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Ch1. Truth or Dare

"JUST TELL HER!" yelled Eriol.

He and Syaoran were having the biggest argument about when Syaoran should tell Sakura he loved her. Syaoran was boiling and yelled, "NO! She thinks I'm a playboy if I tell her she'll just think it's a freaking joke or i'm trying to make fun of her or something like that! You know I hate hurting her!"

"She thinks you're a playboy because you ARE a playboy!"

"Grr...Whatever! Anyways I'm not going to tell her yet!"

"Fine I'll tell her for you!"

"No way! She might get the wrong idea and think that you like her! Besides why do you want me to tell her so badly?"

"Because everyday you see Sakura you always have to come to me and say 'Oh did you see Sakura's hair?' or 'She looks like an angel don't you think?' or something corny like that!"

'Well she does have beautiful hair the way it alawys sways when the wind blows. And her emerald eyes that I always get hypnotized by as they shine. And her cherry colored lips that always makes me just want to hold her tight and kiss her and just fuck the hell out of her! Wait don't think that way about her she's way to delicate! She's an angel she's...wait...I'm supposed to yell something back at Eriol...hmm...i wonder how much time has passed since I've been thinking about my lovely cherry blossom...Dammit Syaoran just yell something back!'

"HOW MUCH TIME HAS PASSED!" Syaoran covered hi mouth with both his hands embarrassed about the random thing he had just yelled out.

Eriol sighed, "You were thinking about Sakura again weren't you?"

Syaoran jsut growled.

"Hey guys, there you are! Get your asses here right now!" yelled Tomoyo.

They both looked at her questioningly but ran over to where she was. They found themselves in Penguin Parkand saw all their other friends Tomoyo, Rika, Naoko, Yamazaki, Chiharu, and Sakura. Syaoran immidiately blushed and looked down at the floor. Everyone just giggled except for Sakura being as dense as she is.

"Hey guys just in time, we were about to play Truth or Dare you in?" asked Yamazaki.

Syaoran and Eriol nodded. They all sat down in a circle with Eriol and on his right Yamazaki, then Chiharu, then Rika, then Naoko, then Sakura, then Tomoyo, and then Syaoran (on Eriol's left).

Tomoyo smiled and giggled, "Ohohohohohoho.."

Everyone just sighed. They all knew Tomoyo didn't just set up this game for fun and laughs.

"Okay everyone these are the rulesfor the game! If you pick truth and don't answer the question you have to ksis the person who asked you. If you pick dare and don't do it you have to sleep with that person!" Tomoyo explained, smiling the whole way.

Everyone was wide eyed and sweat dropping. There was a long pause until Tomoyo said, "Rika you go first!"

"Uhh...okay...I choose...Yamazaki!" Chiharu decided. "Truth or dare?"

"D-Da-TRUTH!" he yelled making sure he wouldn't say the wrong thing.

Chiharu whacked his head, "YOU WIMP!"

Everyone started laughing at Chiharu's action. She sighed and said, "Fine...let's see...is it true you tried to masturbate pretending to be having sex with Rena?" She said with her arms crossed and her finger tapping her shoulder impatiently waiting for the answer.

Everyone leaned in closely. Yamazaki gulped, "We--well yeah...but...I wasn't pretending it was Rena...i was pretending...i-it was...y-you..."

Everyone held onto their stomach and started laughing their asses off. Chiharu on the other hand was blushing madly and hitting Yamazaki thinking that it was a lie. Next was Rika's turn (they're going clockwise starting with Chiharu)."Okay...okay...my turn and i choose...Tomoyo!" she said trying to stop laughing.

"Okay I choose dare!" Tomoyo said bravely.

Rika snickered, "I dare you not to use tape anything for a month!"

Everyone was laughing and smiling happy about what Rika just didexcept for Tomoyo who's jaw was dropping and was about to throw a tantrum. "My turn!" Naoko said excitedly.

"I choose... Eriol!"

Eriol sighed and said, "Fine then bring it on because i choose dare!"

"Alright then...I dare you to make-out with either Yamazaki or Syaoran your choice!" Naoko laughed at the dare.

Eriol was dotted eyed, "Th-that's not fair!"

"Oh yes it is!" all the girls said in together.

Eriol whined but soon chose...Syaoran. (muahahahahaa) Eriol was making his way towards Syaoran while Syaoran was backing away.

"Don't come any closer you bastard! Just don't do the dare! At least if you sleep with Naoko it'll be with the right gender!" yelled Syaoran.

"You know I can't do that because I'm in love with Tomoyo!" Eriol covered his mouth realizing what he had just exposed.

He quickly grabbed Syaoran's face and kissed him making sure no one would notice his secret. They soon parted with Syaoran gasping for air spitting out any trace of Eriol's saliva in his mouth. Everyone was either laughing or their jaw was down like Tomoyo's.

Sakura decided to draw the attention from Tomoyo's jaw and said, "Okay my turn, and i Choose Chiharu!"

"Okay! I choose Truth!"she smiled.

"Hah and you called me a wimp!" mocked Yamazaki.

Chiharu wacked him on the head again.

Sakura giggled. (just to let you know up until now everyone single one of Sakura's movements is turning Syaoran on!)

"Okay...do you like Yamazaki?" Sakura asked.

Everyone sighed that was obvious...everyone knew the answer to that even Yamazaki!

Chiharu said, "Yes."

Tomoyo was all cheery now, "Okay my turn! Sakura truth or dare?"

Sakura sweatdropped and said, "tr-truth..."

'Heh...her shyness is so cute,'Syaoran thought.

"Okay Sakura who are you in love with?"Tomoyo asked eagerly.

Everyone knew she was ging to say Syaoran well...except for Syaoran of course.

"We-well...I'm in lo- love with..S-S-Sasuke! " she blurted out.

Everyone's gasped except for Syaoran who was staring at the floor who was majorly angry.

Eriol couldn't believe it he had always thought that Sakura had feelings for Syaoran, Tomoyo thought that as well.

"Wh-what about Syaoran!" Chiharu, Rika, and Naoko yelled together.

"What about Syaoran?" Sakura asked questioningly.

All of them fell anime style except for Syaoran who was rethinking things...

'That's who she loves? That creepy stuck up bastard? Well i'm going to make sure that guy goes to hell! Or better yet...'

Syaoran smirked he was angry right now and he was going to take it out on the person he used to love...physically.