Title: Red Sun Rises

Author: JediBant

Rating: M

Warnings: AU to some of Superman Returns, May be some spoilers in later chapters. Also might be some AU to Stargate SG-1 I think I have the dates within time Jack still with SG-1 but might have it wrong. Maybe some torture or violence in later chapters.

Chapter 3
"Mmm food, nothing helps your appreciation for something like not having it," Kal-el said, before shovelling more of the food into his mouth. "What is this anyway, chicken?"

Jack shook his head, "No, that's just what it tastes like, it's Macaroni and cheese."

Kal-el paused for a moment staring at the sticky mush before shrugging and continuing to eat it.

"What do you mean not having it? Surely you had food on your ship. One day is hardly without," Sam insisted.

"No, the ship acts as a life support system, don't ask me how I have no idea how it works, I have very little understand of how it works, but it is the same design as the one that first took me to earth, and a 6 or so month old baby can hardly feed itself."

"You were that young?" Daniel interjected before Sam could question him any further.

"Well my parents couldn't exactly wait; they knew the planet was going to be destroyed,"

Sam gave him a puzzled look, "if your father knew and had time to get you out, why didn't others leave, or your parents for that matter." She questions.

"Because the high counsel wouldn't believe him, they consulted someone else and they disagreed then made my father promise not to leave or tell anyone, they didn't want the public to panic. So my father promised that neither he nor his wife would leave Krypton."

"But not you,"


"Sneaky," Jack smiled, which Kal returned.

"Kal-el," AI said, "I suggest that you get some rest."

"Yes AI, you should probably power down, conserve your energy,"

"Very well, sleep well Kal-el," with that the ships lights switched off and it went silent.

"Is it always that formal," Daniel asked.

"And pushy," Jack added.

Kal chuckled, "unfortunately yes, from what I can tell, Krypton had a very formal civilisation, I think AI would short circuit if he used slang, I think I'd have a heart attack too."

Jack snorted, while the others smiled, except for Teal'c of course who simply raised an eyebrow.

Kal yawned, "I apologise, but I need to sleep now, I have been awake for over a day,"

"Sure go ahead, we'll keep watch," Jack said.

"Thank you, if you wish I will take a watch later, but I will not be offended if you do not trust me to," with that Kal lay down next to the fire and was asleep before anyone could reply.

Kal was on his feet and searching for the source of the gun fire before he really registered what he was looking for, but he was almost instantly wide awake and had found the source almost as quickly.

Jack and his team had taken cover behind various trees and a boulder, hiding from whomever it was that was firing at them.

"Kal, get down," Jack yelled from his position nearby, not taking his eyes off of the enemy for more then a second. But instead of following the order Kal took cover behind his ship then climbed in.

AI immediately powered up the ship, sensing his entrance.

"AI, were under attack, I am going to remove you from the ship," Kal explained, while he started the necessary process to remove the main 'computer' crystal. The ship mostly powered down again, only leaving main system running. Kal finished the necessary sequence then removed the control crystal causing all lights and operations in the ship to cease completely, leaving it dead, so to speak.

"Jack," Kal called as he jumped out, "who are they?"

"Jaffa, they serve the Goa'uld, basically the bad guys, arrogant, rude, snakes, like to enslave people," Jack supplied as he replaced his empty clip.

"So if they got hold of Kryptonian technology it would be especially bad?"

"Very," Jack replied still shooting.

"Ok, do you have any C4, a grenade, something explosive?"

"You're going to blow it up?"

"Yes, I have removed AI, it would be no loss."

"Fine," he dropped his P90, which bumped against his chest but didn't fall any further, pushing back against his tree, Jack pulled the pin on a grenade and chucked it in the direction of the ship. "Fire in the hole!" he yelled at the others, who covered their heads as the small missile exploded.

But the moment's distraction had given the Jaffa an advantage and they managed to get cover closer to the group.

From that point the fight had gone down hill. There had simply been too many Jaffa and protecting themselves from the explosion had allowed them the advantage. All Kal could remember after the explosion was an electric pulse sending pain through his body.

When he next woke up he was in a cold cell. Almost instantly after opening his eyes he closed them again in the futile hope that it would remove the kryptonite hammers attacking his brain. He managed to push himself up into a relative sitting position against one of the walls by feeling the ground around him with his good arm, the other returned to its protective spot close to his chest.

"He's awake," someone said from somewhere to his left. Braving the light again, Kal opened his eyes to find Daniel moving away from another bared wall, which separated them from Jack, towards him. "How are you feeling?"

"Like Metallo and Darkseid decided used me as a punching bag."

"Right," Jack said from the other cell, completely missing the references, "you sure none of those super abilities of yours are working?"

Kal started to shake his head but halted the movement when the hammers started again, "no, even out of the sun, they won't return until I can be under a yellow sun again."

Jack scowled, and turned back to Sam, who was in his cell, and Teal'c, who was in the next cell over. Now that they were in a dangerous situation all jokes had flown out the window and it was easy to see the leader in Jack.

"Do you know which Goa'uld these Jaffa serve?" he asked Teal'c.

"Indeed, they wore the symbol of Khepri, a minor Goa'uld with control over very few planets."

Jack and Sam automatically turned to Daniel for more information.

"In mythology, Khepri was one of the creator gods. He was the god of renewal and rebirth. Supposedly he lifted the sun into the sky every morning and was represented by a Scarab beetle."

"Ok, so it's just a snake looking for power trip, maybe looking to get in with the bigger fish. Shouldn't be too hard to get out of here, just need the right opportunity." Jack said. He stood and moved to the door to his cell, searching for any weaknesses. Finding none, he turned back to the group, "only a matter of time." He nodded his head confidently before moving to the back wall and sitting back to wait.

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