We drive
To leave the past and clear the mind
To watch the sunset set its time
I swear you'll find
I'm your ride home

"Come on out little girl, we just want to play a bit."

Anzu closed her eyes and, for a moment, focused on steadying her breathing. Opening her eyes, she looked across the room. Most of the mirrors had been smashed by the two men, in an attempt to scare her out of hiding but Anzu knew better. However, Anzu knew the school well and managed to make her way back to the first classroom they started in without being seen. Peering carefully around the corner of the small section of wall that she was hiding behind, Anzu looked at the two men who were searching the room across from her. They were definitely Mack's men, that she knew. They broke into the cabin and pulled her out of it. They dragged her to the car and brought her back to her dance school. As it was now night, the school was empty. When they wrestled her into the room, she brought her leg up, smashing her foot into the chest of one man and sending him across the room, which broke the first mirror. Then she managed the knock the gun out of the other guy's hand and break free from his hold. By the time they recovered, she was already in the hall.

Looking back into the room, Anzu spotted the discarded gun from earlier hidden underneath the piano bench. Without a second thought she went for it and slipped it into the waist of her pants. Peering around the corner again, she took note of them heading towards the front of the school. Slipping out of the room, she went in the opposite direction toward the small kitchen in the middle of the school.

"Hey we didn't try this area."

Anzu looked up in alarm to see the two men had backtracked and were now coming toward her. Going into the back she found a glass bottle and emptied the contents out in the sink. Looking around quickly she spotted a cleaning chemical and quickly filled the bottle then poured the rest on the counters. Grabbing a discarded rag she stuffed it into the opening of the bottle. Pulling a lighter from her pocket, one that she had taken from Malik, she lit the rag on fire and threw the bottle toward the doors just as the men were walking in. The bottle smashed at their feet, setting them on fire. With the lighter still lit, she dropped it onto the counter and ran further into the back of the kitchen. She tried the door only to find it locked. Cursing out loud, she glanced around and spotted a window. She ran to it and pried it open then climbed through it. When she got several feet away, an explosion at her back threw her several more feet into the air and she rolled onto the ground, wincing as she landed on the gun. She quickly got to her feet and ran, despite the screaming protests of her leg.

When Bakura and Malik arrived at Anzu's dance school, they immediately noticed the fire trucks and the ambulances and came to a halt. Two stretchers were being loaded into the ambulances, and neither one of them were Anzu. Staying within the shadows, they went around to the back of the school.

"What started the fire?" One of the policemen asked.

"Looks like it was in the kitchen, one of the stoves caught fire. These two men were there and suffered some serious burns to their legs. There was no one else there." A fireman replied.

Malik looked to the ground, thinking they were too late when he noticed some markings on the ground. Hitting Bakura to get his attention, he pointed to the ground. The footprints were small and very distinct, which meant the person was barefoot when they were running. The marks in the ground before that looked like someone had knelt there before running.

"She's still alive." Malik whispered before following the direction the prints were going.

Anzu stopped running for a moment to try and catch her breath. Looking around at her surroundings she realized she was in her old neighborhood. Walking down the sidewalk, she quickly approached her old house. Instead of going to the front of the house, she went into the backyard and entered the house that way. The house was still the way it had been when she left. Crossing her arms over her stomach she walked into the living room, one hand on the gun at her side. She suddenly felt very tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep. A hand clamped down on her shoulder and she whirled around with a scream on her lips, her hand coming up with the gun only to have it trapped against the chest of the person holding her. She blinked furiously, her eyes seeing but her brain not wanting to believe. Malik stood in front of her, his arms around her back and the gun in her hand trapped between them. Her eyes narrowed as she still tried to make sense of it. He slowly released her, not wanting to startle her any further while she held the gun.

"Anzu?" He said quietly, watching as she set the gun on the table.

Her hand flew out, connecting with his cheek, in response. He knew he deserved that.

"Why? Why did you leave me?"

Malik grimaced at the broken tone of her voice.

"I thought if I left I could protect you, that you wouldn't be in anymore danger because of me. I know now that I was foolish to think so. I'm sorry. I-"

His voice caught as he felt the tiny pinpricks of tears entering his eyes. He looked up at her.

"I'm so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you. You deserve better than what I can give you, that's why
I left."

Anzu lunged at him, her arms wrapping around his waist, tears in her eyes. "You stupid man. I only want you, I don't care about anything else. I love you and only you. I don't want anybody else."

Malik closed his eyes tight, bringing his arms around her back as he buried his face in her hair. "I love you as well."

Anzu squeezed her eyes tight, her heart swelling as she heard the words she'd been wanting to hear from him for a long time.

"I do so hate to interrupt this reunion but we have bigger problems to deal with." Bakura said as he picked up the gun from the table and slipped it into the waist of his pants at his back.

Malik looked up at him over Anzu's head. "Yes we do. But how?"

"I think we should deal with Boss directly."

Anzu jerked her head up. "What? He's still alive?"

Bakura nodded. "Mack too."

"But the explosion – how did they get out?" She asked.

"When you shot Mack, apparently the bullet missed him, it only grazed his side but he feigned getting hit. Boss, unfortunately, survived. Damn fucker is so fat it's no wonder. Mack pulled him out before it blew."

"Right now Mack and the men are all scattered looking for us, only a couple people will be at the main base to protect Boss as he recovers, most likely a nurse as well. If we hit them there, we'll have an advantage over them."

"You have an idea." Malik said.

"Yes and it'll involve Anzu. How good is your acting?"

"It's okay, I guess."

"We'll have you disguised as a nurse and pretend to be giving him medicine, when in actuality you'll be putting an air bubble into his blood stream, which will then travel to his heart and kill him. As heavy as he is, it should work. Then you'll leave and by the time anyone realizes what happened, it'll be too late." Bakura said.

"What about Mack?" Anzu asked.

"Oh don't worry about him, some of my lackey's will be taking care of him."

A silent moment fell over them as they were content to briefly take in the presence of one another, something they each had missed.

"So when are we doing this?" Anzu asked.

"Tonight would be best." Bakura said. "I already had someone staking out the headquarters when I heard Boss was alive still and they called earlier when we were on the train. A nurse is scheduled to come in around nine to give Boss medication for the night. After she leaves, the two guards leave as well. My accomplice will detain the nurse for us, giving us plenty of time to go in and do the job."

Within the next hour, they had everything set and ready to go. One of Bakura's men came to get them and they went over the plan one last time before arriving to the house. Anzu took a deep breath as she looked out the window and up at the house. She now wore light blue scrubs with a blonde wig fastened securely to her head and fake glasses on her face. Malik reached over and gave her hand a squeeze to help alleviate her nerves.

"Just relax and you'll be fine." He said with a smile.

She nodded and took another breath before putting her hand to the door to open it. She walked up the short driveway to the gate and pushed the button to ring the bell. A moment passed before a buzz was heard and the gate opened. Readjusting her grip on the black medical bag in her hand, she moved forward. Instead of letting herself stress on the fact that she was about to kill someone, she made herself remember why. The man inside that house had made her suffer, had made Malik and Bakura suffer. Now was the time for him to be brought to terms with the consequences of his actions.

Now was the time for him to pay.

Malik and Bakura waited anxiously in the car as Anzu was admitted entrance to the house, searching for the exact moment she would need them, if at all. Malik started shaking his knee as the minutes dragged on. Bakura glared at him as his movements were causing the whole car to shake.

"If you don't stop, I will shoot you." Bakura warned him.

Malik brought the offending limb against his chest, wrapping one arm around his knee as his fingers started tapping against each other.

"I just want this to be over with. We are so close now but I can't believe the moment is finally here."

Bakura's phone rang in his pocket and he drew it out to answer it.

"Hello?" A few moments passed. "Are you sure?"

Malik looked at him, wondering what was being said on the other side of the line.

"Wonderful. Burn the place down and quickly. Afterward, you are to disappear. We never knew each other."

With that said, Bakura flipped the phone closed and put it back in his pocket. At that moment, Anzu came running out the house and down the driveway. Malik told the driver to approach the gate. Once Anzu was in the car, Malik pulled her to him, his mouth slanting over hers. When they pulled apart, they settled into the seat, Anzu curling her body against his as he held her.

"It is finished. We are finally free."

Malik and Anzu looked to Bakura as he spoke these words and grinned.

Finally it was over.

Now close your eyes
It's getting dark and the highways clear
No sign of life from front to rear
It's just you my dear on the ride home
We're going home

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