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The Tango

Chapter 12

Hinata hoped her tennis shoes would be enough for this class. She had been too busy to rebuy her old dance shoes. She pulled her jacket close as she got out of her car. It had gotten colder, and she was ready for spring. She walked up the steps of the building and opened the door. The receptionist told her that her dance lesson would be upstairs in the Red Ribbon Room. 'Weird name for a room' Inner Hinata commented.

"Thank y-you, m-ma'am." Hinata stuttered and climbed the stairs. On her right was a large wooden door and the plaque above it said 'Red Ribbon Room.' Hinata stopped before she entered the room. She was nervous. She was pretty sure that Kiba wouldn't be on the other side, but some gut feeling told her that there was a chance he might. 'Hinata, it's okay. He's not going to be in there.' Inner Hinata wanted her to get over this fear.

Hinata took a big breath and opened the door. Music that she couldn't hear before burst through the silence. It was a faced paced Latin beat that Hinata had never heard before. It seemed to compliment the room, though. Hinata now realized why they called it the Red Ribbon Room. The floor was a dark cherry wood with scuffed polish out of heavy use. Only one side of the room had mirrors, and the two walls opposite the door were large floor to ceiling windows. Hinata guessed they were tinted. On the windows were long red and gold curtains. The room leaked a cozy feeling, even through the bright colors and fast music.

But the room wasn't what caught Hinata's eye. It was the man it in. He was facing the mirrors, so his side was to her. He stretched from one side to the other, constantly moving to the beat of the music. His shirt rode up on the side, and Hinata could see the span of lean, tan skin. His sweatpants were also riding a little low… 'I don't think he's wearing underwear…' Inner Hinata started to drool.

"Excuse me, miss. Are you Miss Hyuga?" The man asked her. Hinata stood abruptly. The man was facing her now. He looked so familiar. 'Kinda like…' Inner Hinata shook her head, 'Never mind he looks nothing like him.' This man's hair was a dark red and his eyes were a dark green. He also had thick framed glasses.

"Y-yes. I a-am her." Hinata smiled shyly. Kiba's heart melted. He hadn't seen her smile like that since their date. It killed him to have to call her 'Miss Hyuga' and not act like he hadn't seen her sleep on the back of his motorcycle.

He took a step forward. "Hi, my name's Kisho." He extended his hand for her to shake. Hinata took it timidly. There was a spark right then. Something that Hinata was sure she knew of, but couldn't place it.

"Have w-we m-met before?" Hinata just had to ask. "Kisho" grinned.

"Maybe, but I doubt we got to know each other properly."

"Oh." Hinata was sure she had met someone like him before.

"I think it we should start now. My manager has sources that gave these shoes back to us." He held out a box and Hinata opened it. They were the black shoes with the bows that she returned.

"n-No way." Her eyes lit up and she put them on. Kiba was so happy. He had thought bought them from Rock Lee as soon as he thought up his plan. Hinata stood and walked toward him.

"Okay, so I think we start off with stretching. If you do not stretch properly before dancing, there is a good chance that you could pull or muscle or rip a tendon or something. But if you stretch before your muscles are warm, it's like pulling a frozen rubberband; it'll snap. So were going to faster stretches with not a lot of stress on the muscles to get them warmed up." Kiba turned up the music and started doing movements that he gestured for Hinata to follow. She followed him as best as she could. After a minute or so of following his movements, he stopped. "Okay now for the more intense stretching."

"o-okay." Kiba stepped closer. First he bent straight down and made for his toes. Hinata did the same and they counted together to twenty. They went through a whole series of stretches.

"Okay, enough stretching. We're going to go over the basics." He walked over to the stereo and turned it down. "There are two types of ballroom dance, classical and Latin. I specialize in Latin Ballroom. Those dances include the cha-cha, rumba, and samba. Classical Ballroom includes the waltz, the quickstep, and the foxtrot. I think we should start off with a simple waltz," He said while changing the cd in the stereo. He strutted up to Hinata.

"The basic hold should have your arms here." He moved her arms into place. Hinata blushed. "Your arms have to be strong and keep posture the entire time. Posture is very important in any dance. You have to hold yourself confidently or else people will see you as a lousy dancer." Kiba moved himself into her arms and Hinata looked at her feet. "Chin up. Always remember your posture." Hinata nodded and a slow song with a steady "one, two, three" beat played. Kiba started to move.

"Uh…uh.. Ki-Kisho," Hinata stuttered. She didn't know what to do.

"You're doing fine…just let me lead, and all you have to do is follow." Hinata relaxed slightly and tried to step along with his feet. Hinata started to get the beat right when the song changed. The next song had a faster beat, and when Hinata started to move. She tripped across Kiba's feet. She landed into his chest and automatically had a feeling of de ja vu. She looked up into Kiba's eyes, and shook her head.

Kiba bit back the urge to pull her close. He feared for a moment when he saw a glint of recognition in her eyes. He stood there, hoping she wouldn't guess.

"Are you okay, Miss Hyuga?"

"He would never call me Miss Hyuga, so you can't be him…" Hinata said softly, almost to herself.

To Be Continued…

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