Xiana: Hi everyone! It's me, Xiana with a random KH2 one shot! Yay! I call it "Your New Nickname…" Heheh, enjoy! And review if you want!


"Your New Nickname…"

"Hey, Axel, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead, Rox."

"Yeah, that's just it. You call me Rox, Roxy, Roxanne, Roxette, Roxely, Rocko, or Rocks-for-Brains. So why can't I call you anything but 'Axel?'"

Axel shrugged. "You can try and come up with a nickname for me if you want."

"Hmmmm…." Roxas thought for a minute. "How about . . . Axely?"

"Nah, too obvious."


"No way! Too weird!"


"No… be more original."

"Ok…. How about Frog-Muffin?"

"N- wait, what?"

-----The Next Day, At Breakfast-----

"Good morning, everyone!" Axel shouted as he entered the dining hall with Roxas.

"Good morning, Frog-Muffin!" everyone chorused in unison.

Axel glared at Roxas.

Roxas just smiled innocently back. "I see it's caught on."