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Chapter One: Out of the Darkness


Blinking stupidly at the sudden light that filled her room, Ginny looked around for the cause of her awakening. Upon searching the room she spotted her mother and groaned, falling back into bed and pulling the sheets up over her head.

"Mum! It was my birthday yesterday, why can't I sleep in!" Ginny peeked over the top of her cotton barricade only to spot her mother's no-joke pose, hands on hips, and the Weasley determination on her face.

" Ginny, you knew that when you decided to have the party late this year so you could go out on your real birthday with your friends instead of your own parents…" Ginny groaned again.

"Mum, please! We've been threw this! Jenny was leaving for three months with her family! We had to have it that day so she could come!" Mrs. Weasley snorted disagreeably but let the issue drop.

" Well you knew that having the party yesterday meant you would have to help today since it is our spring cleaning day!"

The deadly-but very hygienic- Spring Clean Out. It consisted of the whole family turning the house inside out and then back again, cleaning every smudge, degnoming every square inch of garden, and polishing anything that even looked remotely like polish could go there.

At least it will keep me from worrying over Harry Ginny thought, then glowed as she felt her ring on her right hand.

Sensing a lessening of resistance in Ginny, Mrs. Weasley threw back her covers and handed her the famous cleanout clothes (matching ones for the whole family) and threatened that if Ginny wasn't down for breakfast in ten minutes that she would get none and "you should try cleaning this place on and empty stomach! Hmph" before heading down the hall to rouse Ron.

Tired, but happy because of the added weight on her right hand, Ginny put on her gear and headed down for breakfast, knowing full well her mother would keep her word on breakfast. Two years ago they decided to come down after 11 minutes instead of 10 and didn't get any lunch either.


When she reached the breakfast table, which was now heavy laden with enough food to keep them cleaning for a week, Ginny was surprised to see Fred, face down in his pancakes. Considering the day, Ginny woke him up rather then putting syrup on his head COUGH she meant pancakes.

"Oy, Fred." Fred grunted but made no move to get out of his food. Poking him harder, Ginny said right into his ear.

"OY! FRED! GET UP!" Shooting out of his seat, only to nurse his head in from what Ginny guessed was a hang over, Fred glared at Ginny.

Taking no notice of the death stare coming her way, Ginny helped herself to toast and eggs.

"What are you still doing here? You know that if you're in the house on cleaning day you're gonna help." Still shaking his head, Fred started in on his pancakes.

"Yeah but I happened to have one or two more drinks after you went to bed, and so I decided it was best to stay here and help out the family." Ginny snorted.

"That's a load of shite. You probably had 4 more Fire Whiskies and were too drunk to even remember who the hell you were, never mind how to Apperate." Still wishing her dead with his mind, Fred nodded sullenly and took some bacon.

" Yeah and now Mum won't make me a bloody Hang-over Potion, something morals and saying You have to learn how to control yourself Fred! Honestly! It was disgraceful the way you were parading around last night!" Ginny almost spit out the pumpkin juice she was drinking, and started laughing. Of all the Weasleys, Fred could do the best impression of their mother.

Still chuckling Ginny asked, " So how much would you be willing to give me if I could get a Hang-over Potion from Mum?"

Eyes widening, Fred fell to Ginny's feet and said, " I would worship you and give you a 10 Gallon credit at the store!" Laughing even harder now Ginny said, " Alright if its that bad…" and went off to find her Mum with complaints of "Muuuum? I think those two glasses of wine from last night got to me…can I have some of that potion?" followed by the worried clucks of a distressed mother saying "Of course dear! I forget you're new to liquor." And sure enough Fred was miraculously cured of his hangover in five minutes time.


Ten minutes later, when the whole house was awake and rushing to shovel in what was left of the smorgasbord, Errol smashed into the window carrying the newest Daily Profit.

Tsking the old bird, she opened the kitchen window and gave Errol a bowl of water before fetching the dropped newspaper from under the windowsill.

"Silly bird," Mrs. Weasley said, giving the newspaper to Arthur Weasley who had just gotten up, " I honestly think he crashes into that window on purpose so we'll give him a special treat."

Chuckling, Mr. Weasley started to unfold the newspaper, " Well then Molly dear, stop giving him the treats when he does!"

Suddenly noticing the headline of the paper, Mr. Weasley gasped and turned white. "Molly! Look at this!" While Ginny was trying not to look suspicious, Mrs. Weasley took the newspaper from her husband with bated breath.

"Oh my! Oh oh my!"

Still eating Ron said, "Come on then! Tell us what it says already!"

Still shocked, Mr. Weasley took the newspaper and read, " 12 Death Eaters Caught by Ministry of Magic." Ron snorted into his cereal.

"Caught by the Ministry my-"

"Ronald." Mrs. Weasley said menacingly.

Cringing Ron finished "-cereal…they were caught by the Order and you know it!"

Mr. Weasley thoughtfully taped his chin, "For once I'm not sure…I had no idea this was coming."

Mrs. Weasley frowned, " You know you're right, none of us new this was going to happen."

Ron looked excited, " I'll bet it was that secret division that McGonagall set up!"

Starting to clear away the morning dishes Mrs. Weasley said, "However it same about lets just be glad it did." And with that the subject was finished.

Ginny didn't know it, but during the whole conversation Fred had been looking at her and now asked, " Gin, how come you look so happy?"

Startled, Ginny thought quickly, "Umm…I'm just happy about the captures, it seems like we're getting closer to the end of this dark tunnel." Fred didn't look satisfied with that answer but let it drop as his mother put some cleaning weapons into his hand. Sighing Fred headed off to the attic per request of his mother, while Ginny went outside to attack the garden.


The next week went by in a blur for Ginny. She ate with the family, did her chores, talked to her friends, but she never was fully there. A part of her was always thinking of Harry, wondering if right then he was fighting Voldemort. She would often try to take long broom rides, but after ten minutes she would wonder if he would be coming back then, only to find her gone, and she would streamline home and burst into the kitchen only to find no one but a confused Molly Weasley.

It was frustrating, and Ginny was awful at waiting. But for once she didn't blame Harry for not keeping in contact with her, she knew what a risk it had been to even come for that one night. So that whole week, and the next, Ginny stayed up almost the whole night, every night, worried about what was going on, in a place she didn't know.

On the 15th night AHV (Ginny now thought of time in After Harry's Visit days) Ginny finally relented to herself that depriving herself of sleep would not help Harry win, and took a Sleeping Potion.


Later that night Ginny was startled out of sleep by a popping noise and heavy breathing. Thinking quickly Ginny grabbed her wand and put her back up against the wall, her eyes searching the darkened room for the intruder.

At first Ginny thought that she had imagined the noise, but then she spotted a large lump on her floor that moaned in pain.

Flicking the lights on Ginny breathed, "Harry!"

He was on her floor, his clothes ripped and dirty, and a large gash on his face and arm. His looked so disheveled that Ginny was worried for a moment that he had lost the battle. He wouldn't be alive if he lost silly! Realizing what this meant she gasped and paused for a moment, but a groan of pain from Harry brought Ginny back to the present. Rushing over to him, Ginny grabbed the sheet off her bed and tried to rip it to use as a bandage, but couldn't.

"Come on! Rip already!" Ginny growled fighting her bed sheet.

"Wand." Harry said feebly, cringing again.

Ginny felt like an idiot, he was in extreme pain and still kept his head better then she had. "You're right, sorry" And she took her wand and finally got it to rip. Carefully she lifted his arm and wrapped it around tightly, cringing every time she heard him moan because of the tightening of the bandage.

Whispering through tears she murmured, "I'm sorry Harry but it has to be tight so we can get you to St. Mungo's." Ginny looked around franticly for some one to help her. An arm wound she could deal with, but a head wound was different, Ginny was out of her league and she felt like she was sinking fast.

"Hold on Harry." Ginny whispered and fled from the room, sprinting to her parent's room she flung open the door.

"Mum! Dad! You've got to help! Its Harry, he's here and he's hurt!" The momentarily sleepy couple flew out of bed, and Mrs. Weasley was shouting orders like a drill Sargent while Mr. Weasley Apperated into Ginny's room to see just how bad Harry was.

Oh no, please Harry. Ginny thought tearfully you can't die after winning. Hang on.

"Ginny! Pay attention! How long has he been here?" Ginny thought franticly.

"About 5 minutes." Mrs. Weasley looked thoughtful for a moment.

"That's good. Now, go down to the kitchen, get me as many dishtowels as you can find, and get that Wizard Aid kit I keep under the sink, bring them to me and then go wake Ron." Ginny nodded, glad to just have to follow orders instead of make them, and turned to sprint out of the room.

"For heavens sake Ginevra! Apperate, it's faster! You're a witch aren't you!"

Once again Ginny was left feeling stupid and silly, but she didn't dwell on it for very long, merely Apperated down and started ransacking the kitchen for the supplies, glad that her mother had insisted that everyone know exactly where medical supplies are.

After finding all of her mothers requested items, Ginny Apperated just outside her door, not wanting to squish anyone who was in her room.

As Ginny was reaching out to open the door her father shoved open the door, a wild look in his eyes, took the supplies and quickly said, "Ginny stay outside, please. I'm going to send for someone at St. Mungo's, we can't get him there by ourselves." And then shut the door.

Slightly shocked at the fact that she wouldn't be allowed in Ginny wondered if this meant he was close to…

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