Some kind of light at the end
I'm touching the edge of her skin
Once so hard to speak
Now so easy to play around

"C'mon man you can admire the damn thing later!"

"Chill out Bakura. You already took out the security system. You're acting like we're gonna get caught. We've done this a thousand times."

"Shut the hell up Malik, you're gonna fucking jinx us!" Bakura whispered harshly.

Malik merely rolled his eyes as he pocketed his precious treasure. They had broken into Domino's largest jewel retailer to obtain one of the world's smallest yet rarest jewels 'Heaven's Star'. As soon as Malik stepped foot off the pedestal where the jewel sat on a stand, an alarm sounded. Bakura cursed out loud as the sound of voices and thundering feet came.

"Shit let's get out of here!" Malik exclaimed and they took off running in the opposite direction.

They approached several windows but they were ceiling to floor windows. Frantically the two searched for something to break through. The guards were getting closer and to top it all off, the police were coming as well. Out of sheer panic, they picked up another pedestal (after Bakura pocketed the item on it) and put it through the window, effectively creating a large gaping hole. They kicked out a bit more of the glass before going out and running away. They ran for six blocks before jumping a fence and going through the backyards. The cops must've figured out what street the two were on because they started coming up on both ends. They stopped in one backyard and managed to pry open one of the windows on the back of the house. They hurriedly climbed in and Bakura shut the window, letting it slide and slam down. The noise was loud in the dark, quiet house.

"Guess we'll just have to lay low here for a bit. At least until they leave." Malik whispered.

He mildly wondered if anyone was home, maybe some naive little virgin. He licked his lips at that thought then jumped off the couch he had just settled on when a crash sounded behind him.

Her eyes snapped open then. She thought it was just her imagination before but now she knew. Someone was definitely in the house. Getting out of her comfy Queen-size bed, she reached beside her desk where her trusty metal bat was sitting against the wall. Gripping it tightly, she made her way downstairs where the disturbance erupted from.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" He exclaimed in a harsh whisper.

Bakura, in his impossibility to stay still for three seconds, had tripped over the rug in front of the fireplace and knocked over the stand that held the pokers and shovel. He snorted at Malik as he brushed himself off. He suddenly got the feeling something was behind him and he spun around. But before he could do anything he was slammed in the stomach by a powerful object. Malik jumped forward, grabbing the attackers arm before they had another chance. He whipped out his switchblade as he twisted their arm behind their back, pulling them to him as he placed the blade at their throat. From the feel of the body he could tell it was female. In her shock, she dropped the bat.

"Ahh good girl." He muttered in her ear, smirking as she shivered.

"Damn bitch." He heard Bakura groan and felt her stiffen,

'There's two!' She thought in alarm. 'Great I'm screwed! Nice going girl!' She scolded herself.

"Get the light man." Malik instructed as he dropped her on the couch.

Bakura grumbled but did it anyway. As son as the light flickered on, she screwed her eyes shut tightly in protest. Malik moved to stand in front of the girl while Bakura sat in the armchair, nursing his throbbing gut. Malik smiled a bit in amusement at seeing her eyes still shut.

"You can open your eyes my dear." He said.

She slowly opened her eyes, revealing to him the most beautiful blue eyes he'd ever seen. She raised her eyes to meet his. She blinked a bit in surprise as she looked at him; she had never seen someone who looked as exotic as he did. He was wearing a large deep purple colored hoodie with a pair of baggy black jeans. He had a healthy tan, sun-kissed blonde hair and beautiful, deep amethyst eyes. She looked over at his partner in crime, who was currently glaring at her. He had a plain black long-sleeved shirt and black jeans. His hair was long and white but tied back and hidden beneath a black ball cap that rested backwards on his head. His skin was pale, making his crimson-brown eyes stand out a bit more. She was the first to speak.

"Why are you in my house?" She asked.

It was his turn to be observant. He could tell she was putting up a brave front but he could see a tiny spark of fear in her eyes. Her hair was a dark chocolate color that fell just past her shoulders and her skin was a fair peaches 'n' cream. She was wearing a pair of light blue pajamas consisting of a spaghetti strap top and somewhat small shorts. She had her arms crossed over her chest, seemingly uncomfortably with her attire in their presence.

"Are you going to answer my question or are you not finished gawking at me?" She snapped suddenly.

He nearly growled in anger as he shoved the blade against her throat and grabbed a handful of her hair, pushing her deep into the cushions of the couch. She gasped quietly, her eyes wide.

"I would watch how you speak if I were you. You are in no position to be so fucking mouthy." He bit out.

"A simple 'yes' or 'no' would have sufficed." She muttered.

"Obviously you don't understand the seriousness of your current situation." He said, narrowing his eyes.

"Just kill her and get it over with." Came Bakura's annoyed voice.

Malik slowly straightened, letting the blade fall from her throat as he trailed his hand from her hair along her jaw line. She pushed away from him, narrowing her eyes in anger.

"Hmm…maybe I will, maybe I won't." He said as he sat on the coffee table in front of her.

She pulled a large pillow from the other end of the couch to cover her body, making her feel less open in front of these two strange men.

"What is your name?" He asked, keeping the knife in her sight as a silent reminder for her to watch her mouth.

"Anzu." She replied.

"Why is a girl of your young age…all alone…in such a big house?" He continued.

"My roommate is out of town." She lied.

She decided to keep her answers short and simple, with a lie if need be. He didn't say anything more so she tried her earlier question again.

"Why are you in my house?"

He looked up at her, smirking slightly before looking back at his knife.

"Hiding out." He replied, his voice lowering a bit.

"From?" She asked.

He stood up, ignoring her question.

"Where's your kitchen?" He asked.

"Back there." She pointed over her shoulder.

"Bakura go find something." He told him.

"My stomach is in no condition to have food no thanks to that bitch." He griped.

"Serves you right bastard." She hissed without hesitation.

"Look here you little-"

"Bakura!" Malik snapped.

Bakura glared at him then went to the kitchen. Malik waited until he was in there before speaking.

"You listen and you listen good: We'll be staying here until morning whether you like it or not. You will go back to your room. Don't bother trying to contact any type of authority, I will make you regret it if you do. Am I understood?" He told her, flipping his blade around in his hand.

She nodded slowly.

"Get." He said as he stepped back and jerked his head towards the stairs.

She jumped up from the couch, intent on getting as far away from him as possible. She heard him say 'sweet dreams' and laugh as she ran up the stairs. She ran into her room, shutting the door behind her, not caring at all if it slammed. She leaned against it, sliding to the floor. Closing her eyes, she took in a shaky deep breath. Reaching up to the doorknob she twisted the lock. She didn't know it she'd get through the night with them in the house. She decided to try and get some sleep since there was nothing else she could do. Before going back to bed, she slid the back of her wooden desk chair beneath the doorknob as an extra precaution. It was made of 100 percent solid oak so she knew it would hold. Feeling slightly satisfied, she slid beneath her covers, pulling the over her head and tried to sleep.

Anzu woke with a start the next morning. She had a particularly disturbing 'what if' dream that night. Her eyes quickly shifted to her bedroom door, relieved to see the chair still intact. She also noticed a square piece of paper beneath. Slowly standing from the bed, she retrieved the paper.

'Aww how sweet, the bastard left a note.' She thought with sarcasm when she read its contents.

She figured it to be safe to go downstairs now since he did say they would only be there until morning.

"I wouldn't be surprised if my fridge and pantry is nearly empty." She muttered to herself.

She grabbed her robe to wrap up in before going downstairs. She slowly made her way to the living room, happy to see that the only thing out of place was the stand that the guy knocked over. Going into her kitchen, she was pleased to see they didn't eat her out of house and home. They looked like they could eat a lot. She went back into the living room and plopped onto the couch. Immediately upon sitting, she shot off it when something sharply jabbed her backside. Reaching into the cushions she obtained the object. It was a very small jewel; it was very pretty and looked very expensive.

"Where did this come from?" She wondered aloud.

Then a thought suddenly hit her. It must've come from one of the guys which meant they would probably come back for it when they noticed it was missing.

'Great just what I need.' She griped mentally.

She went up to her room and placed it in her jewelry box then decided on a shower and perhaps a walk in the park afterwards.


"Where the hell is it?" He muttered.

He had ransacked his room looking for the precious gem and turned up nothing.

"Malik they're gonna be here any-what the hell are you doing?" Bakura began as he walked in.

"I can't find the damn jewel." He said as he started pulling clothes from his dresser.

"What do you mean you can't find it!" Bakura exclaimed.

"Just what I said!" Malik yelled.

Bakura joined him in the search and after about half an hour, they still came up with nothing. Malik dropped onto his bed, putting his head in his hands.

"I don't understand how you could've lost it." Bakura said.

"I don't either. I don't know where it could've-"

A thought interrupted him; a flashback from the night before.

"Damn it! It's at that house we were in last night, it has to be!" He exclaimed.

A car horn filtered through the open window.

"And we can't go back now and get it." He added.

"We can get it later." Bakura said as he walked out the room.

Malik scoffed, following him down the stairs. "Yeah assuming we're still alive then."


Anzu hummed happily as she entered her house. However, her happy tune ended abruptly when she saw the state of her living room; it was trashed. She slowly made her way through the debris, checking damages and if anything was missing. Nothing seemed to be missing, merely out of place. So she went upstairs to her room, only to find it in an even worse state.

"What would I have that-" She broke off her sentence when she remembered the jewel

She looked all through her room but couldn't find it.

'Maybe they came back and got it.' She thought.

Feeling somewhat better with that thought, she began tidying up the two trashed rooms. She found several pieces of broken glass from picture frames and a couple vases. She cursed the two in silent anger.

"I swear if I ever see them again I'm gonna-"

Her sentence was cut short when she turned around, finding the subject of her threat standing right behind her.

"You're gonna what?" He asked.

She stood her ground, crossing her arms over her chest.

"What the hell do you want? You already got what you came for." She asked.

"I don't know what you are talking about. I haven't been here since dawn." He replied, frowning at her.

"Like hell you don't. I came home to find my living room and my bedroom trashed and the jewel you left here gone. I live in a decent neighborhood so I don't know how anybody else could have known you were here." She told him through gritted teeth.

"What do you mean gone?" He asked.

"Gone…as in no longer here. Do you need a dictionary?" She snapped at him as she walked away.

"Fuck! Do you have any idea what you've done!" He exclaimed as he went after her.

She reeled around to face him, anger splashed across her face and he almost ran into her but he caught himself in time.

"What I've done! It's your fault. If you and your fuckbuddy hadn't come in here last night and left it, we wouldn't be having this conversation and my house wouldn't have been in complete chaos."" She told him, jabbing him in his shoulder with her finger with every other word.

He grabbed her hand to make her stop, pulling her against him.

"Hey!...I'm not gay." He said.

Anzu scoffed, rolling her eyes as she jerked her hand from him.

"Whatever shit you've sunk into is not my problem. Now get out or I'll contact the police." She told him.

"Ooh I'm shaking with fear. What's a little girl like you gonna do?" He asked mockingly.

"Don't mock me." She shot back.

"Whatever princess." He snorted in amusement as he ruffled her hair, laughing when she pushed him away, anger etched clearly across her face.

"Bastard." She muttered heatedly.

He chuckled again as he left the house.

"Ohh I should've screwed her….I'm gonna fucking die." He said low as he walked away from the house and onto the sidewalk.

"There he is." A camera shutter clicks.

"We found him Boss, leaving the residence of an Anzu Mazaki. She may have some involvement in this sir."

"All right, you may return to headquarters now, Mack. We'll devise a plan on what to do with her."

"Yes sir."

Mack packed up his equipment and pulled out onto the street, leaving the area.

As soon as Malik entered his house, two men grabbed him and he was hauled off to the living room where they dropped him on the couch. Now he was faced with his boss.

"Hey Boss…you know I was just coming back to-"

"Shut up kid. I was told you would have the jewel today. Yet here I find myself without it and waiting for your next excuse." Boss said.

"We did get it but we ran into a bit of a problem. Somehow it fell from my pocket when we hid out in a house last night. I went back for it this morning but it wasn't there." Malik said.

"I believe you ran into some complications that night as well?" Boss questioned.

Malik paused for a bit, quickly glancing at Bakura who was leaning against the door frame, then back at Boss.

'He knows.' He thought.

"Yes we did. Because my partner can't sit still for five seconds we ended up waking the girl who owned the house. I ran into her when I went back this morning and she said she came home to find her house trashed. She assumed we did it because the jewel was gone. I told her it wasn't us but she, of course, didn't believe me." Malik told him.

"Well you have a week to find it. You wouldn't want to end up in the same position as your brother was, would you?" Boss said, pushing the end of his gun against his throat.

Malik shook his head.

"That's a good boy. I'll be back in a week so you'd better have it. You know what'll happen if you don't." Boss said then left the house.

Malik stayed seated on the couch, his anger steadily boiling.

"So what-"

Bakura's sentence was cut off when Malik suddenly picked up a glass cup and threw it at the wall, shattering it. Bakura didn't dare approach Malik until later that night. He knew his temper and knew it was best to leave him for a few hours to cool down.

"So what are we going to do?" Bakura asked Malik as he stood in the doorway of his bedroom.

"We, of course, have to find it." He began.

"And if we don't?" Bakura asked.

"We can kiss our ass good-bye." Malik said flatly.

"Who else could've done it?"

Malik shrugged. "I've been thinking about that but I couldn't come up with anyone who would actually do it." He replied.

"What of the girl?" Bakura asked.

Malik shrugged again. "I can't decide if I want to screw her or let her die…or both." He answered.

Bakura chuckled. "Well we might have to go back to her house to see if we can find anything that might clue us in so maybe you'll get your chance then." He suggested.

"Hmm somehow I don't think she'll be that easy but…I always love a good challenge every now and then." He chuckled.

"I guess we can drop by in the morning. I need to sleep this shit off." He continued.

Bakura sighed irritably. "How much did you take?" He asked.

"The equivalent of a regular aspirin." He replied.

"You need to chill out with that man. That's the third time this week." Bakura scolded.

"I promise that's the last time for awhile. I've just been under a lot of stress lately. I needed something to take off the edge." He said as he lay down on his bed.

"All right, see you in the morning." He said and went down the hall to his own room.

Catching your eye you know
That eye that slapped you in your face
And called you a puppy
Well how do you say I was hypnotized
I was hypnotized