Chapter 22: Dear Journal

Shooting Star,

Hey, it's me again. I don't think I've used you for a month. I've been very busy. I left Hoth a long time ago when the Imperials attacked. Vader turned out to be my father and Leia is my twin sister. (Oh, and by the way, Han's going to be my brother-in-law pretty soon, 'cause he and Leia are getting married.)

Me, Han, Leia, and father went to see some "sorceress of the dead" person who turned out to be Han's ex-girlfriend. She healed father (he's Anakin Skywalker again) and we went to Mustafar to go through a portal and bring back all the Jedi and mom from the dead.

After that, we met Obi-Wan. He looks much younger. And when we got mom and all the Jedi to come with us, we came back to the living galaxy and got Piett. He's a really good guy, and he turned out to not like the Empire anymore.

We rescued all the rebels in the detention block on the Executor, one of dad's old ships, and then blew it up.

After that, we met back up with the Rebel Alliance at some system really close to Coruscaunt. We went over the battle plan that Han came up with back at the Jedi temple in the realm of the dead. When they all had it understood, we went to Coruscaunt to wipe out the Imperials.

There were three different battles going on at once. There was the big battle going on in space right over Coruscaunt. (Dad and Obi-Wan began saying, "Do you remember that space battle that took place right there?" Or something like that.) The other two battles were going on in the Emperor's palace. One was a diversion that Han and me made up by doing what we do best… pulling a whole lot of elaborate pranks all over the place to create a distraction. During that, dad, Obi-Wan, Master Windu, Master Yoda, and a couple other Jedi went to the throne room to face Emperor Palpatine. I guess it all went well because they all came out alive and Palpatine was dead.

The space battle took the longest. But when it finally ended, our two fleets beat the Imperial fleet.

It's been two weeks since that. The Jedi are rebuilding the Jedi Temple here on Coruscaunt. Leia, Mothma, and some other politicians are working on reestablishing the New Republic.

When everyone got all busy doing this, Me and Han went back to the realm of the dead and got Bail Organa and his wife. We're on our way right now to find Leia so she can see them. I can't wait to see her face! She'll be so happy.

I'm meeting Dad at the Jedi Temple later today so I have to go now.



The End


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