Title: Entangled Souls

Author: Brighteyes88

Rated: PG/PG-13

Summary: Ariel and Eric are happily engaged. But what happens when Ariel is forced to go back to the sea? What happens when someone from her past comes to claim her as his own? And what will happen to Eric back on land, while in the presence of a persistent princess?

Authors Note: Hi there everybody, this is going to be a continuation of TLM fic. I have a whole idea planned out and I'm so excited about writing it. It will have multiple chapters and lost of adventure and romance! I got the idea while watching the movie the other night with my sister Timandra.

It takes place a few months (maybe about 3) after Eric and Ariel kissed on the beach. They aren't married yet, but as you will soon see, they are engaged. I have so many cool ideas for this fic, so here we go, here's the introduction chapter.

Chapter One: Her Shiny Ring

"Oh Flounder," Ariel sighed, beaming at her long time friend, "I just...I'm so happy." Her smile widened, exposing the stark white teeth beneath her cherry lips.

"Ariel, I'm really happy for you." Flounder said merrily, as he flitted around in the water.

"Thanks," she laughed as she wiggled her toes in the warm, crystal sand beneath her feet. "It's just, I do miss seeing you every day." She admitted.

"I know. I miss you too."

"Yeah." Ariel whispered, more to herself than Flounder.

"So," Flounder said, wanting to bring the conversation back to Ariel's good news, "Can I see it again?"

"Sure!" Ariel giggled excitedly as she walked over to Flounder, dropping to her knees, and putting her hand out in a way that you would if you were greeting someone.

"Wow!" he said for about the tenth time. Even after seeing it so many times, Flounder still couldn't get over the sheer magnitude and sparkliness (as he called it) of Ariel's new finger ornament.

"What's it called again?" He asked with a confused smile.

"It's called a ring." Ariel said, looking down at her hand. "This kind is called an engagement ring, that's what Eric told me."

"It's so big."

"I know!"

"So why do you have to wear it? And what's engage...ment?"

"Well," Ariel said, a look of concentration crossing her face as she tried to remember what Eric had told her. "Oh yes," Her face lit up, "Engagement means that Eric and I are getting married. Humans call the engagement ritual proposing."

"Neat." Flounder said as he flapped his flipper in excitement.

"Yeah I think so too." An even broader smile crossed the girl's face as she placed her hand right in front of her eyes, admiring her ring.

"So does your dad know?" Flounder asked, adopting a nervous tone.

"Oh silly!" Ariel laughed, "Of course he knows. Eric asked him for permission. When I told Daddy I was getting married, he said that Eric had asked if it was alright."

"Phew." Flounder laughed, wiping his forehead with his flipper.

"Oh come on Flounder, he wouldn't have been that mad if Eric hadn't asked." Flounder shook his head. "Well," Ariel said, "Would he...would he have been mad, do you think?"

"Mad?" Flounder pondered, "nah, he probably would have just fired up that trident, swam to the surface and blasted Eric in a thousand little pieces. Not mad at all." He chuckled.

Ariel laughed, grabbing her stomach as she fell onto the sand. Propping herself up onto her elbow, she looked at Flounder, "Poor Eric might have ended up just like his statue."

Flounder smiled, as Ariel gave him a sultry look pretending that he was her fiancé, "Oh Eric," she said in low voice, "marry you...this is all so...so sudden."

Laughing so hard that the water around him began to splash back and forth, Flounder tried to contain himself. Once he was done laughing he spoke, "Gee Ariel that sounds familiar."

The girl smiled at her friend, "I know, but honestly, Daddy likes Eric."

"Yeah," Flounder said happily. "He actually likes a human...would have sounded impossible a little while ago."

Ariel smiled, grabbing Flounder's fins "Yeah, a while ago I wouldn't have believed it myself. We've all come so far."

"Yeah," Flounder said, a smile on his face, as he turned slowly to look at the sun. "Ariel," he said sadly, "It's sunset, I have to go home."

"Oh," She sighed, tucking a strand of red hair behind her ear, "sunset...that's right."

"I don't wanna go Ariel."

"I know, I don't want you to go either." Ariel admitted, tickling Flounder's fins, "but I should be going too, Grim will be wondering where I am. He told me that tonight, he wanted me back to the castle by five."


"Yeah, he was a bit mad when Eric and I snuck out of the castle the other night to go and take a walk." Ariel laughed at the memory of Grim in his nightshirt and a sleeping cap, tapping his foot in frustration as he saw the prince and his fiancee enter the castle at one in the morning, trailing sand and water.

"Even on land your getting into trouble, eh Ariel?" Flounder laughed at his best friend, thankful that she hadn't lost her adventurous spirit.

"I'm always getting into trouble, just the thing that these people probably want in a Queen, right?" Ariel sighed.

"It doesn't matter what they want Ariel, it's what Eric wants that matters." Flounder stated.

Ariel smiled, her face lighting up, "that's right, I was supposed to meet Eric inside, I'm probably late. Thanks Flounder." She finished, picking her friend up and giving him a kiss. "Tell everyone that I say hi, ok?"

"I promise." Flounder said, taking one last look at Ariel, before reluctantly diving beneath the turquoise waves.

Tracing small circles in the sand with her index finger, Ariel stared out at the sea. The golden sun was setting, leaving an orange glow on the water. She still had a hard time watching the sun set, for every time that it did, she could hear Ursula's mocking voice, "Before the sun sets on the third day."

Shuddering at the memory, Ariel lifted herself up onto her feet and began walking back to the castle.

Inside, Eric sat in his room, wondering where Ariel was. She was supposed to meet him a half an hour ago. He was sure that he had told her six o'clock. Maybe she was downstairs. Standing up, Eric exited his room, and began ascending the staircase downstairs. Walking out into the entryway, he saw Carlotta and Grimsby talking.

"Grim, have you seen Ariel?" He asked curiously.

Grim turned around and stared at Eric, a blank look on his face, "Indeed I have not Eric. Miss Ariel seems to have a mind of her own after all."

"Carlotta?" Eric questioned.

"Sorry Eric, haven't seen Ariel since she went outside with Max this morning."

"Well, I'm gonna go and look for her." Eric said as he turned on his heels to leave the entryway. Walking past the kitchen, Eric peeked in, not knowing exactly why Ariel would be in there, but wanting to check anyway. Inside, he saw Louie cutting something up, blood splattered all over his apron. Eric groaned at the site. It was times like this that he was happy about becoming a vegetarian.

Quickly walking past the kitchen, Eric entered the dining hall. Empty, again. Where could she be? Just then, out of nowhere, Eric turned around to see Ariel running at him full speed, her head turned the other direction, looking behind her.

"Ariel!" Eric cried as she came running right into him, not even knowing that he had been standing there. Wobbling slightly, Eric caught Ariel in his arms and tried to steady himself. Once he had regained his wind, he spoke, "Ariel, what were you doing."

"Oh," Ariel stammered, completely embarrassed, "Well, I, I was talking to Flounder...and then he had to go home, so I was coming home, and I knew that I was late, so I started running...that's when I hit you. I was looking at the clock when...I hit you."

The look on Eric's face was one of complete amusement. He loved how there was never a dull moment with Ariel. Her free spirited and innocent ideals made him laugh. "Don't worry about it, Ariel. No harm done."

Ariel smiled, and Eric felt his heart leap up in his chest, "Well, we'd better get going." Eric said.

"Where?" Ariel asked, raising an eyebrow. After a moment of silence and a secretive look from Eric, she continued, "You're not gonna tell me - Are you?"

"Nope." He laughed.

"Ok then, I guess I'll just follow you then. Right?"


So there you have it, Chapter One. Just a sweet introduction chapter to get the ball rolling. So what did you think?

There will be plenty more action and romance to come, as the story really unfolds.