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Chapter 1: Operation Kitsune


Tsunade 'hmm' again as she inspected the large slash marks and ominous seal that covered the Kyuubi container's abdomen. It looked as if a giant panther used Naruto as his own personal scratching post. "Hey granny what the hell is it?" Naruto asked impatiently. Seems sitting still was too much for him. Tsunade could pick up a strong amount of the Kyuubi's chakra emanating from the many gashes but none of the puzzle pieces could be put together. Normally if the seal break's Naruto is turned into a raving killing machine. But the knuckle head was his normal impatient, blue-eyed self, one with many cuts but still somewhat normal self.

Tsunade grabbed her clipboard and jotted down the few notes on Naruto's review sheet.

Age: 19

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 126 pounds

D.O.B: 10th of October

Blood-type: B

Ninja rank: Jonin It's a miracle . . .

A large amount of a chakra build up and discharge. Large animal like wounds on the abdomen. All signs point to Kyuubi.

" So what it all this?" Naruto asked again but with more aggression. "I don't really know. Tell me do you sleep walk? If so do you dream of petting giant cats?" Tsunade said chewing on her lip. " Or did you and Sasuke get in another fight? Or did you have really rough sex?"

"You old hag! My sex life isn't any of your business!" Naruto barked. The matters of his and Sasuke's relationship were touchy and secret even if everyone from Konohagakure to the Sunagakure knew they did it like bunnies. "Fine brat, calm down. If it's not that then what about Kyuubi? Is everything normal in that department?"

Naruto was silent before answering "Yeah he's bitchy as usual" His answer wasn't too convincing. Tsunade huffed out a sigh before she turned to look through random drawers. She returned with a small tube in her hands. "This is topical cream, it helps cuts like yours heal faster and with the Kyuubi you'll be better soon enough." She said tossing the tube at Naruto and opening the door "Now get out of my office. You only get so many days off brat"

"Slave driving bitch" Naruto cursed slipping his shirt on.


Naruto walked back to his and Sasuke's apartment taking the back roads and short cuts he mapped along the way. He had grown up over the course of the past seven years. He didn't wear such loud clothing and settled with a toned down black tee shirt and dark blue pants. Naruto's body structure had changed as well. He'd lost the baby fat and sported and fine, slightly muscular frame. Though his endless stomach and love for ramen noodles still held strongly.

Opening the door to the apartment the smell of Sasuke engulfed him and the hungry feeling arose in his stomach.

'You smell him to don't you kit?'

'Shut it Kyuubi. I had enough of your crap lately'

Kyuubi let out a hiss of laughter 'There's no hiding it kit! You wanna screw the little Uchiha right?'

A devilish smile crept over Naruto's lips but was quickly shaken off 'You damn well know who's uke in this relationship'

'You two haven't fucked in a fortnight! And beside you two should switch every once in a while'

Kyuubi had a point. It's only fair to share the duty of being the butt buddy right?

'You talk too much'

'Coming from you that really hurt you know'


Time passed and soon it was dark out and Naruto had fallen asleep waiting for his Sasuke. Being the ANBU captain meant that he was out longer and this didn't make the Kyuubi any happier. Ever since Naruto hit the peak of puberty the fox had been scheming inside it cramped little home. What else are you going to do?

Slowly but surely Kyuubi's plans where falling into place. But for now Kyuubi was in La La Land dreaming of poor bunnies begging for their lives. But sadistic dreams where ruined by the light clicking of a door being opened. Part one of Operation Kitsune was starting. Now step one: Make Naruto seme.

Kyuubi began to merge with Naruto but I didn't go unnoticed. Of course nothing went unnoticed.

'Kyuubi! What are you doing now! If you hurt Sasuke and I swear I'll'

Kyuubi chuckled 'Be quiet and watch the fun kit'

"What's so funny?" Sasuke asked brushing his fingers through Naruto's blonde hair and purring lightly. Oh God no wonder he was seme all these years. Kyuubi grabbed Sasuke's arm. Sharp clawlike nails dug into his skin. It didn't take long for it to click that this was Kyuubi and not Naruto. Thank goodness. Sasuke was genius of sorts.

"You look hot in those clothes for a guy who's so cold" Kyuubi said grinning, showing off those fangs of his.

"That was the crappiest pick up line ever" Sasuke hissed trying to pull his arm away but Kyuubi proved stronger and tugged him closer. "What do expect from a guy who's been cooped up for so long?" Not letting go but rather twisting Sasuke's arm Kyuubi got up and backed Sasuke into the corner "Besides talk doesn't matter now"

Kyuubi pressed his lips to Sasuke's and used his tongue to pry open his mouth. A warm, wet, and moving fleshy appendage massaged the inside a Sasuke's mouth. Twisting and twirling with its playmates tongue and having the time of their lives as each other moaned in bliss.

Sasuke had changed into a more submissive person making Kyuubi do all the work. Was he that easy to seduce? Or perhaps Naruto liked them easy or maybe even kinky. Or this couple was confused with who should really be fucking who.

Two tongues played for while longer before they were reluctantly detached from each other. A thin line a saliva connecting both mouths till it broke off sending both of their lips crashing back at each other. Luckily both Naruto and Sasuke were in their bedroom because kissing so furiously made it hard to move and made undressing especially difficult. Sasuke was the first to try to take off his shirt while Kyuubi sucked and nipped at his abdomen to his neck.

Kyuubi took an easier route and simply ripped off the offending shirt. Shame, and it was one of Naruto's good tee-shirts.

Pants were much easier to take off. All you had to do was unbutton them and kick them off but the two erections had also helped a great deal. Then the undies were of course off. That left two hot young men naked, lying on a bed swapping spit. Kyuubi towered over the Uchiha and his uke-ness was so enticing and so was his throbbing erection that was screaming for attention. Kyuubi smirked an evil smile that was way off the devious scale. Slipping his had to his mate's erection it started to massage the sexual tool. Over time his pumping got more vigorous to make Sasuke scream out loud till he came to the point that he spilled his seed on Kyuubi.

Kyuubi let out a chuckle that sounded more like a hiss and flipped Sasuke onto his hands and knees. Kyuubi grabbed the little tube of topical creme that Tsunade gave Naruto earlier and spread it on his fingers. Part two of Operation Kitsune was coming into play. Fuck the Uchiha and preform the needed jutsu.

"We're gonna play a game Sasuke" Kyuubi hissed out "I call it peek-a-boo" a clawed finger rammed itself into Sasuke's orifice. Sasuke screamed out again; the front part of his body collapsed under the strain. "Come now don't fight it." Kyuubi said lustfully "Or do you want to bleed?" Two other fingers entered simultaneously and warm droplets of blood escaped and dripped onto the sheets. The nice clean sheets too.

"Blood is so arousing. Don't up agree?"

Sasuke bit back a hiss of pain "You're a sadistic bastard"

"Yeah but you enjoy it" The fingers were removed and were replaced by something much larger. At the right time Kyuubi made the right hand signs and red chakra engulfed Sasuke's waist. He would have noticed this if it wasn't for Kyuubi pounding into his body and successfully hitting the prostate every single time. Sasuke continued to moan and scream? The neighbors knew of their habits and had installed more soundproof walls but they probably could still hear this commotion.

This pounding went on what feel like hours until the final intense explosion erupted in the inner core of Kyuubi and Naruto sending the tiny ninja warrior sperm deep into Sasuke. That was where Step three of Operation Kitsune started. But only time would tell if it worked.



Knock. Knock.

Naruto groaned and got up from the warm sheets "Wait a minute!"

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Does it kill you to wait a few minutes!" Naruto yelled out putting on his pants and walking to the door and opened it hastily. Shikamaru was on the other side still in his pajamas and had dark lines under his eyes. "What do you want Shikamaru?" Naruto asked.

"At ungodly hours of the night Im normally fast asleep and I've had some wonderful nights rest but last night wasn't one of them. Now I like getting fucked as much as the next gay guy but me and Neji has learned to keep the volume to a low. Now tell me . . . HOW MUCH MORE SOUNDPROOFING DO MY APARTMENT WALLS NEED! "

This was the first time Naruto had heard Shikamaru yell and he didn't know how to respond. Nor did he know that Shikamaru and Neji were a couple or that they lived next door "Uh . . . Sorry?" was Naruto response.

This didn't move Shikamaru he simply gave him the finger and shuffled to his apartment and slammed the door.

'Last night was great, wasn't it?' Kyuubi said nonchalantly.

' Kyuubi you bastard! I can't believe what you did to Sasuke!'


'And I loved every last friggen' bit of it! Oh god I feel awesome but I still hate you'


Naruto walked back into the bedroom thinking over how he was such a stud but all train of thought stopped when he caught a glimpse of Sasuke sitting up. After last night that should be impossible but he was an Uchiha and they always were better that everyone else. "Naruto" he said looking up with and emotionless look on his face "What happened to you last night? It was amazing and I want to experience that more"

Was Sasuke giving in and becoming uke to Naruto's seme? It couldn't be! But he did look dead serious.

'Oh god! I wish I had a camera!' Kyuubi howled out in laughter.

Naruto on the other hand was extremely confused. "I don't get it but okay." He said slipping into the bathroom. He couldn't go to work smelling like sex.

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