It was a cold day. It stopped raining. Sam was in her room, she was listening to the song Kiss the Girl. It seemed like a long day to her. She had a bad time at school, Paulina kept hurting her, she seemed more shallow than usual. Sam sighed. She got up from her bed, turned off her radio, and walked to the park. She wasn't having the best day of her life. When she got there, she sat on the bench. Cold wind brushed her arm. It felt like a sharp blade. She sat there staring at the sky for a while, it looked like it was about to rain, again. Some drops of rain got on her face. She didn't bother to cover her head with her jacket. Paulina and her friends came over to her.

"What are you doing here loser?" Paulina asked.

"Nothing." She mumbled.

"Your so weird." Paulina said, she pushed her off the bench. Then she walked off. Sam got up from the ground slowly, and back to the bench. Tears started swelling up in her eyes. She put her head in her hands. Then someone came up to her. She didn't notice.

"Are you ok, Sam?" The person asked. She looked up, and saw Danny.

"No." She replied softly. "Why does Paulina have to be so mean?" She started to cry again.

"Well, she's like that." Danny said, trying to comfort her. He sat down beside her. She looked up at him.


"That didn't help?" Danny said.

"Not really." She said. A few more drops of rain got on her face. A smile appeared on her face.

"What?" Danny asked.

"Nothing." Sam said.

"So, do you feel any better?" He asked.

"Kind of." She answered, she put her back to the bench. The bench make her shiver, it was freezing cold, and wet. She started to have more tears swell up again.

"Are you sure your ok?" Danny asked.

"Fine." She said, looking down at the ground.

"So the worlds not great." Danny started. "But it can be better, right?"

"I don't know. My life's turning upside down." Sam said, standing up. "Nothings right anymore. I'm getting pushed around a lot now. And no one cares about me anymore." She collapsed on the sidewalk, and started crying again.

"Why can't anything be good? Every things turning on me. She said. "I'm just left out in the cold."

"Not everyone hates you." Danny said, sitting down by her.

"That's what you think." Sam said. "But you don't know how much I hate my life."

"Well, that's kind of my life, but it's getting better, nothings always bad forever." He said.


"Come on Sam. Stop crying, please." Danny said. Sam choked her tears back. She sighed. She looked up at him. They looked into each others eyes, then they leaned closer, and closer, then as they were almost about to kiss, Danny's ghost sense went off. He sighed.

"I'm going ghost!" Danny cried. Two blue rings formed around him. Then he flew to the sky. And guess who he saw? The Box Ghost.

"Ugh! What are you doing here?" Danny said.

"I am the box-…" The Box Ghost got caught off by Danny sucking in the Box Ghost in the thermos.

"Ghost that's annoying." Danny finished. He changed back into Danny Fenton. He saw that Sam was still at the park. She was looking at the ground, she was blushing a little. Danny came over to her, and helped her up, but then she accidentally tripped. Which accidentally caused her to kiss Danny. They were both shocked at first, but then it turned out to be a real kiss. It lasted for one minute. Then they broke a part. Then they gave each other a hug. Sam's bad day turned out to be a good day.