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So I really thought I was done with this fic. But that was before I was tentatively diagnosed with a mood disorder, either bipolar disorder or depression. Or it could be neither of the two- apparently my age (17) makes it hard to identify such things.

Every day I think of the pain my ex caused me. It wasn't that she broke my heart- it was more like she injected me with a slow-acting poison, which made my love for her shrivel and die. And it still hurts, a year and three-quarters later.

So I've written up two endings for the fic. Who knows? Maybe it will be therapeutic.

Ending 1

This one goes out to all the House/Wilson shippers- rock on with your bad selves!


"I… want to be with you," House said slowly. "I know I hurt you… I just honestly thought that it would be better if you stopped caring."

Wilson exhaled sharply. "House, you have no idea how much you hurt me. And…" He paused. "I never stopped caring. We've been friends for more than ten years… you've pulled some pretty bad stunts in the past, you know."

"But they never hurt this much," House said.

"No," he admitted. "They didn't. But… I never got over you. I think… I think we're stuck with each other."

Hope glimmered in House's eyes. "So, you mean…"

Wilson smiled. "Yes. I want to be with you too, House."


Yay! Happy ending for us shippers.

Ending 2

I wouldn't be surprised if nobody wants to read this one, it's written for purely personal reasons. I haven't even written it yet, and I already know it won't be pretty.


"I… want to be with you," House said slowly. "I know I hurt you… I just honestly thought that it would be better if you stopped caring."

Wilson shook his head. "Why couldn't you just have broken my heart, House? It would have hurt so much less."

"I thought… if it reached the point where you didn't care about me-"

"Did you ever stop to think of how much I cared about you? How much it would hurt me to get to that point?" Wilson asked angrily.

"I… I'm sorry."

"What, is that supposed to impress me? The great Gregory House has apologized. I'm sure Satan has begun renting out ski equipment."

House cast down his eyes. "Just… forget I said anything."

"Oh, no. You don't get to get off that easily," Wilson said. "You know what House? I thought I wasn't over you, but I am. What I'm not over is all the pain you caused me. I think it would be better if we just don't talk to each other anymore."

House flinched, but then his face became impassive. He nodded. Opening the door, he got out of the car.

"You know what, House?" Wilson asked before he could close the door. "We've been friends for a long time. I thought nothing could tear us apart. But you've proved me wrong."

Congratulations, Wilson wanted to say. You've finally made me stop caring about you. But the words wouldn't leave his lips. He'd so desperately wanted to avoid hurting House during their relationship. Now he couldn't bring himself to make things any worse.

After a pause, House moved to close the door. "Goodnight, Wilson," he said sadly.

Wilson made sure to reply before the door swung shut. "Have a nice life, House."

And he was surprised to discover that he meant it.


Hey, that was nowhere near as ugly as I thought it was going to be. Awesome.