As John gets into his truck, Dean walks up beside it.

"We'll follow you." He tells his father. John nods as Dean walks back to the car. They each start up the vehicles. Dean looks at Sam as he pulls out behind John. Sam is watching the scenery go by, dazedly. After a couple of hours, Dean looks at Sam.

"I'm fine Dean." Sam says, sighing, and looks at Dean. "I'm just frustrated by all of this. I don't understand what was going through his mind."

"Who?" Dean asked, not quite following Sam.

"Dad. He gave you protection, but he ignored me. He couldn't have known if I'd still be around now. I mean, what if I had still been at school when this all came down? What if I'd died?" Sam said, softly and slowly. Dean looks at Sam.

"Sam, Dad always thought you'd be here with us. He never thought that you'd go off to college." Dean tried to reassure him. The man thought he could keep Sammy as close as possible, but had always seen the possibility of his oldest going off on his own. Sam rolls his eyes.

"He knew I didn't like hunting. Besides, when I left, why didn't he do something then?" Sam asked. It wasn't adding up in his mind.

"Dude, if he had given you something to protect you, would you have taken it? I mean, you and him going at it pretty heavy." Dean looks at him and sees tears in his eyes. Sam's obviously hurt by their father's actions.

"He could have tried." Sam said, dejectedly. Dean rolls his eyes and watches John's truck. Sam goes back to watching the scenery, and sighs. He notices the trees are getting bigger. He looks back at Dean as John's truck goes off to the side and stops.

"What the hell?" Sam looks at Dean with a scared expression on his face as Dean pulls over behind the truck. They both jump out and run to the truck. John is sitting upright staring blankly out the window. Dean opens the door and Sam touches him.

"Dad? What's wrong?" Sam feels for a pulse and doesn't find one. He looks at Dean. "What"? Sam has tears in his eyes that are threatening to fall. He reacts in shock.

"He's gone." Dean stares at him.

"No. He's just..." Dean denied, not wanting to believe what was happening.

"Dean, he's dead. There's no pulse! Nothing!" Dean has tears in his eyes. Suddenly, he crumples to the ground as if he's a rag doll. Sam looks at him then drops to his knees beside Dean. Dean's lips are blue, and he's dead.

"Dean?" Sam asks, frightened. His whole family is dying around him. Suddenly, Meg appears. Sam looks at her. "What did you do?" He yells at her.

"I told you that you were going to be alone." She taunts him, and smiles. "You want them back, then join me."

"If I do?" Sam asks, hesitant, but willing to do anything for his family.

"Then I'll return them to living. It's your choice." Sam looks at her, then at Dean, then at his father.

"You promise that they'll live again?"

"Of course."

"Okay, but they need to be restored before I go with you." Sam bargains. Meg grins.

"Sure." She begins to chant softly. Sam watches as Dean begins to regain his color. He checks John for a pulse and finds a strong one. He looks at Meg.

"Satisfied?" She asked, harshly.

"Yeah, let's go." They begin to walk down a path. Sam looks around at the giant trees. He looks ahead and sees a large clearing. Meg stops by what appears to be a large altar. Sam sees the goblet and a dagger. Meg picks up the dagger and looks at him.

"Give me your hand." She commanded. Sam shakes his head, backing away from her. She threatens him. "I'll take them away."

"I'll do it myself." He holds out his hand and she gives him the dagger. As he takes it, he looks at her. Suddenly she flies back, and before she can get up, Sam is there. He straddles her, raises the dagger and plunges it into her heart. She looks at him.

"Thank you." She mutters, and closes her eyes. John and Dean run up. John looks at Sam, trying to guage his son's condition. They walk over and Dean touches Sam's shoulder. Sam looks at him.

"She's dead, bro." Sam nods.

"Sam?" John looks worried. Sam looks at him. "I'll take care of this." Sam nods and stands. Dean and Sam walk away. A few minutes later John joins them.

"Is it over Dad? Really over?" Sam asks.

"I think so, son. You all right?"

"I will be." He looks at John. John bring him into his arm in a giant bear hug. "Why didn't you protect me like you did Dean?"

"After your mother passed, I went to Missouri. She told me that you would be able to protect yourself. Dean would need my help more than you, because of your gifts." Sam smiles and nods.

Dean rolls his eyes as Sam looks at him. "Ready to go, bro?" Sam looks at John.

"Yeah. Ready Dad?" John nods. They walk back to the cars. Sam and Dean get into the Impala as John gets into his truck. They drive away. Suddenly, Sam jerks and looks around. He's in a motel room and he sighs. He looks over and sees Dean sleeping peacefully and smiles.

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