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Author's Note: I haven't got so much to say for this one, except for, welcome to the latter half of the saga. I must insist that you read the first three parts before reading this.

In this trilogy, the conflicts start to become more personal to the characters, and maybe a few more KotOR characters will be introduced. I hope you enjoy this, and remember: No flames, but critique/constructive criticism, as long as it is said nicely, is welcome.

Enjoy part 4.
:Dark Jedi Princess:

Title: "Powerlust IV: Patterns Out of Chaos"
Author: Dark Jedi Princess
Category: Stargate SG-1/Star Wars/Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Reasons: Violence and some language
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Epic(?)
Total Chapters: 6
Summary: Now that the Star Forge has been destroyed, Daniel and everyone else are hoping for a nice, long break. Unfortunately there is one enemy they've forgotten about…


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Powerlust IV: Patterns Out of Chaos
Chapter 1 – Break Time

Much had changed at the SGC in the past few months. Anticipating more travel between Luke's galaxy and their own, Hammond had extra power generators installed at the base to allow the Stargate to draw the power it needed without shutting down the base's electricity, which it seemed to do every time it dialled an eight-chevron address. They were now sending teams to various planets in Luke's galaxy to explore it, and Daniel… Well, Daniel was taking a nice, long break after his experience with the Star Forge and Anubis.

Or, he was supposed to be.

The claxon alarms went off as the Stargate activated off-schedule. Daniel raised his eyebrows, sighed, and hurried to the observation room.

"Who is it?" He asked Hammond as he entered.

"It's SG-13, sir, they're back from Telos," The technician said.

The Iris slid open to allow SG-13 through, but no-one emerged. Daniel raised his eyebrows again. Still, no-one arrived. The Stargate shut down. Hammond and Daniel looked at each other.

"What was THAT about?" They both wondered.


Daniel wasn't the only one who was supposed to be on break.

On the planet Malastare, Revan, Anakin, and Malak sat in a cove housing one of the Stargates, a swoop bike and podracer with them. Revan was busy at work on the swoop, while Anakin was working on the podracer. They had been on Malaster for a month, preparing for a big joint swoop-pod race that would be occurring that very day. Revan was not dressed in her usual black-and-red armour, but was instead wearing tight black pants, knee-high boots, and a white tank top, a jacket tied around her waist. Her hair was tied back to keep it out of her eyes.

"Revan, are you sure you want to do this?" Malak asked. He was sitting against one wall of the cave, still in his Naedenese armour.

"Positive, Malak. I won the big season opener on Taris, after all."

"That was 4,000 years ago," Malak noted.

"Well aware. That's why I'm gonna take my swoop out for a practice run."

It should be noted that the swoop Revan was working on wasn't ACTUALLY hers. Rather, she had found it in a corner of the hangar at the Jedi Academy and had brought it with her to Malastare. Anakin had built his podracer from scratch, being the rather gifted mechanic that he was.

Revan finished fixing up her swoop, climbed on, and turned it on, taking it out for a practice run before she noticed that it was time for the swoop bike half of the joint race.

"We'd better get going," Revan said. "Come on." She rode the swoop out to the track. Anakin put his podracer in the garage and went to the stands with Malak to watch the race.

Revan was racing under a pseudonym: Iraea Dral, the name she had taken when she returned to the Light Side. Of course, Revan had refused to give away all the details. She wanted everyone who wanted to hear her story present when she told it, and it was only the three of them at the moment. Malak, of course, likely knew all or most of the tale; he had been her apprentice and friend during her first life.

Revan took in a deep breath and calmed her racing heart as she climbed on the swoop bike on the track. Her fellow racers were all around her. She didn't pay attention to the announcer's words, but the moment she got the cue to go, she revved the swoop and took off at high speed, breaking through the rest of the ranks. When someone would overtake her, she would simply speed up and swerve around them, hitting every acceleration pad and avoiding every obstacle she could.

She was in second place by the end of the first of three laps. By the middle of the second she had pulled ahead to first. Anakin and Malak watched the race raptly, only turning away for seconds at a time to glance at the leader-board.

It was the final lap, and Revan had just rounded the last bend before the finish line. She shot over it, pulling her swoop around and stopping just afterwards. Anakin cheered loudly. Malak smiled but remained otherwise calm. Revan ran to hug both of them, and wished Anakin good luck before joining Malak in the stands.

Anakin was also racing under a pseudonym, "Hayden". (A/N: -wink-) His race went similarly well. After all was done, the three friends went for drinks in the local cantina.

"You only drink water?" Anakin asked as Revan peeled off her racing gloves and thrust them into her pocket after ordering, chuckling a little. "No alcohol whatsoever?"

Revan chuckled and leaned over towards Anakin. "Somehow it doesn't seem… appropriate… for a Jedi to drink alcohol." Anakin's heart skipped a beat, and Revan pulled back, smirking. Her smirk quickly faded as a nagging feeling made itself known to the base of her skull, as if there was someone about to attack them.

At that moment, Malak caught a punch from a Twi'lek thug that had snuck up behind them. The Twi'lek was joined by a Rodian and several other aliens, and none of them looked happy at all. Revan rolled her eyes and twisted around in her seat.

"Can I help you, gentlemen?" She asked, semi-politely.

"You can tell us how a couple of rookies like yourselves managed to win a race against dozens of professionals," the Twi'lek responded, angrily.

"Rookies?" Anakin mouthed.

"Rookies?" Revan repeated. "I think we're insulted, aren't we, 'Hayden'?"

"Damn straight," Anakin agreed. "We're not rookies. We've been racing for years."

"Then how come we've never heard of you?"

"Maybe you don't pay attention very well," Anakin said, standing and rising to his full height. One of the Twi'lek's lekku twitched, as though he was somewhat frightened, but he stood his ground.

"We lost twenty thousand credits thanks to you two," the Twi'lek continued, as though Anakin had never answered him. "Now, I think you should pay it back to us."

"Hey, it was your own damn fault for betting on the races," Revan retaliated. "Neither of us cheated. We won fair and square. You lost your bet, but it's not our fault." She paused, then subtly waved her hand. "You will forget about the money and leave us alone."

"We will forget about the money and leave you alone," the Rodian said, and prepared to leave.

"No, we won't!" The Twi'lek stopped the Rodian from leaving. "You! That was a Jedi trick! You're Jedi, aren't you!"

Revan sighed and glanced at Anakin. "It was worth a shot." Then she stood and pulled a double-bladed lightsaber from her bag and ignited it, cutting down one of the thugs in a flash. "Still want us to pay you back, or are you going to leave us alone now?"

"Hey!" The bartender shouted. "No weapons allowed! Take it outside if you must!"

"Gladly," Revan responded, before shoving the thugs outside the Cantina with a blast of the Force. The three friends followed, and Anakin and Malak ignited their own lightsabers. Anakin wielded two lightsabers, one blue and one red; Malak used an orange longsaber.

The Twi'lek scrambled to his feet and pulled out a blaster, aiming at Revan and firing. Revan twirled her saber, deftly blocking each shot. She then spun around and cut down the remaining thugs, except for the Twi'lek, who backed against the nearest wall.

"Forget about the money," Revan said. "It's not that important. Leave now, and we won't pursue you."

The Twi'lek nodded frantically and scampered away. Revan, Anakin, and Malak switched off their lightsabers and tucked them away.

"It's probably not a good idea to stick around," Anakin said. "Let's head back to their… uh, Gatecave?"

Revan laughed. "Nice one. Agreed, let's go."

Upon arriving back at the cave, Revan found a small notepad lying just infront of the Stargate. Arching an eyebrow, she picked it up and flipped through it.

"It's Daniel's," she said, after a moment. "He wants us back at Yavin 4. Says he has something he needs help with."

Anakin and Malak glanced at each other. "Okay, back to Yavin 4 it is."


Daniel was waiting for them in Yavin 4's 'Gate room. He looked tired, and had several recent wounds on his face and arms.

"What happened?" Revan asked as she observed this.

"The SGC has been attacked," Daniel said, sadly.