be at sure and act as if there are others and you will step aside and let us have our meal." A much deeper yet gentler voice came from behind her. She tried to look behind her but could only see the opened door which she hadn't realized a moment before, and the warm breath that blew across her neck. She shivered and closed her eyes to let the blush on her face go down.

"Don't blush dear. The blood in your face only tempt me more. If you want to live I suggest you control your tongue if you don't want my subjects to feed of of you before I." The owner of the voice was male that she was sure of. She felt his cold lips against her neck and she blushed again, her heart beat became faster, her face was flush, and she was pissed.

"You pervert get the hell of off me. Before I.I." She threatened turning her head.

"Or you'll what. You are at my mercy, you want me to kill you now is that it." He was standing in front of her now. Serena didn't know how he could move so fast. She narrowed her eyes at him. She was wriggling her left wrist against the rope trying to free it. She felt the sharp pain as the rope started to loosen.

"I's rather die than be used as meal by your kind." She growled at him and he smiled flashing pearl white teeth at her.

" You are a rather interesting one. You smell of no fear, only hatred, anger, and giddiness...So you hate me and you are angry at me but despite your emotions you are still a woman and to you I still a man...You are an interesting one. I have been lacking in play mates. You are human but beautiful if I don't kill you at dinner, i'll kill you in bed." He flashed her a smile that was meant to charm her out of her senses. Serena got angrier. Her wrist got free although it was covered in blood, she brought her wrist to him to slap him only to get it caught in mid air. She tried to free her hand from him but he moved it towards his mouth as if she wasn't struggling at all. The blood was dripping. He kissed her wrist and licked the blood away. She saw his fangs grow and she fainted afraid of what would happen.

The next time serena woke she was in a bed chamber as dark as night. She was out of her white dress with straps and low cuts. She was in a black dress somehow similar to hers. But this one was much shorter and the top revealed more cleavage. She looked at herself and flushed all over. She opened the window slowly and looked out. She was too high up, she shut it off with a sigh and looked at the door for possibility of escaping. It was late at night she could tell. She was about to open the door when she tripped on some stuff and fell.

"Ouch. Damn this sucks. Who the hell put stuff like this in the middle of a room late at night." She sat up and rubbed the back of her head. She groaned and rubbed her head even harder from the head pains she's been feeling all day.

" You shouldn't move in here at night... You can't see anything in the dark, and your other senses are dull. But other things can see and sense you perfectly in this darkness. If you know what's good for you you'll just except the fact of your faith." The voice was that of the person who had spoken to her. The man who had kissed her neck and drank the blood from her wrist. She looked at her wrist, to her surprise it was bandaged.

"What the hell are you doing here. Did you change my cloths you pervert." she yelled and he smiled letting out small laughter. She growled and looked at him with her eyes filled with rage.

"I will get out of here and when I do I'll kill you before I have a peace of mind." Her voice was venomous and she felt like she was on fire. There was silence for a while and Serena thought that she had made him worried somehow. But when his laughter drowned the room she was mad.

" You kill me. I've been threatened and hurt by many people. Slayers, hunters, and even those of my kind. You are nothing compared to them you will not but an ant." She saw the teeth that nearly sunk into her wrist and shivered again.

"Rest you will need it for later. After all you are going to present my people with so much food, besides your door is guarded and so is every corner of the room." She looked at him surprised and looked at the corners of the room. She saw a few movements on the corners of her room and got up. She went to her bed and sat down facing him but keeping her distance.

"Keep them out of my room and I will not run out. I don't want any one who calls you Prince to be watching me. hey might decide to get a few bites and I don't want to die."

"They have there orders. They will not touch you." He assured her with a seductive voice.

"And I'm suppose to in trust my life to you. Please I'll be signing my own death note." He grinned and she smiled back at him. It was somehow of a forced smile and a real smile. She couldn't imagine what happened. she felt cold lips against hers and she fell back on the bed with something on top of her. She pushed it away, she was squirming to get the figure of off her with no success so she did the only thing she could think of she bit hid tongue. The prince pulled back with a shocked with a gasp.

"Well I never took you for the wild type but I can tame the wildest beasts and you are mortal. If you attempt something like that again I will be forced to make it unpleasant." He moved towards her only to get hit by the pillow she had gotten.

"Keep the hell away from me you bastard." She warned taking a hold of something on the table next to her. She was smiling roaming her eyes for any possible exits. She was looking at the door when she felt his arms pushing her down and the other arm taking the item in her hands out of her arms. She was under him again and he was kissing her again. She wriggled and tried to bite his tongue when he slipped it trough her tightly shot lips. She felt him draw it out and she shot her lips tight, He parted her lips again, but again he was able to part her lips. She knew biting was to no avail and force wasn't going to get her anywhere. So she decided to use his power against him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and started to kiss back. She felt him stop but then smile at her kiss and kiss her back she pushed him away when she realized he didn't fall for her plans. She couldn't breath and fighting was becoming useless. The door to the room flew open and a little light entered. She was shining green eyes and ruby red lips and a female looking body standing at the door way. The prince got off her and licked his lips. Serena was ready to cry but she didn't she only pulled in air to fill her lungs up. She held her chest as the air came in and she glared at the prince who was looking at the person on the door.

" Endy baby what are you doing with a mortal. I've been waiting since last sundown... The meals is ready. Clean up and change and we'll go down to the ball room." The voice was low with a hint of pain and hatred on it. She glared at Serena and Serena felt her lungs close again as the intense eyes started to control her , making her fell out of control of her body. She was looking into the eyes when a black figure stood in the way. She snapped back to her senses and saw Endymion in front of her, he had stepped in the way to stop the woman from controlling her.

" I'll be there soon Cassidy. Now leave." She bowed and left closing the door behind her. The prince turned towards her and smiled a devilish smile at her." Sorry but I'll have to end this fast. Maybe later before I feed of off you. It'll be much pleasant for you that way." he flashed her a cocky smile. Serena's face was covered behind her bangs.When she didn't respond he shrugged.

"Leave her room. Stay on the door," He ordered into the darkness. Serena heard four different footsteps and the door opening. The prince ran his hand through her hair." I'll make it as painless as possible. You will die. I just made it so you wouldn't die alone" He said and pulled her head up to face him. He was a bit taken back when he saw her face smudged with tears. She turned away from him and he exited the room closing the door. She fell down on the bed and cried. Serena cried until she heard the knock on her door. She didn't bother to answer and the person didn't bother to nock again. The door flew open and a woman carrying a candle came in. She lit another candle on the table next to Serena. Serena saw that she had blond hair like hers and light blue eyes. Her eyes were twinkling and she looked happy. She smiled at Serena and looked at her with pain visible in her eyes.

"Forgive his highness he losses control like a drunk when ever he tastes the blood of a virgin. He isn't really harsh when he is his normal self."serena didn't say a word she looked up at the lady and she looked away. The lady sighed took a candle and went to a door on her left. She opened the door and went inside and Serena heard water. Her eyes were blank and she understood why everyone in the kitchen was so empty of life. The lady stepped out of the room and came to pick her up. She didn't let her she shook her head and got up on her own. The lady watched her as she went to the bathroom and ran in the bathtub with the warm water. She cleaned up in the water filled with red rose petal roses. She picked up a petal and smelled it smiling. She saw the blond woman on the door way watch her with sad eyes and she couldn't help but smile her way.

"You know we all die someday so I don't mind. It means I don't have to suffer the normal burdens of normal life." Serena said smiling. She washed her face with the rose water and smiled at the lady who looked at her shocked.

"You want to die." She sounded shocked and impressed at the same time. But Serena couldn't ignore the distaste in her tone.

"Hell no but why bother to me depressed about it." She got out of the water and took a towel. She wrapped it around herself and dried her wet hair. She smiled and went back in the bedroom. The lady was holding up a beautiful red dress. She put on the dress. It was a strapless dress with straps on the back. The straps connected the top and bottom of the dress. The bottom was silk and see through. It was light and had high cuts on both sides on the leg. At the top of the bottom where the cuts start were two purple roses on both sides. She then put on the shoes. They were high heels with straps. Her hair was tied up with a single purple ribbon with real roses on them, and her ears had small red rose ear rings on them, they were long. Her necklace was black pearls. with red rubies, she had black purple eye shadow on, her lips only had lip-gloss on them. She was looking at the small mirror the lady had given her.

"I look amazing. Better than ever in my entire life. It's Ironic that the most beautiful dress I've ever worn will be my funeral dress huh?" She was looking at her self on the mirror. She lifted her hair up and examined the earrings. " These earrings will be enough to feed an entire orphanage for years, do you know that." She looked at her shoes and the dress.

" You look good. But why are you thinking of an orphanage when you will be..." She looked down and Serena smiled shaking her head.

"It's okay. I grew up in an orphanage and then I was helping out at one before I ended up here. Anyways I'm not a big fan of complicated as long as I'm comfy I'm fine."

"That's sweet. You are the first human in here who isn't thinking of assassing our kind or, escaping or begging the prince to let them go."

"I will not beg him. He doesn't deserve more entertainment except of course the ones he than he can steal." She took a final look at her eyes and put the mirror down. She looked at the lady with a smile on her face." Shall we go then." The lady didn't say anything and went out of the door. Serena followed her out of the door. The walked down a dark corridor lid by candles on the wall. The moon was shining outside as and Serena looked at it with a smile on her face She looked around and saw no one on the door.

"You know you can run now and no one will notice until too late. Sneak away." The lady suggested to her.

"No! He has to pay first." Serena said walking. She saw the lady shrug as they started to hear music.

"Walk down the stairs to the prince and they'll be others there waiting for you to take there hand, go to the prince it'll be rude if you didn't. He is suppose to have the first lady that walks down those stairs." She told Serena and walked away from her. Serena saw her and saw her dress. She was wearing a very tight leather dress that held her curves. Her hair was curly that they bounced as she walked away. Her shoes were high heels buckles.

"You can do this" Serena reassured herself . She walked down the stairs to the candle light lid room. The room was beautiful with all the decorations and the candle light made it seem like a warm family home with a much bigger space. She was at peace and was very happy at the fact that the room was so warmly lid. She looked down at the bottom of the stairs and saw the prince and many other good looking men at the bottom of the stairs all smiling at her. As she descended she looked at the prince and smiled and when he smiled back she turned the other way at the man next to her. He had silver hair that dropped to his neck, and his eyes were a beautiful violet. Unlike the other men he was amused by her strength and will to go against the prince who was unfazed by her actions. He took the hand of the next woman to come down. This woman wasn't human. She had faded blond hair and beautiful light green eyes, her dress was much more revealing than Serena's and she looked so much more mature. At the sight of the prince alone she smiled a smudged smile and moved towards him. The prince took his hand and kissed it.

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