Title: Breathless

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 495

Universe: Naruto

Theme: gayness—pain

Disclaimer: Rum.

Warnings: yaoi. angst

Pairing: Neji/Sasuke

Rating: M

TimeCompleted: 05:09 PM 2/14/06

A/N: I love Ritsuka. I suppose it can be considered the next chapter of Beloved? Or a companion fic. I write a lot of porn these days. Dedicated to Ricee who made me remember about this fic I wrote ages ago.

The large marble bathtub was usually filled with dry towels—today it was filled with warm water. And bubbles.

Sasuke wiped the steam fogging up the mirrors to look at his reflection. His skin had gained a slight flush—the shadows under his eyes were fading. He was gaining weight and trading it for lean and taut muscles.

He brushed his bangs away from his eyes. Sasuke ignored his reflection and turned to the bath; surrounded by small, glowing, vanilla candles.

Neji was quite partial to vanilla.

Slowly, Sasuke lowered himself into the very warm water—he was very soon accosted by pale and slender fingers.

Maybe accosted was a strong description—those same vanilla fingers were gently massaging the bruise on his neck; Sasuke let his eyes slide half-closed and sank deeper into the water.

Soon there was a soft splashing sound as water made its way onto the tiled floor—soon after Sasuke felt cold teeth nipping at his lips.

He opened his eyes fully to find hazy white eyes staring into him—there were hands resting on his shoulders again, this time they did not grip or grab.

The Hyuuga man leaned forward and engaged Sasuke in a gentle kiss to which he responded fervidly; his hands coming to entwine themselves in Neji's long hair. At which he began to tug, impatiently.

Neji's kiss became more demanding before he finally broke it to breathe. Sasuke grabbed his chin and pulled him back for more. The black haired boy sunk deeper into the water—forcing more and more of it to slosh out as their activities became more heated.

The tub was more than half-empty and quickly turning cold—Neji turned away from Sasuke momentarily, to drain the cold water out and refill it with almost scalding liquid. The Uchiha rested his chin on Neji's broad shoulder and waited; he did not wait long.

Neji leaned back into Sasuke—they resumed; but they went slower.

Sasuke methodically worked the soap up and down Neji's chiseled forearm before he completely forgot about the soap and began tracing invisible patterns with droplets of water. Suddenly Neji snatched his hand and slowly began to worship them with his tongue.

Sasuke shivered. Neji moved to reclaim his lips once more.

Neji's fingers were making bruises in their customary places again. Sasuke was pressed up against the cold tiled wall with only Neji's quick breaths to warm him. But the bittersweet pain that followed almost made up for the cold lines that the tiles left behind on his abdomen.

After that, the towels had to make due with living in the linen closet as the bathtub was used too often.