The Gotham Noir series of stories consists of my own personal continuity for Batman, written very much in the style of both Batman Begins and Batman: Year One (hopefully – that's what I'm going for at least.) The series includes many original characters interacting with the DC Bat-characters, and some stories are primarily about these original characters (just fair warning for those only interested in the DC characters).

The intention is to have a main storyline beginning with "Fall to Grace" and continuing in the upcoming "A Mortal Melody of Blood and Memory" (I will finish it one day – I swear I will!), through several other planned major stories. Short stories such as "Regions of Sorrow" and "Living in the Red Light" are intended to flesh out little bits and pieces of the Gotham Noir universe and are mostly written because I have some scene pop in my head that I can't get rid of.

Thanks for reading!

E Kelly