Things to look for in the next installment:

Wow. I FINALLY finished after an extreme writer's block. It got to a point where I just wanted to finish it so it might not be exactly how I wanted it to be. But, hey, it's not terrible.

I just wanted to thank everyone and anyone who read/reviewed/favorited/whatever-ed this story :). It really meant a lot to me and I can't thank you all enough. Some of you are probably mad at me because after the long wait I give you a cliff-hanger ending…Well, it wasn't planned that's for sure. It was kind of a spontaneous thing that I just decided to do and eventually the first chapters of the sequel will be put up. Speaking of the sequel…

Things to look for in the next installment:

A relationship with a certain Mr. Malfoy (not saying which character, or what kind of relationship it will be, and which 'Mr. Malfoy')

A deeper look into why exactly Melissa's parents shielded her away from the magic world

Ariel becomes quite an important/more of a main character

All the characters we know and love make their appearance, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George etc.

Melissa's sisters come into play

Another tutor…who shall it be this time around?

Harry has quite a crucial part, nothing life threatening unlike the series lol


All will be explained in due time!

Oh, and by the way what happened in the 7th book definitely needs to be tweaked… a lot. So I guess the second will be AU because the way things will happen will be completely and totally different. I mean, if I kept it the same way I can't use what I thought up. So for the nature of the story it needed to be changed.