Powerlust IV: Patterns Out of Chaos
Chapter 3: Telos

"How could the Dark Jedi have gotten through the Iris undetected?"

"Daniel said that when SG-13 dialled back, no-one came through," Malak said. "I'd wager they were stealthed."

"That was a technique I used to teach," Revan said, nervously.

"What? I didn't hear about it!" Malak exclaimed. "I was your apprentice!"

"I know that, Malak, but you weren't one of my Sith Assassins. They were the ones I taught to stealth with the Force."

"How come I didn't know about this?" Malak asked, pouting slightly.

"Because I thought you would screw up the plan. Which you wound up doing anyway."

Malak frowned deeply, but didn't say anything more on the subject.

As the exited the Stargate, they instantly saw SG-13 lying on the ground nearby.

"Oh no…" Revan muttered. "Daniel was right…" She knelt over one of them, wrinkling her nose at the stench of decay around them. "They're already dead," she muttered. She searched the corpses for a GDO, finding none.

Ajunta knelt over another, closing his eyes. He opened them again.

"There is an imprint here, of Dark Jedi and bounty hunters."

"Eugh," Anakin said. "Looks like someone used Force Crush on one of them. Their bones are in pieces."

"Anyone find a GDO?" Revan asked. The others shook their heads. "Then they must've taken it and used it to get through the Iris."

"How would they know the code?" Ajunta asked dubiously.

"They found out from SG-13," Anakin said, gesturing at the corpses. "Then killed them."

"Then stealthed themselves and went through the Iris," Revan muttered. She wrote it all down on Daniel's notepad. "Come on. Let's head back."

Daniel was waiting for them when they got back to the Jedi Academy at Yavin 4.

"Did you find anything?" He asked.

"Yes. SG-13 are dead. The bounty hunters and Dark Jedi stole their GDO and IDC and used them to get through the Iris. After they killed them, of course."

Daniel nodded sadly. "I'd better tell Hammond. See you guys later. And thanks."

"Of course."

Daniel left. Revan bit her lip and turned to the others. "We still need to figure out why this happened, but that can wait… I suggest we rest up for a bit." The others nodded and split up. She laid down on her bed and closed her eyes, pulling her cloak over her arms.

Eight Jedi Masters sat in the Council chamber on Coruscant. One was a woman with pure white hair, grey eyes, dressed in all white; This was Master Atris. Another, wearing a blue, woollen robe, was of the same species as Master Yoda; this was Master Vandar. Another was a pinkish Twi'lek male in blue robes; this was Master Zhar. A young woman with dull brown hair sat to Zhar's left; this was Master Vash. A man with longish brown hair, earrings, and a thick moustache sat to Vash's left; this was Master Zez Kai-Ell. To his left sat an aging man in reddish brown robes; this was Master Vrook. Next to him was an aging black man with green eyes; this was Master Dorak. Next to Dorak was a young man with dark blond hair and blue eyes; this was Master Kavar.

All eight of these Masters had been alive during Revan's era, 4,000 years before Luke Skywalker had been born. The door to the council chamber opened, and an exhausted-looking young woman with brown hair and grey eyes entered, dragging with her a comatose Revan, dressed in her androgynous red and black robes and armour. The young woman, Bastila Shan, managed to make it to the centre of the room before she collapsed, panting.

"Padawan Shan," Kavar said. "I take it that your mission did not… go as we planned."

"No, Master Kavar…" Bastila panted. "Malak… betrayed Revan. She is… in a coma. There was nothing else I could do but try to keep her alive."

"You have done well, Padawan," Vandar said. "You did all you could, given the circumstances. Now, the question remains… what is to be done with Revan?"

"There is not much we can do," Kavar said. "Under other circumstances we would've tried to convince her to return to the Light Side, but that is not what we can do. We'll have to try something else."

"What are you saying?" Atris asked.

"I'm saying that something will need to be done that can change our chances in this war," Kavar said.

"What is that 'something', though?" Vash asked.

"…I truly hate to suggest this," Kavar said. "But… we will need to erase Revan's memory. Give her a new identity, a fresh start. A new chance."

"That is a Dark Side technique!" Vrook objected. "That sounds like something your former apprentice would do!"

"Malak would not try something like that now," Kavar said. "Revan would, perhaps, but not Malak. He is too bold."

"Master Kavar," Bastila said, "are you sure this is… wise? Her mind could be damaged, she might not even survive!"

"It is the only option we have," Kavar said, sadly. He stood up and knelt over Revan, removing her mask and revealing her pale, veined face. He sighed, continuing to remove the armour. Finally, Revan was only wearing her bare under-robes.

"That armour is of the Dark Side," Atris said. "It should be destroyed."

"Agreed," Kavar said. "Bastila, would you please take her armour and have it destroyed?"

"Yes Master Kavar…" Bastila sighed, standing up and retrieving the armour and robes Kavar had removed. She folded them neatly and carried them out of the room, shutting the door behind her…

Revan awoke, her eyes wide and her breathing heavy. She placed a hand on the reddish armour she was wearing now, which was molded to her figure. Her hand was shaking. She closed her eyes and steadied her breathing. She glanced beside her. Revan usually found the weather too warm for blankets, so she didn't use any. If she was cold, she would wrap her cloak around herself for warmth.

Revan sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed, rubbing her eyes and groaning. "That was odd…" She muttered. "That wasn't one of my memories…"