Rosemar: At last out triumphed return!

Alister: I told you not to take the left turn at Albuquerque.

Rosemar: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Alister: What's that music?

Rosemar: Huh?

/ I have stood here before inside the pouring rain, With the world turning circles running round my brain, I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign But its my destiny to be the king of pain. \

Alister: What the dues?

Rosemar: What the DUES??

Alister: Never mind,

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Rosemar: I would, if I planned to have it rain.

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Rosemar: I could, but I don't want to.

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Lost and Found

Chapter 5: Chains of Crystal

The bridge of the Battle-Star Nemesis was alive. Solders rushed about and helmsmen clicked away at their stations.

"Two kilometers and closing, sir!" One shouted over the rush. The time had come, the years of drilling and practicing, the Crystalonian training regimen drilled into the minds of all on board, it would all be finally brought to bare; the enemy was approaching.

" You have your orders men," Xix roared, " Squads one through three take the left flank, four though six, the left. Squad seven, eight and nine to the front. Squad ten: honor guard position. Let's move!"

"Yes Sir!" The mass answered in return. As the Crystalonians prepared to do battle, Captain Xix turned to the turbo-lift.

"Inform the Commander that I will personally lead the attack, he need not trouble himself." he hissed to a nearby ensign, his voice sounded like ice.

"At long last,…" Xix mumbled to himself as the lift doors closed. " … I will finally have what I seek,…" he clutched his fist tight and gazed at the ceiling. " … soon, all seven Chaos Emeralds will be mine. He-hahahahahaha" He closed his eyes and laughed manically as the lift began it's journey to the top deck.

Garronth rushed down the street, his twin hearts beat feverously in his chest. His every muscle strained and he fought for each breath. His cold reptilian blood ran hot from the strain and his vision had begun to blur, but still he could not keep up. Sonic and his allies raced along, slowly gaining more and more distance between them and their pursuer.

Even slowing to accommodate his friends, he is still faster then me.he thought in his pain riddled brain. Every nerve screamed, "Air, Air" but there was none. Despite their size, his two pound lungs (Fun fact: Human lungs only was 1 pound) could not provide his body with the air it needed. His muscles begged him to slow down, but he could not. He had to stay in pursuit, he had to. It was his duty as a Crystalonian,

Through fire, through ice, through pain and death. Crystalonians fight, one for all, many or none. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Garronth recited the oath to Crystalon in his aching brain. It comforted him to some degree, but still his prey continued to move. The distance growing ever greater until they all but disappeared. Finally, weariness won out over determination and he stopped. Sonic and his friends were now out of sight. He reached for his radio.

"This is… (pant) Scout unit… (pant) Garronth… (pant) do you copy? (pant)" He struggled to say into the machine. It crackled and a voice hissed back:

"This is the Battle-Star Nemesis, what is your report?"

" I have pursued the target… (pant) to one kilometer range of the ship… (pant) but he is… (pant) too fast, I deeply apologize… (pant) he has escaped, I have failed." He mournfully breathed into the radio.

"Affirmative, we are aware of the target's heading and are prepared for his arrival. Return to the ship but do not pursue the target, repeat: do not pursue. The Captain has expressed his desire to speak with you upon your arrival. Battle-Star Nemesis out." There was a click as the line went dead. Garronth's eyes widened as he lowered the radio to his holster.

"It's over…" He whispered to himself. " I'll be demoted for sure, if not killed outright…" His life began to flash before his eyes. " I failed, and now, the Captain wants to see me?" Garronthhad heard about what Captain Xix did with failures. "He'll shove me out the airlock, just like Mexta…" The reptile suddenly felt very empty inside, the whole universe no longer seemed to hold any hope in it. He stood there for a long time before he finally began to march home. If he was to die, he would die as a Crystalonian, with honor, pride and dignity.

Sonic rushed down the road. Stores, lights, signs, all went passed in a blur. The wind blew through his quills. He had missed this, the wind, the rush, it made him feel alive, for the first time in five years.

" One kilometer and closing." Tails called over the rushing wind.

"Any idea what we're looking for? A house? An ally? What?" Knuckles shouted to his compatriots.

"Not sure, the scanner only shows a large open area around the Emeralds." Tails replied. Knuckles became aware that once again, like always, they were rushing blindly towered the enemy.

"Just a thought, what if whoever has the Emeralds knows we're coming and is waiting for us?" Knuckles inquired. The young fox blinked, he hadn't thought of that. As he began to say something, Sonic answered for him:

"Even if they are waiting, it won't matter, I can handle anything." Sonic said with that same smile that Tails remembered from all those years ago. "Just leave it to me." With that the three rushed headlong into an open clearing. It may haveat one time been a park but since then the trees had died and disappeared and the grass struggled to remain alivein places. Brown dirt was predominant in the area that the heroes could see, but that area was small, barely five percent. Because the rest of the field was occupied by one, large starship.

"Whoa…" Tails gasped, he had never seen a ship like this. Nearly a kilometer long and half as much wide. It was as tall as a four story building and had five massive engines on the back. The sides showed the sign's of at least six Quantum burst laser cannons each. The round pointed nose boasted a long horizontal view port the uppermost deck had round portholes along the sides. The ship rested on eight spider like supports and had two landing bays open, one on either side. As he gazed a horde of lizard men in armor appeared down the stairs on the landing bays. The sleek viridian armor shone in the moonlight as the marched in step and took positions. Thirty on the left, thirty on the right, and thirty in the center. They were surrounded.

" How did I know this was going to happen?" Knuckles whispered. Sonic glanced around. All ninety lizards had laser riffles aimed at him. His eyes drifted upward in time to see a new group approaching. Ten new lizards lead by another. The one out front was wearing Gold armor, clearly the leader.

Xix glanced down, he saw Sonic, Knuckles and Tails he glanced at his flanks and at the only exit. There was no escape. Fast as he was, the blue hedgehog would be cut to ribbons in an instant if he moved. Twenty years of military strategy had served him well, and so had the Shasmer maneuver.

" So we meet at last, Sonic the hedgehog. I see you brought Tails and Knuckles with you. I must say your dossier was

mis-informative, your much faster then it had me believe." Xix said with a cold smile.

Sonic was dumbfounded, who was this guy?

"You seem to know a lot about me, just who are you and why are you so interested in me?."

"Me, I'm just a stranger seeking information, and my information has lead me to you, because you have something I desire: The Chaos Emerald." Xix called back.

"I knew it." Knuckles muttered to himself and then he shouted to the gold armored lizard. " Those Emeralds are dangerous, you don't know what they can do. So just give us the three you have before someone gets hurt." Knuckles voice told that he was not threatening him. Even so, Xix became very annoyed.

"Who are you to order me? Listen well! I am Xix, Captain of the Battle-Star Nemesis, pride of the Crystalonian Navy. You will hand over your Chaos Emeralds or been killed."

Sonic glared at him and then at Tails.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Of course." Tails responded.

"Go!" Sonic yelled and with that the three broke and dashed at the enemies around them. Sonic was a blur, Tails took to the air, and knuckles was on the right flank in a flash.

"Now, shoot to disable!" Xix called from his perch. All at once the air was alive with green energy beams. The air hummed with energy as each shoot missed and struck the ground. The enemies was just too fast. Knuckles growled and punched on reptile in the stomach, bam, and he was down. Tails darted between solders, bounding into the air and landing kicks square into faces. Sonic dashed knocking down anyone in his way. He did not stop, he had but one objective. He made contact with the ships hull and ran up the side of it. He landed on the top deck and leaped at Xix aiming to finish the fight.

"Shoot him!" Xix cried as the blue blur rushed at him. Shots were fired and then everything seemed to slow down.

Sonic flew through the air. He twisted his body effortlessly to dodge the incoming fire. His foot always aimed at Xix's face. Two feet left and then Xix remembered his own gun. One foot, Xix grabbed it and aimed. Six inches, he fired. The beam raced through the air, point blank. The report rank loud and clear with an electric Bzzzzapp! Sonic fell backward and lay still on the deck.

"Sonic!" Tails shouted as he saw, but as he did a bright green bolt struck him in the jaw. He felt his mouth go numb from electric pain. Three more shots struck him and he fell to the ground.

Knuckles saw both occurrences and was determined not to make the same mistake. He lifted two solders off the ground in chock holds but numbers were against him. As he lifted them into the air three lasers struck him in the chest, knocking his breath from his body. He dropped his victims and was then set upon by a storm of energy. Ten, twenty, thirty, shoots, he felt his body become numb and unresponsive. Finally he fell to the ground and lay still.

Xix strode over to the fallen hedgehog, his chest gently rising from breath. Xix reached down a inserted a finger into Sonic's sock and removed a key. He stood and called down to his men.

"Excellent work, you have made Crystalon proud."

"Sir!" A solder far below called to him. " I have found the enemies' scanner and Chaos Emerald." The solder held up both, the latter shone green in the moonlight, and to Xix it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

"Good work. Now take the scanner to bridge and have them patch it through our systems. Then I want the Emerald taken to the Crystal chamber, be sure the Tech's get it. Now, I want these worms taken to the brig. Now!" Xix shouted infuriated at the end that his orders were taking longer to say then he wanted them to be done. His men scrambled and his honor guard dragged Sonic's body away.

Xix smiled to himself and entered the turbo-lift. Bridge he thought and the lift moved downward.

As Xix stepped of the lift Garronth approached him. He crossed his chest with his arms and bowed.

"Please sir forgive me." he whimpered.

"Forgive you" For what?" Xix queried. Garronth was perplexed. He looked at his captain and whimpered:

"I failed you, I let the target escape."

"Nonsense." Xix said with a smile, he was in a very good mood. "You provided us with the Intel we needed to capture the target and a Chaos Emerald, without you the target would have surprised us and taken our Emeralds, you are a hero to Crystalonians."

"A hero?" Garronth said, his hope rising.

"Yes, know I want you to take this and go retrieve the target's Chaos Emerald and then report back here." Xix calmly ordered.

"Yes sir!" Garronth replied enthusiastically, taking the key, and as exhausted as he was, he sprinted down the hallway and out the landing bay.

Xix turned to his helmsmen.

"As soon as Garronth is back on board I want us in the air, make preparations for launch." Xix ordered and the crew made themselves busy with their new task.

Amid the typing and the sounds of power up, Xix smiled, for once everything was going his way.

Soon, all I have ever hoped for will be mine, soon I will have what I desire. All the pieces are coming together and there are only two Chaos Emeralds left between me and my destiny.

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