Summary: A ghostly attack on Dean forces John to use a resurrection spell with dire consequences. Unable to bring Dean back, they are forced to deal with the stranger who came back instead. Will they be able to try the spell again after they get to know and care for the stranger now living in Dean's body? And why is the stranger the only one who can communicate with Dean's ghost? Not a permanent death fic…only a temporary one, I promise.


Chapter 1: A Terrible Mistake

"Alright then I'll talk with you later." John said before he put down his cell phone. Grabbing his journal he headed next door to Dean and Sam's motel room. Entering without knocking he found them both sitting at the kitchenette table.

"What's up Dad?" Dean asked putting down the weapon he was cleaning as soon as he saw his father enter in their room.

"I just got a call from a buddy of mine, Davis McKinley. He's a Curator at the Danvers Museum of Fine Arts in Oklahoma City. It seems they've been having some strange occurrences there for the last few days." John said pulling up another chair to the table and sitting down.

Dean smirked and Sam shot him a warning glance.

"Dean, what's your problem?" John asked annoyed catching his sons smirk.

"Nothin Dad, it's just I thought Sammy boy here was the only one who had art geek friends." He laughed as Sam slapped his shoulder in retaliation for the remark.

"Jesus Dean…" John started but Sammy interrupted

"What kind of occurrences Dad?" Sam asked trying to keep John's exasperation from escalating.

"Davis seems to think one of their museum pieces may be haunted. It's a hand made 19th century ceramic urn that contained the ashes of a well know local occultist, some guy named Raul Caspasian. They've had the piece for almost a month with no problems until last week." John explained giving Dean an exasperated look.

"What happened last week?" Dean asked ignoring the look from his father.

"Apparently one of the staffers was cleaning it when he chipped the seal around the urns lid. Davis said he wasn't sure exactly what happened, only that the staffer was found slashed to death by a co-worker minutes after he started working on the piece. It wasn't until after the police left and they found the urn again that they noticed the chip missing." John explained leaning back in the chair.

"What made them think it wasn't just some wacko with a knife that killed that guy?" Dean asked again incurring another glare from John.

"The co-worker had only left him alone for few minutes. He went down the hall to make a call, and came back to find this guy ripped to shreds on the floor. Security cameras verified where both men were at the time of the murder." John explained further.

"But Dad if they had security cameras on both men why didn't it catch what happened to the first guy?" Sam asked confused. He presumed in a building that housed so many expensive artifacts they would a state of the art security system.

"Davis thought it should have as well. They went back to look at the tape and everything is normal up to the moment the staffer chipped the lid, then the camera went blank, only to come back on moments after the guy was killed." John said as he flipped through his journal checking his notes.

"That still doesn't explain away the fact that something human could have killed the guy." Dean said still thinking about what else could have slashed the staffer to pieces in such a short time.

"True enough son, but Davis says he thinks he saw something else on the tape. Something he didn't want to mention to anyone else, certainly not to the police." John smiled as he noticed he finally had his son's complete attention. "He told me that just before the camera went blank, just for an instant, he thought he saw something coming out of the urn. He wants us to come to OKC to take a look at the tape and the urn."

"So you're saying that the trapped spirit of a 100 yr old occultist is now loose and roaming around this museum?" Sam asked sitting back in his chair giving his brother a sly smile.

"That's what it looks like son." John answered.

"Sounds like our kind of gig. So we're heading to Oklahoma City then right Dad?" Dean asked standing up.

"Get packin boys." John said getting up as well. " We leave in 15 minutes."


The boys followed John's truck in the Impala, and after getting a bite to eat at a local diner and settling in their motel near Bricktown, they headed over to the museum. Apparently every school was having their field trip that day because the museum was packed with students of every age. Younger boys chased each other around statues as teenagers nearby expressed boredom listening to the guides speak. Dean chuckled to himself remembering how much he hated field trips to what ever museum was nearby. Science museums were the only ones he ever found interesting. Looking over at Sam he could see his brother on the other hand was in his glory. Sam wandered around actually looking at the art forgetting for the moment why they were there. Dean looked over and shook his head when he saw Sam stop to read about a Picasso that was hanging nearby.

'I just don't get it?' Dean asked himself seeing the throngs of people roaming around the museum. 'Don't they have anything better to do?' Suddenly a group of college girls hanging out by a rather ugly bronze sculpture caught his attention. Smiling, Dean was about to head over there when he heard a whistle and turned to see his brother giving him a dirty look and a nod in the direction he was suppose to be heading.

"Damn it Sammy you're no fun." He hoisted up his backpack on his shoulder again and headed in the direction his brother went. Spotting Sam quickly in the crowd Dean stayed a few feet to the left of him looking in the opposite direction for any signs of the ghost.

The trio searched until it was past closing time and had yet to spot the urns inhabitant. Davis had told them they could stay after the museum closed but to stay out of the view of the security guards. Dean was roaming around the empty halls, having dodged most of the guards, when one of the museum guides spotted him on his way to clock out. Annoyed that there was someone still inside after closing, the guide headed over to Dean. The man, Dean guessed to be in his 30's, stopped suddenly half way to Dean, and gave a visible shiver before starting towards Dean again. Cursing himself for getting caught, Dean was about to spin a lie about why he was there after closing, when out of the corner of his eye he saw a dark shadow rush the other man. Before he could shout out a warning the shadow started to rip into the guide, slashing the horrified man to pieces in a matter of moments.

Hearing the man scream out, Dean pulled his weapon and rushed over to try to save him. He was only able to get off one shot when the creature turned without warning and attacked him in the same manner. Huge claws ripped into Dean's body as he felt himself being dragged away down the hall. Fighting with all his strength he tried to get at the holy water in his back pack but found it ripped away as he heard laughter coming from the creature. It was over in seconds as with one swipe the creature tore at Dean's throat and his body laid still as he quickly bled to death. Hearing the shot Sam came running only to find the first man lying in a pool of his own blood. Leaning over he could see the man struggling to breath.

"Help me." the man said gasping for breath. Knowing the man was already beyond help he took off his jacket and placed it under the mans head. The dying man's crystal blue eyes looked up at Sam's face.

"Call Marybeth, it's our anniversary and I'm gonna be late for dinner." He managed to get out as Sam leaned in closer. Then he lifted a bloody hand and pointed it in the direction Dean was dragged off in.

"Help him…." he said before closing his eyes and breathing his last breath. Sammy looked around, turning pale as he immediately noticed the bloody trail leading away from the dead man. Scrambling up he followed the trail and stopped dead in his tracks as he found John kneeling over the bloodied body of his brother. Clutching Dean's amulet and speaking in a language Sam didn't recognize, John was chanting while Sam grabbed his brother's bloody hand and held it tightly.

"Oh my god Dean." Sam started crying as he wiped the blood from Dean's face. Repeating the words John concentrated solely on his oldest son ignoring the pleas from his youngest for his brother to be okay. Sam dropped his brother's hand as a strange bluish light began to surround Dean's body. John leaned back watching as he finished the spell. Suddenly the light dissipated and Dean's body gasped out taking in a deep breath.

Relieved, John and Sam moved in to help Dean who was continuing to struggle to breathe. Looking at his throat Sam noticed the wound already starting to heal as Dean's breaths became more regular. Minutes passed and Sam called out his brother's name as they pulled Dean into a seated position. Weak and disoriented Dean slowly opened his eyes.

"Dean thank god, you're okay. You really scared the hell out of us son." John spoke the color returning to his own face as he watched Dean open his eyes and look around at them.

"Dad what the hell just happened?" Sam asked as he realized his brother, who had just died in front of him, was now sitting up, and looking around.

"I used a resurrection spell Sammy." John told him as he saw his sons shocked look on his face. "I don't have time to get into this right now Sam, just be glad that it worked."

Sam nodded and looked back at his brother, watching the wounds continue to heal. Dean looked back and forth between them with a growing look of confusion on his face.

"Where am I? Who are you people?" frightened, he looked up at John and Sam, and then back at the blood that covered his hands. "What happened to me?"

"Dean it's alright, you're gonna be okay now." Sam comforted his brother slightly unnerved by the fear he heard in his brother's voice.

"Who's Dean?" He looked at Sam confused before trying to get up. Seeing the man struggle Sam grabbed his arm and helped him up giving his father an alarmed look. John returned the glance as he watched his oldest son gingerly walk away.

"Dad?" Sam asked as Dean moved a few feet out of sight. Suddenly they heard him scream out. Running in the direction he had gone in they found him kneeling at the body of the other man. Dean turned around horrified as they ran up behind him.

"What happened to me? Oh my god, look at me…..I don't understand…." he cried out looking at his body on the floor. His eyes still opened but lifeless, Dean reached out to shut them with a tremble in his hand. He spotted Sam's jacket underneath his head and gently pulled it out holding it up for the younger Winchester to take back. Sam reached for his jacket without thinking still confused for a moment as to what was going on. Dean looked up at John before standing up again. Breathless, shock beginning to set in, he looked at his body covered in blood on the floor.

"What the hell is going on?" He said weakly before collapsing into John and Sam's arms.

It was a struggle, but the two Winchesters were able to get the young man out of the building without being seen by the security guards. Gently seating him in the truck, John turned and started to head back into the museum.

"Dad, where the hell are you going?" Sam asked as he held on to his unconscious brother next to him

"Just stay with him Sammy. I'll be right back." John said without further explanation. 10 minutes later John arrived back at the truck with their packs loaded on his shoulder.

"We can't just leave these lying around" he said as Sam jumped out and watched him throw them in the back of the truck. "We can't have the police tracing anything back to us."

"That's what you're worried about Dad, the police finding our weapons in the museum. Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with you?" Sam looked over at John incredulously. "What about Dean? What about what happened for Christ's sake? Just who the hell is this man if he's not my brother and where the hell did my brother go?" By this time Sam was starting to lose control as the ramifications of what happened began to set in.

"Sammy get in the truck" John ordered him as Sam moved up into his face. The younger Winchester refused to budge instead stared at his father demanding an answer. "Sammy we don't have time for this just get into the damn truck!"

Just then they heard the alarms go off as the body was discovered. Reluctantly Sam got into the truck with John getting behind the wheel, peeling out before security had time to stop and question them. Half a mile away the cops sped by them as the two Winchesters sat stone face looking at the road, an unconscious stranger sitting between them.



Authors note: I know I did it again, but Dean's not really dead I promise. It's gonna take John and Sam awhile to get the real Dean back but until then they will have to learn how to deal with the Dean they did get back. Thanks for reading and please leave a review at the exit.