The Leery Residence-Early Morning

To say that Dawson's weekend had gone by quickly would be an understatement.

Thanks to a hectic work schedule at the video store and endless hours of homework he had to turn in on Monday, it had gone by in a complete blur. Before he even knew it, it was Monday morning already and he was running ten minutes behind schedule.

"Honey, if you don't hurry up, you're going to be late for class."

Without even bothering to hide the roll of his eyes that he was throwing at his mother, Dawson shot out in annoyance, "Really? I didn't notice," before hurriedly tying both his tennis shoes and then, just as quickly, making his way out of his room; as an after-thought yelling out to his mom: "I might be late tonight, so don't wait up."

"Oh, you have a date with Joey?"

Not wanting to get into that conversation right now caused Dawson to absentmindedly mutter, "Something like that," before literally running down the stairs and out the front door.

I need to hurry up if I want to talk to Andie before class."

Capeside High- Cafeteria- Lunch

"Can you still see it?"

Without even bothering to look away from the cafeteria door she was staring at, Andie quickly retorted, "Yes, Jack."

A comment which caused her twin to frown. "Come on, Andie, you're not even looking at me."

"I swear, sometimes I just want to strangle this boy…."

With that thought in mind, Andie finally turned around and looked at her brother's black eye, which he had tried unsuccessfully to cover up with Andie's foundation. "Jack, you look fine. You can hardly see the bruise…and I don't know why you're trying to cover it up. Everybody who was at the dance has already seen your face, and those who weren't there, already know about it."

"I know, I just hate people staring at me like I have some sort of disease. I just wish this day was over with already." Jack replied, then after a small second, he continued with, "Great, here comes Mike Tyson now."

Knowing he was talking about Dawson, Andie wasn't that surprised when she felt her stomach start to do flip-flops; but she was surprised when, after she turned around to look in the direction of where Jack was staring at, she felt her heart start to skip a beat as her eyes connected with the slightly older male's.

Get a grip, Andie. It's just Dawson.

With that thought in mind, Andie turned her head back towards Jack and watched as her brother started making up excuses to leave.

"I think I left something in my locker. I'll see you after school, Andie."

"No, wait, Jack." Andie opened her mouth to say, but before she could even get the words out, Jack was already gone and Dawson was standing beside her. Shit…

"Hey, mind if I sit down?"

After taking a second to make sure that no one was watching them, Andie absentmindedly motioned to the seat beside her, "Go ahead."

"Thanks." Dawson nervously replied, before taking a seat next to Andie and then taking a second to gather his thoughts before saying what was on his mind, "I wanted to catch you this morning before first period, but I was running behind schedule. How was your weekend?"

Knowing this was his way of sliding into the conversation, Andie slightly smiled to herself, before saying: "Mostly uneventful. I pretty much sat around watching television and analyzing and over-analyzing what happened on Friday night-"

"And here I thought over-analyzing was my job." Dawson interrupted, causing Andie to slightly laugh; a sound that somewhat broke the nervousness between the two of them. "I mostly did the same as well…and I sort of came to a decision while doing so."

Hearing the seriousness in his voice, Andie quickly sobered up and braced herself for what was about to come out of Dawson's mouth. "I'm listening."

"Okay…I know that you still have feelings for Pacey and you know that I still have feelings for Joey, but…we both cannot deny that there is some something going on between the two of us; something that I'm not sure will just go away. Am I right?"

I'll say…

Even though she felt herself blushing as the thought of what happened Friday night came sweeping into her head, Andie couldn't help but nod her head in agreement with what Dawson was saying.

"Well, with that thought in mind, I came to the conclusion that maybe we should explore what is going on here. See, if it's just a physical attraction we have to one another or if it's maybe something more. What do you think?"

Feeling her heart starting to beat a little bit faster, Andie questioned if Dawson was sure about this, "I mean, you just broke up with Joey, not more than a couple days ago. You're not ready to jump back into a relationship again. I don't even know if I'm ready to jump back into, whatever it was, that Pacey and I had, again."

Having had a feeling she was going to say that, Dawson quickly replied, "I know…but I also know what I felt with you the other night…well, I haven't felt like that before. Not even with Joey."

Not knowing what to say to that, Andie couldn't help but move her eyes towards the ground. Then a second later, she found herself moving her gaze back towards Dawson. "What about Joey…? Her and me are friends. I can't just go out with her ex-boyfriend behind her back."

Seeing a slight hardened expression take over Dawson's features caused Andie to think she had struck a nerve. But a second later, that look was gone.

"Don't worry about Joey…she obviously has made up her mind that she doesn't want to be with me right now. And I've decided that I'm not going to just sit around and wait until she does….I want to explore what this is between you and me--even if it's nothing more than just a one-time thing. And if you're worried about your friendship with her, we can keep this under-wraps until we figure out what is going on between the two of us. If it's nothing, she'll never know the difference and your friendship with her will be the same…I promise."

Even though she, on some levels, wanted to voice another protest about this to Dawson, Andie couldn't help but find herself thinking over this proposition; especially when she found herself getting lost in Dawson's stare again. "If I agree to this little plan of yours, where do we begin?"

Without even bothering to remove the smile that was slowly starting to spread across his face, Dawson slowly replied:

"How about a movie tonight?"

The table behind them

"I'd love to…"

After hearing the blonde female reply back to the man seated beside her, Chris quickly made sure the two blondes behind him hadn't noticed him yet and, after a second of listening into the rest of their plans for the night, he, just as quickly, made his way towards the other side of the cafeteria where his close friend, and sometimes even close enemy, Abby Morgan was now entering the cafeteria. "I can't believe I'm saying this, Abby, but you were right. There is something going on between the two of them."

Not knowing exactly who Chris was talking about, Abby followed Chris's line of vision towards a table on the other side of the cafeteria where Andie McPhee and Dawson Leery were seated next to one another; clearly engaged in a playful conversation.

This brought an evil smile to her face.

"I think this school year just made an interesting twist…let the games begin."

So, what do ya'll think so far?