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The airport has full of secrets hidden within its core. If this piece of land could talk, he would be a very good story teller of good and bad memories of different people. And one of its stories would be the story of Mei, unhappily boarding the plane to Europe.

"Thanks for everything!" Mei said cheerfully. Or is it?

"Don't forget to e-mail us!" Karin said as tears was starting to fill her eyes.

"I will" Mei displayed a fake smile. 'He's not here' She thought as there was a sudden change of facial expression in her face.

"Is there anything wrong?" Anna asked as she placed her arm around Mei's shoulders.

"Um.. no.. any way I'll be boarding in 5 minutes." Mei explained as she looked at her watch.

"So, I guess this is good bye?" Mitsumi said sadly as the other girls approached Mei and hugged her while the guys were saying their final au revoir.

"Sad to say, but yeah, I guess this is good bye my dear friends." Mei said in a dramatic way, making her friends laugh for the last time.

'All passengers of Northwest airlines flight 208 to London can now board the plane'

Mei sighed and look around for one last time hoping to see someone very familiar to her... Hao. She then looked at her friends and smiled. "Well I guess I'll just see you in time" Mei winked.

"Au revoir!"

Her friends watch her disappear through the crowd boarding to the plane when they heard someone screaming her name. "Mei!"

It was Hao.

Too late. She's already on her way to the plane. "Mei!" Panting, Hao stopped as he saw Mei walking inside the glassed doors.

"I love you"

Mei was located at the first class section of the plane. Being the daughter of the captain pilot, she was really lucky. She sat silently near the window and she was looking outside. This may be her last time to see her beloved country. Maybe.. She just don't hope so.. As the plane started to take of , tears were running down her cheeks. This is when she realized the true meaning of Shakespeare's words. 'Parting is such sweet sorrow.'

"I love you Hao"

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