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Chapter Seven

When stars appear and shadows fall

Then you'll hear my poor heart call

To you my love, my life, my all

I surrender, dear

Oh, to you my love, my life, my all

I surrender, dear

Albus held Minerva close as they slowly danced around their sitting room. Bing Crosby's smooth voice filled the air. Albus softly sang the last line to Minerva as she smiled up at him.

"Happy Anniversary, my love."

"Happy Anniversary and happy Christmas, Albus."

As another song began to play on their old gramophone, Albus led Minerva into a faster paced dance. He couldn't believe it had been seven years since he had first called her his wife. Their small wedding had taken place on Christmas Eve, a week after their best friends Poppy and James Pomfrey had been wed. Thinking about the two weddings, Albus chuckled to himself.

"And what is so funny, Mr. Dumbledore?" Minerva asked, enjoying the music and the feel of her husband with her eyes closed, trusting Albus' lead.

"Well, Mrs. Dumbledore, I was just thinking about what we were doing seven years ago."

Minerva's eyes opened widely at this before her face relaxed into a suggestive smile.

"No, not that," Albus blushed slightly as she laughed. "At least not at the moment." He smiled. "I was thinking about the Pomfrey's wedding and our own."

Minerva instantly understood his chuckle. The two weddings could not have been more different. Poppy had enjoyed her large wedding. It seemed everyone who was anyone had been in attendance. All the bridesmaids, which unfortunately in this case meant Minerva as well, had worn light pink taffeta gowns. The church had been decorated in light pinks to match the bridesmaids and light blues to match the robes worn by the groomsmen, which had been too plain in Albus' mind.

Minerva smiled then, thinking back to their own wedding. Her niece Verplaca had stood up with her, as Poppy had been on her honeymoon. Albus and his brother had been the only others present in the small chapel with the exception of Albus' friend Nicholas who had performed the ceremony. Minerva had worn a beautiful but simple set of white robes and asked Verplaca to wear whatever she felt was appropriate. She was thankful she had thought to buy something for Albus and Aberforth. Minerva was unsure what they would have worn if left to their own devices.

It had been a simple wedding and all who knew of it had been sworn to secrecy, but Minerva had never regretted marrying Albus. She loved him and being able to tell him and show him that each day was worth everything else.

Minerva inclined her head up toward Albus. He looked down into her beautiful eyes and recognized the reflection of his own love there and his desire as well. He leaned down and kissed her softly at first. Minerva's arms went around Albus' neck, her knees feeling weak as always when Albus touched her. She opened her mouth, deepening the kiss. Albus moaned as he felt her hands begin to undo his robes.

"Muuuuuummmmmy," came a cry from five years old May. Minerva's hands stilled as Albus broke off their kiss, leaning his forehead against hers.

"Never again," he said looking into her suddenly mischievous green eyes.

"That's what you said the last time," Minerva said softly, grinning as two years old Edward joined in his sister's cry.

"But I mean it this time," Albus said firmly.

"Right," Minerva said, knowingly. "I'll go to them. Pour yourself some fire whiskey and I'll be right back."

Albus went over to their rarely used liquor cabinet, pouring a glass for himself as well as Minerva. He loved children, especially these children, but the next time Poppy Pomfrey went into labor on his anniversary and James came begging for someone to watch their children, his answer would be a firm-

"Uncky Aby?"

Edward came toddling into the room dragging his blanket and the phoenix plush Albus had given him when he was born. Edward's face was still red from his recent cry. Albus' heart immediately softened to its normal state as he held out his arms to the little boy.

Edward climbed into Albus' lap. "Uncky Aby, you tell story."

Albus smiled down at the little boy who had curled up in his arms. He began telling a story about the first time he had seen Fawkes, Edward's favorite. Minerva entered the room just as Edward fell asleep. She smiled at the sight of the man she loved holding the small boy.

"You are becoming quite good at that, you know."

"Unlikely."Albus said softly, trying his hardest to not wake Edward, still amazed at his ability to calm the dear little boy.

"Yes, you are, which is good since we will have one of our own rather soon." Minerva smiled brightly, the twinkle in her eye matching her husband's as she watched Albus process the information.

"You mean you- You are- We are-"

Minerva gently picked up Edward as she kissed Albus.

"Happy Anniversary, love."

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