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Her green eyes were narrowed as she glared down into mine.

"Susannah, it's not what it looks like."

Oh, I did not just say that.

She laughed, and not like she found this situation amusing. "Oh, right." She made a lunge toward me, and I did something that surprised me as much as it did her. I let out a scream and crawled between her legs.

"Get back here, de Silva!"

I ran as fast as my legs could take me into the hallway.

I wanted to strangle Elizabeth. I really did.

"Hector Jesse de Silva get back here!"

I stood in the middle of the hallway looking for a place to run. I cannot believe that I was running from my girlfriend!


She grabbed my arm.

"Susannah!" We both fell to the floor as she tried to do who knows what to me. I tried to crawl away, but she fell on top of my legs.

"I cannot believe you!"

"Queirda, I'm sorry!"

"Don't you 'querida' me!" She came up higher, and this time she was laying completly on top of me.

"You evil-Ugh!" I rolled over and she fell off me. I stumbled to my feet and took off running once again.

"JESSE!" She grabbed my hand just as I made it into the doorway of my bedroom. I tried to shut the door, but she had a firm grasp on my arm.

"Susannah!" I fell back down on to the floor.
She was stronger than I ever thought she was, but then again, she did threaten to break my finger off.

Well, if she does kill me, I'll jsut come back and haunt for the rest of eternity.

Her funeral.

Well, mine, But you get my point.

"I can't believe you did that, Hector!" She said as she straddled me to prevent me from moving again.

She is going to kill me.

"I can't believe you kissed Paul!"

Ha ha. That got her.
But I-he..." I smiled. She was, for once, lost for words.
I sighed and asked, "Why did you do it?"
Tears were filling her eyes as she yelled, "HE KISSED ME! HE DID!"She rolled off of me and laid on the floor beside me.

"Well, you obviously kissed back." I said after a minute.

She looked at me like I had just told her to go jump off of Big Sur. "No!"
I raised my eyebrow. I knew she was lying to me. "Don't lie to me, Susannah."
She narrowed her eyes in defeat and said, "Fine. But you were ignoring me and I felt lonely."

"So you go off and kiss Paul Slater?"

She stared at the ceiling. "Well, you probably kissed Maria!"

I raised up on my elbows and laughed, "You weren't even born!"

"So you did!"

"Don't change the subject, Susannah."

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She rolled over so she wouldn't face me anymore.

"Leave me alone." She mumbled.

"I'm sorry."

"No you aren't."

I sighed, and then I got an idea. "Susannah." I said in my most persuasive voice. It always gets her. "I'm sorry."

"No you aren't!"
Crud. She's become immune to it. "Querida." That made he roll over and look at me.

"What, Zorro?"

I groaned, "Okay, stop calling me that."

She smiled, "No."

I sighed. "Fine, princess."

She narrowed her eyes at me. "I hate you." She rolled back over. Then she mumbled, "I wish I never brought you back."
"You don't mean that, do you?" I asked, in a toneless voice. "Susannah?"
She didn't answer because she was crying. "Querida."

"Jesse, I'm sorry." She sobbed.

"Why are you sorry? I should be sorry." I said, taking her in my arms.
"Yeah, you're right. You should be." And then she slapped me hard across the face.

I winced. "I deserved that."
She smiled. "Yeah, you did." Then she kissed me, which made everything better.

And you know what was even better?

I still had my copies...

And you know...being the gentleman I am, I will never read them again...


Susannah was quiet all the way to her house. Part of her, I knew, was still mad at me. She had a right to be, though. And the bad thing is, that didn't make me want to stop. When we pulled up in her driveway, I turned to look at her. "Querida."

She didn't say anything. "Susannah, I'm sorry."

She smiled. "Don't worry about it, Zorro."
I ignored her 'Zorro' comment and said, "Susannah, you know I love you."

She smiled."I know you do."

"Maybe a little too much." I said as I pulled her closer.
She laughed and said, "I love you too." She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her. I covered her mouth with mine.

Somehow, about five minutes later, she ended up in my lap. Which considering we were in my car, I thought was amazing. We were pretty much lost.

Lost enough that Susannah didn't know what she was leaning up against.

So, when she leaned up against it, the result wasn't pretty.

Everything all happened at once.

The horn went off, she ripped her mouth from mine and sreamed, then she banged her head against the roof of the car, and then she was out.

All in less than a minute.


But then again, this was Susannah. She does do the impossible.

So, I just stared at her for a minute.

What a great boyfriend I am.

And I'll make an even better doctor I'm sure.

That's when I realized it. She was in my lap. I was in front of her house. Her parents were inside. The horn jsut went off.

This was not good.

Must. Get. My. Lifeless. Girlfriend. Off. Lap. Before. Parents. Murder. Me.

So I pushed her off me.

Good timing too. Because at that time, Andy came out.

"What happened?"

Think, De Silva, think.

"A car pulled out in front of us. I slammed on the brakes, and she hit the window." Susannah is rubbing off on me.

He looked over my shoulder at the house that was across the street. "Stupid Davidsons." He looked back at me. "We need to get her to a hospital."

So we did.

And it turns out that she had to get four stitches. No kidding.

"What happened?" She asked as she finally came to.

"Um-" But before I got a chance to say, someone materialized beside us.
Three guesses who that was.

"Look." I said, rather rudely. "Would you jsut get the heck away from-" Opps. Not Elizabeth. "Hey Mr. Simon."

What the heck was he doing here?

Wasn't he supposed to be-


My day just keeps getting better and better.

"What did you do to her?" He said, in a murderous tone.
"I didn't do anything to her!"

"Santa?" We both turned to look at Susannah. Gosh, she was loopy. Poor thing.

"You hit her!" He yelled.

"No, I didn't!"

"Then what happened?" He asked taking a step toward me. A threatning step, might I add.
How do you tell your girlfriend's dad that you were making out with his DAUGHTER while she knocked herself out?

"Um-" I started.

Her narrowed his green eyes. His eyes were more of a hazel than Susannah's.
Her's where green. No other color. Just green. Piercing green,

"What did you do to her?" He asked again.

Think, De Silva, think.
"We were pulling into her street and a car pulled out in front of us. I hit the brakes and her head hit the window."

"Oh my poor Susie!" He said, running to her side.

I smiled to myself. Ha! I should have started doing this centuries ago.
Lying, I mean.

"Santa?" She asked again.
"Susannah, that's not Santa." I said as I sat down.

"You don't believe Jesse?" She was talking like she was about three.
"That is not Santa Claus." I said, feeling a mixture of horror, amazement, and sympathy.

"Oh Santa." Well, she was gone.

I eventually went home that night. I didn't want to, but Andy made me.

January 2

My life couldn't be anymore perfect. It really couldn't. I love Jesse so so much.

The my phone rang. "Hello?"
"Hey Jess." She was obviously feeling better.

"Hey, querida. how do you feel?" I said with a sigh as I laid back on my bed.
She sighed, "Horrible."

I laughed, "You remember anything?"



She groaned, "Why the heck did I do that? Of all the ways to knock yourself out and bust your head open and I did it like that!"
I laughed again. "Susannah, you got lost in the moment."

She laughed too and said, "A little too lost."

"Go get some sleep okay?" I said as I flipped through the copies.
"Okay, Dr. Jesse. Don't worry. Santa's here with me."

I laughed again, "Goodnight, querida."

" 'Night, Jess. Love ya."

"Love you too."

I was getting sleepy myself, so I went and changed and got ready for bed. But before I went to bed, I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a box.
I opened it and took out what was inside.

I held that diamond in my hand for a long time.

I took a deep breath. "Someday soon." I put it back into the box. "Just not now."

I went to sleep. But about midnight, I got an unwelcomed visitor.

VERY unwelcomed.

Guess who...

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