Only Time Will Tell

It was a quiet summer night, nothing but crickets could be heard. The muggle town of Little Green had fallen into their evening activities. Most were asleep at this time. On Elm Street, number 2, a light was lit in the top window. Melissa Ross was awake reading a book. She was delicately turning the pages with her fingers every so often and biting her lip in the temptation to continue reading. Melissa was a normal girl, age 17. She was born into an all-magic family; she was the only one who wasn't. She felt unique, but deep down wished she was magic.

Her two older sisters, Gretchen and Emma, had gone to Hogwarts and graduated, she remembered how happy her parents were when they got their letters. A small crystal tear trickled down from her deep blue eyes. She had heard so many great things about Hogwarts, and she never got to experience them. She heard about the great school, and Quidditch she had also heard about Hogsmeade and what fun it was, she so wished she could go. Unlike the rest of her family she attended regular school, she liked it, but she felt like she didn't belong.

A loose trendal fell in front of her, she pushed it behind her ear gently. She wasn't reading now, she was too lost in her thoughts to concentrate on the story. She got out of bed and slipped on her sneakers, she walked to the window and looked out at the large full moon. She smiled and rested her elbows on the windowsill. She saw a strange green light filling the sky but thought nothing of it.

There were a lot of noises coming from the blocks farther down. Melissa strained her ear to hear, but curiosity got the best of her. She walked down the hall and tiptoed past her parent's room, passing a glance inside to make sure they were asleep. She walked downstairs and out the front door.

"What is that?" she asked herself, as she ran off the lawn and into the silent street. The noises were getting louder as she went down the streets. She turned the corner and gasped. Dark figures in cloaks were walking around the street, with torches in their hands and skull masks. Melissa thought back to anything she heard from the Daily Prophet, but she didn't have enough time to think because one of the figures spotted her.

Melissa went to scream but one of the mysterious figures came behind her and closed her mouth. All the figures were standing around her now, she realized what they were...Death Eaters. They all had their wands out, pointing them at her. How she wished she knew magic now. All the figures were sniggering and looking at her, she could hear them mumbling things about her and pointing in her direction. She kicked the Death Eater behind her, causing him to fall in pain.

All of a sudden bright lights shot from two wands and hit her at the same time. The world closed around her and she was soon engrossed in darkness. She felt like it was forever, she thought she died, but soon enough she was blinking her eyes open. She was on a train, in a compartment. She heard voice coming down the hallway and looked desperately for a hiding spot. She knew she wasn't in Little Green anymore. There was nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide. She was trapped. The door opened and in walked in four young boys. She was curled up in a ball on the floor.

"Please, please don't hurt me," she whispered. The boys looked dumbfounded at her, and one of them came up to her and lightly touched her arm.

"You okay?" he asked, pulling her up. She looked up and met a boy with hazel eyes and glasses. He had messy black hair and a grin on his face.

"Yes, thank you," Melissa said, deciding not to tell them what had happened. She looked at the rest of the boys. There was a boy with black long hair that skimmed his ears and covered his gray eyes just right, and the other boy who was short and fat, and then there was another boy. He had sandy blonde hair and amber eyes, he looked skinnier than the other boys but not in a bad way. He smiled at her and she reluctantly smiled back.

"I'm James Potter, that's Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and Remus Lupin," James said, pointing at each one when he said their name. Sirius came up to her and shook her hand, and Peter just stood there with his mouth open agape, and Remus just kept smiling at her. Sirius and Remus sat on either side of her and James and Peter sat in front of them.

"I'm Melissa Ross," she said. "I'll be going, I didn't know this compartment was taken."

"Oh no it's fine you can stay," James said, smiling. Melissa smiled and sat back down.

"Are you coming to be in seventh year?" Remus asked.

As he asked he took full advantage to look at her, she had light brown hair with natural blonde pieces that hung in loose curls reaching a little beneath her shoulders. She also had large deep blue eyes that seemed confused.

"Yeah," Melissa said, remembering what her sister's said about years.

I must be on the Hogwarts train. Melissa thought, looking around and seeing the Hogwarts crest. She looked down and noticed she was still in a spaghetti strap shirt and sweatpants on. Well their wearing normal clothes too….

"Good! So are we! We can show you around," Sirius said. Melissa smiled.

"I will need to see your headmaster when we arrive," Melissa said. The boys nodded their heads.

"We'll take you," Sirius said. "Where is your luggage? I didn't see you with any."

"Must have gotten lost on the way," Melissa said, knowing she didn't have any luggage at all.

"Are you an exchange student?" James asked.

"Yes, from…" Melissa said, mentally kicking herself for making it seem obvious she didn't know where she came from. She thought of the school her parents told her about. "Beaxbatons."

"Beaxbatons?" all four boys asked together.

"Yes," Melissa said, smiling. She desperately wanted to know where she was and what the date was. It seemed to her like she was in a different time by the way they were dressed, also that her sisters told her about the Hogwarts train and described it a tad bit different from the way it looked now.

The door opened again and in came a fiery red headed girl with emerald eyes. She looked mad. Melissa slumped in her seat trying not to meet he girls gaze.

"I don't believe you guys! When are you going to grow up?" the girl asked and looked over at Melissa, she looked surprised to see a girl in with the Marauders. After a second she smiled at her, and then left the compartment glaring in James and Sirius' directions.

"That is Lily Evans, James fancies her," Sirius whispered. Melissa couldn't help but smile.

"What did you guys do?" Melissa asked, curiously. Sirius grinned at her not reprimanded them like Lily did.

"Well, there's this guy named Sniv- Severus Snape. He is a slimy git and a Potions freak. So we played a little joke on him," Sirius said innocently. Melissa remembered how her sisters talked only about his mean attitude and his slimy hair.

"What did you do?" Melissa asked.

"I got this pranking kit from my parents, and there is this prank where you give this person a candy and after five minutes their skin turns their least favorite color," James said, suppressing laughs. "So his skin is pink."

Melissa started laughing.

The boys all liked that she thought what they did was funny and not cruel, although it was and she did think it was…it was just so funny! Plus it was to a future teacher that was a mean old slime-ball.

"His skin is pink?!" Melissa said. She was very impressed. They must be trouble-makers, she thought. Not that I mind of course… She was usually sweet little innocent Melissa that wouldn't stand for a cruel joke like that, but this was a prank someone probably deserved.

"Yup," James and Sirius said proudly. Remus rolled his eyes and Melissa smiled at him. He smiled back and felt a strange pang in his stomach.

"Anything from the trolley!?" a women asked. As she came to a stop in front of the door James, Sirius, and Peter jumped up and started grabbing all different sorts of foods. Remus and Melissa watched, he was shaking his head and she was giggling,

"Is it always like that?" she asked.

"Yes, pretty much," Remus said, chuckling. He liked hearing her soft voice for some strange reason beyond his knowledge. When the trolley left James handed her a sweet.

"What's this?" Melissa asked, forgetting she was supposed to be in the magical world now. I'm supposed to know what I'm doing!

"A pumpkin pasty, you never heard of one?" James asked, handing it to her.

"No," Melissa said bluntly. She took a bite and a huge smile was plastered on her face. "This is good!"

"I know," James said, laughing at her expression.

Before they knew it they were at Hogwarts. Melissa was nervous, she heard so much about it, but now that she was here she was afraid. She reluctantly stepped out of the compartment and followed Remus out. James took her arm behind her and whispered in her ear.

"Don't worry, we'll show you around it'll be fine," James said. Melissa nodded and continued walking. When they got off the train her other arm was taken by Sirius. He smiled at her and she weakly smiled back. She was shaking out of nerves and was trying not to show it, but it was hard to be excited and nervous at the same time.

"Don't be nervous," Sirius said. She nodded once more, not really retaining anything they were telling her. Then she started to laugh when Sirius and James started to skip, and they were pulling her along. Remus had to jog to keep up with them, and numerous times Sirius told him to join in, but he politely refused.

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