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Summary: Grissom and Sara are called to work a plane crash near the California/Nevada border. Struggling to keep sane, they only have each other when everything seems crazy.


Chapter One: Prologue


" I watch the heavens but I find no calling
Something I can do to change whats coming..."


Rebecca McCarthy awoke on a early fall evening to the loud sound of a plane's engines, something not regularly heard when camping. She was in her tent, along with her husband, Jack. Their three children lay sleeping in the tent a few yards away, likely tuckered out from the hike they had endured during the day from Lake Tahoe.

She briefly wondered what a plane that loud would be doing so close to the State Park that lay nearby this early in the morning. A quick glance at her watch told her that it was 2:37am -- the sun wasn't even up yet. She watched as Jack slept, his brown curly hair tousled and his mouth a little smile. He was probably tuckered out after the "hike" of their own they had endured not too long ago…

They had figured the kids were far enough away, and they were probably sound asleep. Not that Jack and Becca really wanted anymore kids (three was really quite enough) but they figured that they only had a little while to make the most of it. Georgie, Christian, and Lizzie were there three beautiful children, 10 being the oldest and 6 the youngest. There was something about bringing them here for a nice family vacation that made her feel so fortunate to have them together here...

As the plane continued to grow closer (she could tell by the sound) she had the gut feeling that something wasn't right. The plane didn't sound right. It was getting closer, closer with every passing second. It sounded low, like it was only a few hundred feet up. Leaves began to tremble in anticipation of the ominous looming object in the sky as it neared.

Something was wrong.

"Jack...Jack! Wake up!" She whispered, shaking her husband's shoulder. He sat up groggily. "You hear that?"

"Yeah. It's a plane honey. You know, big flying things that carry people. Get used to it." He said, flopping back down on the mattress.

"It doesn't sound normal...it sounds really close..." She said, not worried, but sort of anxious. The plane had gotten so loud that she had to stop whispering.

"Honey, go back to sleep--" The plane drowned out Jack McCarthy's voice and the moonlight gracing the surface of their tent was suddenly cut off from their view. Then, for a fraction of second, Rebecca heard pure silence -- nothing. No wind, no trees, no birds, no bugs, no sound.

Then the air was illuminated with yellows and reds, oranges and whites. Intense heat blasted from left, right, up, and down, and the earth seemed to rock on its very foundations. Then, she could hear again. Screeching metal, deafening booms and explosions...sounds of destruction, sounds so horrible, they belong in hell.

She instinctively curled up into a ball and stayed like that, completely scared out of her mind. After what seemed like a lifetime of inexplicable terror, she lifted her head and then she remembered -- the kids.

She screamed, unable to hear herself. Smoke filled her lungs, the windows of the tent not doing much to screen it. The smell of annihilation was rank in the air – she smelled gasoline, burning wood, and a faint whiff of what could only be described as burning flesh. Coughing, she unzipped the tent blindly and ran frantically outside to find her children. She shielded her eyes from the smoke and fire in the trees surrounding her and immediately tripped and fell onto something large, white, and searing hot.

But she didn't feel the pain as she looked up and saw that her children's tent was not there. It had been replaced by a smoldering piece of airplane wreckage. She opened her mouth to scream again, but was silenced as a burning tree fell, pinning her body to the burning metal.

And all she saw was black.

To be continued...


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