A/N: Well, we're studying poetry and stuff in English, and lately I've been writing a lot of fluffy drabbles with no where to put them so I made somewhere to put them! Meus Contraho Of Brevis Romanorum Repono! It means something along the lines of "My Collection of Short Romance Stories" in Latin. Yes, I know that's gay, that's why I put it in a different language. ;)

Disclaimer: Hey, whatever helps you to sleep at night.

It was always light with you. You joked, I laughed, we were happy. But as we grew older, times grew darker. Cedric Diggory died. Voldemort came back. No one believed Harry's story. No one but us. We were always a team; we always stuck together through good times and bad. And you were still my light, and you led me through the darkness. Sirius died. I felt pain to see everyone suffering. But you helped me through it. But now… I don't think you can ever be my light again. Now you're with her. And I am drowned in darkness.

A/N: Mmmnnnhhhmmm. In case you're interested, this was written for a competition, in which the guidelines were that it had to be eone hundred words, romance genre and mention Cedric. Not exactly the fluffiest drabble, but anyway…