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Work Hazard: Chapter 1

Hatake Kakashi considers himself a fairly reasonable man. He has his quirks, but he also has his own order to things. His morals may seem questionable but to him it's a code of honor that he's never once violated without a damn good reason.

So he really does have a hard time justifying why he's considering accepting this job. His prospective employer is a well-known man around the shady line of business that Kakashi dwells in. Some might even say he's a legend, but that's not the right word. There's something honorable clinging to that word that completely clashes with the character of the man in front of Kakashi now.

Orochimaru makes his business of everything dirty in the world. He's the biggest underworld lord the underworld has ever known. He doesn't have morals or restraints and no one refuses him anything. Not for long anyway.

As he listens to the man's proposal, Kakashi thinks he's never once been this repulsed by a human being. He's a fairly shady individual himself but again, Kakashi has limits. He doesn't do work that involves children. He doesn't prostitute them, doesn't rape or cut them to pieces for their brand new organs. He doesn't have anything to do with the sex industry and he choses his kills very carefully. He also avoids showing allegiance to any party in particular. Kakashi was, is and will remain a free agent, not affiliated to any crime lords like Orochimaru.

So what the hell is he doing here? Kakashi shakes his head at his own quirky nature. Uchiha. The contract concerns an Uchiha. How could Kakashi keep himself from at least looking into it?

"This Uchiha Itachi needs to be disposed of, but he's far too well-protected. The police force see him as their most precious asset, the one who could finally bring my empire down. Isn't that silly Hatake-san?"

"Indeed." Kakashi agrees easily, more a reflex than anything. The police may be right after all. Uchiha Itachi is a force to reckon with. He's smart and ruthless and he wields power and resources comparable (and probably superior) to Orochimaru's. He does it without ever showing a hint of weakness. Overall, Uchiha Itachi is someone Kakashi wouldn't even begin to think of messing with.

"Attacking him serves no purpose, he just sends back the bodies. Instead, I sent spies to learn of his weaknesses. It seems the man has none. His family seemingly died in a fire years ago. He doesn't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, he doesn't get close to his coworkers and doesn't seem to have friends of any sort. The man seems untouchable..."

Kakashi's visible eyebrow rises. "But?"

"But with a little digging and, I'll admit, some unfortunate deaths of undercover agents, I believe we've finally found Achilles' heel..." Orochimaru opens the top drawer of his large mahogany desk and whips out a piece of crumbled paper. He unfolds it and Kakashi comes to realize that it's a picture. "Uchiha Itachi wears this picture against his skin day in, day out. Needless to say it was quite a bother to steal this from him."

If Kakashi had to make a wild guess, he'd say that's why he hasn't seen Kabuto around Orochimaru yet. He'd say Kabuto left more than an eye behind during this confrontation with Itachi Uchiha. He doesn't say it, however, keeping silent and patiently waiting for Orochimaru to show him the picture. Curiosity does make the back of Kakashi's neck itch, however.

"It seems they didn't all die in the fire." Orochimaru speaks those words ominously as he turns the picture for Kakashi to see. The image depicts Uchiha Itachi himself, much younger than he is now, but always recognizable. On Itachi's back is a young boy with a radiant smile and the most beautifully innocent eyes Kakashi has ever seen. They both look very much alike, but that's not the most striking thing about the picture. It's the pose, the young boy's arms around Itachi's neck, lovingly holding on, it's the expressions, Itachi's content smile and the boy's adoring eyes.

Achilles' heel indeed.

"Uchiha Itachi covered up his little brother's existence almost perfectly. He's pulled a lot of resources to protect the boy and that's exactly why I decided to call on you instead of using my own troops."

Kakashi doesn't need to be told that. A free agent like him is the only sort who would have even just a chance of making it past Itachi's well mounted defense and somehow get to this boy.

"We have some basic information concerning the boy, but before we go any further, you'll have to decide whether you want the job or not."

Kakashi sighs under his breath, looking at the picture now resting on the dark wood of Orochimaru's desk. "What exactly would you have me do?"

"I want that boy." Orochimaru's voice as he says it has Kakashi's one visible eye narrowing and he feels something at the tips of his fingers. An itch. Something that tells him to just strangle the man and get rid of him. But at the same time, he remembers the small holes in the walls, the tips of black riffles discreetly showing through the plants and art of the room. Kakashi understands at this moment that refusal is no longer an option. He knows too much, so he either accepts or he fights his way out of here, making an enemy of the most powerful force in the underworld.

Beautiful. What a mess. Fuck you too, Obito.


So in the end, Kakashi finds himself driving to school in the morning. It's a nice school with spotless corridors and kind teachers, the kind of school Kakashi would have liked going to. He parks the car and looks at the throngs of students rushing to school. The picture of the boy and the name of the school is all Kakashi has to go on. Any other information was impossible to obtain. Unfolding the picture, Kakashi imprints it in his mind. He's looking for a teenager, not a kid, but if that picture is anything to go by, that teenager will be gorgeous. Those dark eyes are a family trait that's exceptionally rare, so it shouldn't be too hard to find him. The Uchihas have such dark irises that their eyes are completely black. Also, whereas Itachi's hair in the picture is more a common gray sort of black, the boy's hair inches towards a deep indigo black, quite unusual.

So Kakashi opens the door, tugging his coat closer against the cold and goes to wait by the yellow buses. He watches the crowd and waits for his eyes to fall on someone that corresponds to the criteria. Itachi might have made the boy change his looks or his name, but Kakashi thinks he should at least eliminate the possibility that he hasn't before he looks into something more complicated.

It doesn't help that it's the middle of winter and most kids are wearing hats and scarves. Giving up on that tactic about two seconds after he started, Kakashi walks in the school and observes his surroundings. The students don't pay much attention to him so Kakashi decides that it's safe enough to take off his coat. He keeps the hat and the scarf on over his mask though. He's going to need a reason to be here if he's going to be snooping around. There's a lot you can tell people that they'll always just eat up. Counting on other people's stupidity almost never fails, but the almost isn't a risk Kakashi is prepared to take. He stands in the path of a young girl and bends just a little so he's not intimidatingly tall. "Excuse me young lady, could you be so kind as to direct me to the administration office?"

The girl smiles innocently and starts to explain the directions when suddenly, her eyes widen and her 'turn right' shifts into a squeal of delight. Her attention is completely absorbed by something to Kakashi's left, her eyes large and adoring. Frowning to himself, Kakashi turns to take in what might have caused such a reaction.

His eyes land on a young man with hurt, dark eyes and angry deep black hair. Suddenly, Kakashi forgets all about the squealing girl and takes in the boy. Kakashi has always had an instinct for things of beauty, and certainly this boy is one such thing. He thinks the boy is possibly the most beautiful person he's ever seen. Certainly no one he's seen has this many perfectly proportioned features.

It takes Kakashi half a second to realize that this is his target. The other half of that same second is used for Kakashi's escape. He heads down the hall that the girl first pointed to and searches out the director's office. On his way there, he thinks that this boy won't have the slightest chance if he takes him to Orochimaru. Beauty doesn't go untainted in Sound territory. Especially something as rare as that boy.

There is, in the back of Kakashi's mind, some warning forming itself. It says the boy is dangerous and Kakashi doesn't want to have to deal with what he'll bring. It says there'll be unwanted consequences that will change Kakashi's life. And that Kakashi, being a creature of habit, does not want his life changed.

But really, Orochimaru never takes no for an answer so what choice does he have?

Plenty. You don't serve snakes. You don't do favors and you don't get intimidated. That's your convenient excuse.

Kakashi mentally swats away those thoughts and clutches the picture a little tighter in his pocket.


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