Title: Red Sun Rises

Author: JediBant

Rating: M

Warnings: None as of yet, but maybe some torture or violence later.




5th January 2004


Since her husband had died and her son Clark had moved away to the city, Martha Clark Kent had been unable to care for some of the larger farm animals or crops that used to be found on the Kent farm, even with the help of her neighbour Ben Hubbard, but she still grew some vegetables and flowers which she sold in town along with eggs from the small flock of chickens she kept on the back porch of the house. She and her husband had always prided themselves on their completely organic produce and she found herself wanting to continue to uphold the Kent name within the town.

Martha Kent stood with some difficulty from her crouched position in her garden when a black van what she didn't recognise entered the driveway of her farm. It was rare for anyone other then Ben to visit her so she was cautious to approach the van. She moved towards the vehicle but stayed inside the fence that surrounded the garden.


Looking around the farm, Jack could definitely see Kal-el, or Clark as he had later been identified, growing up there. Everything about the farm was simple and modest. Clark sometimes had seemed too good to be true, and Jack had decided that there was no way that anyone could grow up in the city and be that kind hearted and innocent, with perhaps the exception of Daniel.

Seeing the woman standing cautiously but cheerfully welcoming, behind the garden fence, he moved in her direction, thankfully Teal'c, the most intimidating of their group, chose to stay near the car, probably sensing the woman's ill ease.


Martha watched quietly as a man and a women in military uniform got out of the van, followed by two other men in normal work suits. The male with a colonel eagle on each shoulder, who she was in charge of the group, looked briefly around the farm before zeroing in on her location and moving in her direction, followed by two of the others in the group, leaving only the tall, dark skinned man next to the van.

"Good afternoon Ma'am," the leader greeted, "I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill of the US Air Force, this is Major Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson and," O'Neill turned his body slightly and looked over his shoulder to indicate the other man by the van, "that is Murrey Teal'c. We're looking for Martha Clark Kent."

"Well you've found her," she wiped her hands on the leg of her jeans and held one out over the fence to shake O'Neill's' then Carter and Jackson's'.


Jack gladly accepted the handshake, completely ignoring the fact that it was covered in dirt and manure; and Carter and Daniel did the same.

"How can I help you?" Ms Kent smiling politely at them.

"We're here in regards to your son," Jack told her.

For a split second Martha's expression changed into a worried scowl, which was understandable considering what her son was, but the friendly smile returned just as quickly and she turned away to gather up the tools she had been using to tend the garden.

"What about him, last I heard he was in India," she lied smoothly, "he's been on a soul-searching mission for a few years now, not the first time either, I don't think he ever got over his father's death," with her tools in one hand and a basket resting on her hip, Martha moved out of the out of the garden towards the barn trusting the group to follow.

The barn showed in every way that it was it had been organised by a home-maker, everything was had its own spot and nothing was out of place.

"I don't think he ever fitted in to city life either, he is a country boy at heart." She continued.

"You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy?" Daniel queried, ever trying to be the peace-maker.

"Exactly," Martha said, she continued to talk about her son, making comparisons of his attitude in the city as to when he was at home; almost ignoring the small group as she put away everything she had been using that day.

"Ms Kent," Jack finally interrupted, "we know that your son is not in India. We also know that he is not human and also goes under the alias Superman."

Martha paused what she was doing waited for Jack to continue.

"For some years now a secret government agency has been exploring the galaxy by means of an alien device, on one of these missions we met your son. At the time we knew him only as Kal-el and we did not know his connection to Earth. While we were on the planet my team, along with your son, were captured by an enemy we know as the Goa'uld. I am sorry but your son didn't survive."


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