Author's Note: HEY ALL! I'm a big Kiba/Hinata fan, so I thought I'd do a cute little alternate universe.

Summary: Hinata Hyuuga won free dance lessons off the radio from the prestige dancing champion, Kiba Inuzuka. What's a meek girl like her going to do with an assertive man like that?

Disclaimer: I absolutely love Naruto and all its characters…that's probably why they're not mine!

Chapter One:

Hinata Hyuuga pulled over in the parking lot for her coffee and newspaper. She could spare a few minutes, since traffic hadn't started yet. She looked down at the piece of paper lying beside her in the car. She smiled slightly at the thought. Hinata set down her paper and picked it up. '50 Things to Becoming a Better Hinata,' she read the title. She scanned down the list and sighed. Her friends were so good to her, but sometimes they could go just a little far, like making a list for Hinata to do. She could admit she was a little shy, well she was really shy. Hinata pulled down the mirror on her car and looked at her reflection. Pale lavender eyes stared back at her. She was so proud of her inherited trait. She looked at her new haircut. It was a little daring, but it was number 23 on her list. It was so short in the back, but at least her skin didn't look as pale as it did. She set the list down and picked up her newspaper again.

"If caller number eight can name the song title and song artist, then he or she will win dancing lessons with the famous Kiba Inuzuka, the world champion ballroom dancer, himself." The DJ's voice said through the radio. This caught Hinata's attention. She turned it up as the DJ started to play the song. 'Oh My Gosh! I know this song!' She looked at the list. If she called in, she could cross number 46 off her list. She grabbed her phone and called the number the DJ had said moments before.

"HELLO, caller number eight! What's your name?" Hinata heard on her phone.

"Uh…uh…it's Hin..nata…" she mumbled.

"Hi, Hinata. Well can you tell me what the song's name and artist is?" He asked.

"Killing Me Softly, by the Fugees," Hinata said into the phone as loudly as she could.

"You are absolutely correct, Ms. Hinata. Can you hang on for a bit so we can get your contact information?" Hinata mumbled a yes. While Hinata waited, she took her pen and crossed off number 46. 'Now what am I going to do with dance lessons?' Hinata thought.

"Hello, caller number eight?" A voice asked.


"When would you like your lessons? Mr. Inuzuka says he's very flexible." The voice asked again.

"How l…long d-do the lessons l-last?"

"Mr. Inuzuka says until he feels that you've become the best dancer you can be, but we roughly estimate about three weeks." Hinata ran through her schedule in her head quickly. Her job as a computer consultant only lasted about three hours everyday. Maybe at five to six-thirty everyday, except Sunday. That's when she had a family day.

"Is from five t-to six th-thirty everyday e-except Sunday, alright?" Hinata asked.

"Yes, I think Mr. Inuzuka will be pleased. Your lessons start next week at the Highland Dance Center. There will be someone waiting there for you. Can we get your e-mail and phone number?" Hinata quickly gave the man her information, and hung up. She pulled out her palm pilot and punched it into her schedule. She looked at the clock.

"Oh crap, I'm going to be late!" Hinata squeaked and put her car into reverse. CRASH! Hinata let out a scream as she was jolted. Coffee spilt onto her white shirt, and her half-eaten bagel flipped over onto her skirt. "Oh no…" Hinata stepped out of her car and looked at the person behind her.

He was out of his car looking at the damage. Hinata couldn't help but stare at him. He was pure man from his head to his toes. The man had shaggy brown hair, with piercing brown eyes. His face had two weird tribal markings. They didn't take away from his looks though, they kind of added to an exotic persona. His skin was tanned, and underneath his white t-shirt and jeans, you could tell he was one fine man.

"I suppose you're looking if I was injured?" Hinata's thoughts snapped in half and she came back to reality. He was grinning mischievously. Hinata automatically blushed a deep crimson. 'He's looking at me!' Hinata's thoughts could not comprehend this situation.

"Um…c-can I j-just give you m-my information? I h-have t-to go…" Hinata trailed off.

"Hm…I could do that, but you have to promise me something…"

"Whatever y-you want…I j-just need to g-go," Hinata pleaded.

"I'd like a date, dinner and dancing. I'll pay, and you won't have to worry about the car damage," he said. He played it off like it was nothing. Hinata gawked at him. He decided to take the initiative. He took out a piece of paper and handed it to her. She scribbled her information on it, and handed it back, not saying a word. She was sort of in a daze. He got in his car and drove off with a wave. Hinata gave a small wave. She stood there for a couple seconds just staring off in space.

"Did I just get a date? And I don't even know his name," Hinata said to herself. She shook it off, and said it was the coffee and got in her car. The car ride was slow, because traffic caught up with her. She walked into the office, and told her boss why she was late.

"You know I like you Hinata. You're punctual, and determined, so I'll won't count this against you, but next time warn me if you're going to be an hour late to work." Kurenai said. Hinata nodded and walked to her small cubicle. On her way there, she saw Tenten, one of her friends who made the list. Tenten worked with computer-people interaction data. Tenten was also very superstitious.

"I read your horoscope today. It said to be prepared for awkward and surprising incidents." Tenten reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a set of clothes for Hinata. Hinata smiled thankfully and took them. Tenten just smiled and turned back to her work. Hinata changed in the bathroom quickly and went to her cubicle. She sat down and turned on her computer. Within seconds she had another encounter with her friends. Sakura and Ino came up to her desk. They also had helped to make the list that kept Hinata awake at night.

"So I heard that you won a free vacation to Hawaii on the radio and you were so excited that you backed into some guy, so now you're going to be sued for your tickets," Ino said sitting on her desk. Sakura nodded. Hinata shook her head slowly. 'Oh how rumors could be spread' she thought.

"I won f-free dance lessons, a-and I r-ran into s-some guy because I was late, and…" Hinata trailed off wondering if she should tell them the rest or not.

"And what?" Sakura asked.

"Well, the g-guy said th-that he wouldn't sue, if I a-agreed t-to a d…date with him," Hinata murmured.

"Whoa, this guy sounds like some sick pervert. Wait was he cute?" The blonde asked. Hinata nodded slowly remembering his tall beautiful frame…

"Never mind what I said earlier than. You should so go on the date!"

"I d-don't h-have a ch-choice. I d-don't think m-my father w-will b-be happy about this," Hinata mumbled. She doubted her father would pay in full for the damage. Sakura and Ino nodded sympathetically.

"So what was this about free dance lesson?" Sakura asked.

"W…well, I won the r-radio c-contest, s-so now I have f-free lessons with th-the world ch-championship dancer, K…Kiba Inuzuka."

"Hm…I heard he was a total hottie!" Ino squealed.

"He's okay, but I don't really like those tattoos he has on his face. They're like tribal markings, maybe he belongs to a cult or something." Sakura rambled on. But something caught Hinata's attention. 'Tribal marking tattoos…' Hinata thought, but before she could ponder that more Kurenai stopped in her office.

"Alright girls, enough talk, Hinata has work to catch up on," Kurenai said. Sakura and Ino nodded and walked back to the public relations area of the office. Kurenai dropped a couple folders on her table and told her to look over them and send the important stuff to a certain company.

"Yes ma'am," Hinata said and took the first folder off the top. She looked at it. 'Inuzuka,' it read. Hinata flipped it open and saw the man that she owed a date to. "Oh crap!"

To Be Continued…(or not)

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