Chapter 10 Goodbye.

John and Sam both hesitated. Chris quickly assurred them every word would be from Dean and only Dean. John looked over at Sam and saw fear on his face. He shook his head back at Chris and Chris nodded back, understanding. Sam saw the look between his father and Chris and jumped towards them.

"No wait I want to, Dad please." He begged turning to his father and then to Chris. "Chris please."

"Alright son." John said reluctantly. Sammy stuffed his hands in his pockets suddenly tongue tied and afraid of saying the wrong thing.

"Ease up dude, it's only me." he heard his 'brother' say.

"Dean." Sam said looking straight into Chris's eyes. For a moment he could swear they were hazel again instead of Chris's blue eyes.

"The one and only, big brother extraordinaire. Have you missed me tiger? " Dean asked already knowing the answer.

"Of course I have." Sam answered annoyed. "What kind of stupid question is that?"

"Gees dude, I'm speaking from beyond and all you can do is be pissed at me."

"I'm not pissed at you; well maybe I am a little bit. Jesus Dean, what the hell. You get yourself killed, some other guy is roaming around in your body, and we're just supposed to accept this. Well maybe I don't want to accept this. Maybe I just miss your stupid ass." Sam said feeling the tears well up again.

"I miss you too buddy."

"Dean I'm sorry."

"I am too. Look I know you have every right to be mad at me right now but it's not my fault. Hell it's not even Dad's fault and yes I know you're blaming him too. Crap happens Sammy. We deal with the risk every time we go after something. Does it suck, sure it does. There's no hot chicks here. It's boring as hell, and I have to watch some other me drive my car." Dean smiled at Sam and watched his brother struggle not to smile back. Finally Sam gave in and started to laugh.

"Boring as hell eh?" he asked with a sad chuckle.

"Yeah I don't have my trusty geek boy sidekick to bug the hell out of me."

"Dean I wish…" he started but Dean put his hand up.

"Yeah I know dude." Dean answered back. "You're not gonna want to hug me or anything are you?"

Sammy looked down at his feet and shook his head.

"Aw the hell with this." Chris suddenly interrupted grabbing Sam and giving him a big hug. Sam hesitated for just a second before clinging to his brother and sobbing on his shoulder.

"Aw Jesus Chris leave it to you to want to have a chick flick moment. Sammy's never gonna let me live this down."

"You're welcome Dean."

"Yeah well, thanks."

John watched his sons embrace and felt his own eyes well up with tears. Dean was there, if only for that moment and he once again was grateful Chris had decided to stay with them.

"Dad…..." Dean said looking over at his father.

"I'm so sorry Dean." John said before suddenly turning around and heading back up to the road.

"Shit Dean…" Sam said watching John walk off.

"It's okay, really it is, Sammy. I understand it's just Dad's way." Dean said watching John leave as well. "Listen up little brother; if you ever want to talk, Chris here is an excellent listener. Now you'd probably bore the hell out of me with all your emo crap but Chris here loves it. Hell, he's even more chick than you are."

Chris started to choke the second the words were out of his mouth.

"Hey watch with the insults cave boy." Chris directed at Dean to Sam's amusement. "but seriously Sam, Dean is right. If you ever need to talk, or you ever want to talk to Dean again, all you have to do is ask." He looked at Sam waiting for Sam to acknowledge the offer.

"Seriously dude are we good?" Dean asked.

"Yeah we're good, thanks Chris." He said finally answering. "and thanks Dean, for you know, always being my big brother."

"No prob, tiger."

That being said, the two of them walked back up to the road to where John was waiting in the truck. This time Sammy did the driving and when it was Chris's turn again he made sure he never played Dean's music again.


Stopping in Saint Falls, South Dakota the next day Chris and Sam busied themselves with researching the local haunting while John went and got the necessary supplies.

"Apparently this guy, Ricky Deets, killed several people in a home invasion before running from the cops and taking refuge in a nearby daycare center. He took several of the kid's hostage before the cops could get to him." Sam explained as he read the web page regarding the attack. Chris looked over his shoulder and visibly shuddered.

"That was always my greatest fear, you know, that someone would hurt my students. Were any of them killed?" Chris asked reading the screen as well.

"No it says he let them go and then took his own life before the cops could get him."

"So this dude off's himself in a daycare and doesn't have the decency to take off. Dead people can be so annoying. Sounds like a salt a burn to me boys."

"Dean thinks it's gonna be a simple salt and burn." Chris snickered before repeating it to Sam.

"I don't know, I think Dad thinks we gonna have to do some sort of ritual to get rid of him. He doesn't want to waste anymore time looking for this guys grave. He thinks we can handle it right there at the daycare, you know a little Latin, a little rock salt.

"Don't forget about me boys."

"Dean's says to not forget about his lovely warning system that he has going on." Chris offered Dean's services to a confused Sam.

"Oh yeah he can spot Deets before we can, and give us a warning. Smart thinking Dean." Sam said acknowledging Dean's offer.

John came back shortly after and the three of them continued making plans looking over the layout of the daycare that John managed to get.

"Apparently he holed up in that one classroom and it's in that room that the cops found his body afterwards. Since the incident none of the children, not even the ones that weren't there that day, will go anywhere near that room. Several of them claim to see him still hiding in the corner with his gun pointing at them. Even some of the teachers swear they hear noises coming from the room. One said she sometimes can hear what she thinks is a gunshot coming from inside the room. Either way, it's time to take this bastard out. You guys ready?" John told them as they looked over the layout.

"As ready as we'll ever be I guess." Chris answered. He still wasn't quite used to this whole ghost hunting gig. They waited till after closing before picking the lock to the back door and turning off the alarm system. John motioned for Sam and Chris to follow him down the hall to the back room. John assumed, as did Chris and Sam, that they were going to have to hunt Deets down. That was not the case. He attacked as soon as John opened the door.

"Sammy, Chris down!" John yelled as he started shooting at the ghost rushing them.

Diving down Sam got off a shot but not before Deets started shooting at them. Throwing themselves behind a nearby desk Sam and Chris started shooting back missing Deets by mere inches. While they reloaded John decided he could attack Deets head on and tackled him to the floor. To Sam's horror he watched as his father suddenly was flung across the room losing his empty gun. John scrambled to find his gun and reload while Chris and Sam shot repeatedly at Deets with their own guns. Deets went down but not for long. He picked up his own gun and fired it in Sam's direction. Knowing Sam was out of bullets Chris threw himself in front of the younger Winchester and immediately felt the impact of the bullet piercing his chest. John came from across the room firing once again hitting Deets until he evaporated into black dust. Not realizing what Chris had done to save him, Sam got back up and joined his father. Stunned Chris reached down to his chest, not comprehending how seriously he was injured. He looked down as the blood began to spread, soaking his shirt. His knees felt weak, as he looked over at the Winchesters.

Pleased with the outcome John and Sam smiled at each other and turned around to face Chris unaware of what had happened to the other man. Their faces went white when they saw him standing gasping for air before falling to the floor in a bloodied heap.

"Oh my god Chris!" Sam cried out as he and John rushed over to Chris's side. Eyes bright Chris looked up at the two of them as John fell to his side and Sam lifted his head to cradle him.

"Dad, oh god we have to stop the bleeding." Sam pleaded with his father who was struggling to tear off his over shirt to stop the bleeding.

"Nooooo" Chris said weakly as John pressed his shirt against Chris's wound.

"What are you saying Chris, we've got to call 911." Sam said as he pulled out his phone. Chris's and John's eyes locked and John knew what he had to do. He nodded to the dying man and reached up to stop Sammy from dialing.

"I can't, it's too late." He said trying to keep his feelings in check. Sam looked back at his father in shock.

"Dad he's gonna die if we don't get him to a hospital. What are you waiting for?" Sam was border line frantic.

"I'm gonna die anyway Sammy….." Chris said weakly, his strength giving out. "Remember John, on the last heartbeat." John nodded solemnly as Sam looked down finally realizing what Chris was saying.

"No, no Chris we can still save you." Sam pleaded not wanting to give up on the man who had become his friend...his brother. Chris looked up at Sam as tears shone in the younger mans eyes.

"I don't want you to Sammy…..I want to go home… I want to see my family again… have to let me go…." With each word Chris struggled until his voice was barely a whisper. Sam nodded finally accepting Chris's choice.

"Can you see Dean, son?" John asked knowing Chris would try to hang on as long as it took Dean to get close by.

"He's right next to you John, he's got someone with him." Chris struggled to talk more and looked past John to see who was with Dean.

"Mom…..." Tears starting rolling down his face as he saw his mother smiling at him for the first time in over 20 yrs. "Thank you Dean."

"No thank you Chris. Thanks for saving my brother." Dean said back as he looked at his father and brother hovering over Chris.

"You're welcome….." Chris whispered and took a final look at the two men leaning over him.

"I want to go home now…..." he said seeing them both nod right before closing his eyes one final time. Sam picked up his wrist and felt his pulse weakening. John readied himself to say the spell that would bring back his oldest son and prayed this time it would work.

Taking one last breath, Chris smiled as his body relaxed. Sam gave in to his tears as he felt the Chris's last heartbeat and John started chanting. It seemed like an eternity as John's struggled to speak. His heart was torn part by loss of the man he had come to accept as his son. The blue light they had witnessed before once again began to envelope Dean's body. Sam kneeled back, his heart racing, as his father finished and they waited for the moment of truth. For 10 agonizing seconds, they waited until Dean suddenly gasped for air. Sam grabbed John's over shirt and pressed it to Dean's wound not wanting it to bleed any further until it could heal itself.

"Dad what's happening?" Sam reached to grab his brother as Dean began to convulse in front of them.

"I don't know son, the spell, and the shock must be too much for Dean to take."

The both looked on horrified as Dean continued to convulse. Finally they watched as his body slowly stopped shaking. John reached for his neck to feel for a pulse and was rewarded with a weak but steady one.

"He's alive." He said as his emotions threatened to overwhelm him. Sam didn't care, he started to cry openly as he clutched his brother tightly. For more agonizing minutes they waited for Dean to open his eyes and when he did they were rewarded with his familiar hazel eyes.

"Dad…..Sammy…" Dean said weakly. "I'm back…I'm really back…."


Days went by while Dean recuperated. Sammy hovered, never leaving his brother side, and for once Dean was grateful. His brother could see him, touch him, aggravate the hell out of him but that was okay cuz he was alive again. Even John seemed more attentive that usual. Sammy surprised Dean by pulling out some of his old clothes.

"I couldn't just throw them away.," he admitted when he handed Dean his prized shirts. They talked, joked, and just stayed near each other never forgetting for one instance who was missing….Chris.

On the third day, the three of them loaded up in John's truck and he drove them out in the middle of nowhere. At first Sam couldn't tell what his father was up to but then he recognized the makeshift funeral pyre. Dean and Sam nodded. After all it was a fitting end for a member of the 'Winchester family'. Of course they didn't have a body to burn so Sam had to laugh when he watched Dean pull out Chris's clothes out of his duffle bag.

"Evil Dockers….Evil polo shirts…be gone.," he said as John lit the wood on fire and he tossed the clothing on top. He reached in one final time to pull out Chris's glasses and hesitated. Instead of tossing them on the fire he turned to his little brother and handed them to him. Sammy grasped them tightly as he watched the flames grow higher.

"Goodbye Chris."

"Goodbye Sam." Sam smiled as he heard Chris's voice.

The end.

Authors note: This story really had me at odds most of the time. I thought it was a cool idea to bring back someone else in Dean's body but I guess most of you didn't. That's okay…I still retained some readers even though most took off after the first chapter. Thanks to everyone who hung in there. You are the reason I finished and I am eternally grateful to you all. Hope you enjoyed.