Modern torture of Sesshoumaru chapter Four

Babysitters are such a hassleā€¦. What do you mean by organized crime?

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It was 10 o'clock the morning and he was ready to murder the Miko. Already.

In the middle of helping Rin get dressed, Sesshoumaru heard a knock on the door. Leaving Rin to figure out her own shoelaces, the demon lord of the west went to answer the door. A teenager stood there with her back to the door, dancing to her CD player and singing out loud. Sesshoumaru cleared his throat loudly and inwardly smirked at her embarrassed expression.

"Konichiwa, Taishio-san. Kag-chan said you need a sitter for the day. My name is Hina." She smiled nervously, staring at the gorgeous man in front of her. Like a romance theater, her mind played scenes and parts from books where the handsome, mysterious, eligible bachelor fell in love with his daughter's caretaker. At least she hoped he was eligible.

"Yes. I do." He looked her up and down, inspecting her appearance. The Miko had said she was a high school drop out who watched children at a 'daycare', whatever that was. This Hina was dressed in tight jeans, low cut top and humongous dangling earrings that brushed her shoulders. She nervously cracked her gum under his scrutiny, squirming uncontrollably.

"Are you sure that is the best attire for watching a child?" Sesshoumaru asked, his eyebrow disappearing into the white hair above.

She played it off. "Sure! I wear this to the daycare all the time." Inside her mind, half of her was chanting. Or at least I would if there were hot single parents there. "Rin-chan will be fine, Taishio-san."

He took one last look at her and turned around. "Of course she will. She is coming with me." At her confused face, he stated mildly. "I changed my mind. The mi- Kagome-san will take care of your payment. Thank you for stopping by."

Rather unceremoniously, he guided her out the door and shut it firmly behind her. He turned back to see Rin holding out her shoes and a broken lace.

"Rin can't tie her shoes, Sesshoumaru-san." Rin looked around. "Where did the sitter person go?"

"She went home. I didn't like how she acted." He knelt and began to tie her shoes for her. "Would you like to come with me?"

Rin beamed brightly. "Rin likes to follow Sesshoumaru-san. Rin doesn't like it when he leaves her behind."

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Ayaka came from a very old demon family. Like most demons did when humans became more unified, they slipped into the shadows, watching and waiting for the opportunity to rise to power again. Her family found its niche in the beginning of organized crime. Now one of the more prominent yakuza families, Ayaka was being raised in the lap of luxury. Her father was training her to take the lead of the family when he retires, even though she was the second youngest and a girl to boot. He claimed it was because she was the purest youkai of all his children, but she knew the truth. None of her brothers were responsible or smart enough to be anything more than just finger men or underlings with minimal power. It was also her duty to keep an eye out for any pure blooded youkai to recruit for her family. So when she spotted a confused and agitated Inu youkai fighting with a cell phone, she knew to zero in. He smelled odd, and his aura was more powerful than anything she had ever seen, but it didn't frighten her. It intrigued her to no end, like a new toy in a new box. Neither was she afraid when he pinned her to the wall after she swiped his phone. She was still reduced to giggles when she thought of his reaction to her escape from his claws. It was risky, with the scent of poison all over him, but it was worth it. Her bodyguards were livid when she refused to tell anyone where she went until her father arrived. And when her own father told his personal researchers to investigate him, she knew her father wanted him on his side.

Now she was sitting in her father's main office, surrounded by guards and attendants, all on extra alert. The surveillance showed a short temper, coupled with almost no knowledge of any modern technology. Her father's experts surmised he was from a secluded youkai community from the north. She was of a different opinion though; she couldn't place it, but his aura seemed rougher than modern youkai in essence, but purer in power. She looked up from her thoughts as a servant walked in and stood at the door.

The small neko bit her lip nervously. "Ano... My lady, may I present Lord Sesshoumaru Taishio and nigen child, Rin." She stepped out of the way as the tall white haired Inu youkai swept into the room. Ayaka stood politely as he entered. His glare was murderous.

"This Sesshoumaru demands to know why I was summoned here in such an undignified manner." He openly sneered at the guards who were sizing him up. He fixed Ayaka with that glare again.

I really have to get him to teach me that. She thought wickedly. She gestured to a chair nearby as she sat back in her father's office chair. "I hope you had a nice trip, Taishio-san." She glanced at Rin. All traces of her slang accent were gone. "Hello, Rin-chan is it?"

"Rin's name is Rin!" Rin beamed as she looked at Ayaka.

"Well, Rin-chan, I have a little brother just your age. He's playing in the next room. Would you like to join him?" Ayaka looked at Sesshoumaru as she asked. His expression was unreadable, a blank mask showing only agitation.

"Can Rin go play, Sesshoumaru-sama?" Rin looked up at Sesshoumaru with big eyes. With a soft sigh, he ruffled her hair and nodded. With a squeal, Rin followed a servant to the next room.

After watching her leave, Ayaka sat forward at her desk. "Now, if we could get on with business, Inu-san." She carefully took a neutral position and stared at him levelly. "It has come to my attentions that you are in need of gainful employment."

Sesshoumaru raised an elegant eyebrow. She took it as a cue to go on.

"In this world, it takes a lot of money to just survive." She cast a glance at the door. "And even more to support a young child. Rin seems well adjusted. How old is she?" Ayaka was planning every word to have the most effect. She snuck a peek at the youkai in front of her to see if it was working.

The man was smirking! Her jaw dropped as he leaned forward and placed perfectly manicured talons on the table, a gentle but firm promise of what was to come if things went awry. "You are pretty good at that, whelp. But you're not dealing with a low bred hanyou here." He pressed his talons into the wood, dissolving it into mush for emphasis. "I am the Inu Taishio, Demon Lord of the West, Sesshoumaru."

As Ayaka stared straight back at him, she heard soft clapping behind her. Her father strode into the room, holding out his hand in welcome. "Impressive, Taishio-san. Very impressive! Not many people, nigen or youkai, can stand up to my Ayaka's talents." He patted the girl affectionately on the shoulder. "Just for that skill alone, I would offer you a position with us."

Sesshoumaru raised his eyebrow, again. (A/N: gettin' pretty high up there ain't it) Ayaka looked at her father. "He does that a lot. Just keep going."

"But that is not your only skill. We could use your tact and grace in our... business ventures." He smoothed his thinning hair back. "Oh, do forgive me. I have failed to introduce myself. Naren Kujuyo, and this is my daughter Naren Ayaka."

"Your names are of no consequence to me." He looked down his nose at the man. He looked to be about mid forties, with a short stature and strong features. The two guards beside him tensed up, glaring daggers at Sesshoumaru. He paid them no mind.

Kujuyo went on as if he hadn't heard a word. "These are my two sons, Toya and Tokiya. My wife is no longer alive sadly, so I cannot introduce her now." He glanced at Sesshoumaru. His manner became deadly serious. "I would really appreciate it if you would listen to my offer, Taishio-san. Ayaka has a good eye for Youkai talent for our business." He smiled at the young demoness.

Ayaka picked up where her father left off. "It would be beneficial for you to listen, really it will. We are the single largest employer of youkai, pure and half blood, in Japan at this current time. Your position with us would entail a few, well, image based duties." She paused to order her thoughts. "Shall we say intimidation and control? I believe public relations would be the very best for you."

"In what way would this job benefit me?" Sesshoumaru asked his expression blank. If this situation turned out to be promising, he could find a better apartment and get out of the miko's debt.

"All health care, of course." Kujuyo smiled. "Also free meals when out, protection when necessary, tickets to shows, and various gratuities from pleased clients. Much, much more."

Ayaka looked over at Sesshoumaru. "It depends entirely on how well you can work the system though. The moment you get caught or get busted, we are not affiliated with you."

"Seems kind of cowardly." Sesshoumaru commented, as he stared down his nose at Ayaka.

Ayaka stood up with rage. The two large young men stood behind their sister. Toya placed his hand on her shoulder to hold her back and whispered in her ear. She shrugged him off with little problem. Still shaking, she strode up to Sesshoumaru and stared him in the face.

"Listen to me, Mr. I'm too good to for everyone else. There is nothing cowardly with protecting what is precious. This organization is all I stand to inherit, as there is nothing beside it. I will not endanger my family or the lives of employees for the sake of one who was stupid enough to get caught anyway!" She ended her tirade with a low growl. Kujuyo came up behind his daughter and placed a hand softly on her shoulder.

"Taishio-san, you can see my daughter cares very much for this business and would do anything for it, but we cannot endanger ourselves needlessly." He gestured for Ayaka to leave. With one last glare at Sesshoumaru, she closed the door behind her.

"That leads me to my next question, Taishio-san." He sat down at the desk and steeped his fingers in thought. "Why do you have an illusion spell on you?"

Sesshoumaru's eye twitched violently. "It is a reason I would much rather keep to myself for the moment." He eyed the youkai in front of him. Would he press the matter? There was no way on earth to make a pink tail seem dignified if he had to reveal it.

"Very well, Taishio-san. I will let it rest." He chuckled. "I too was once a young demon trying to make it in this world on my own. I didn't like all the things I had to do and was ashamed. I know how you feel, my boy. But remember; always stand up for your own actions." He nodded sagely.

Sesshoumaru came close to staring with his mouth open. He quickly composed himself. "Yes, something like that, Naren-san. I am pleased you understand."

Kujuyo walked to the door and called to Sesshoumaru. "Your daughter is this way. Please come." As they walked down a brightly lit hallway, Kujuyo commented on the pictures and paintings on the walls.

"This was my great grandfather, first of the family to come to Japan. My family originally came from the western world. This one here is a picture of Toya at his dedication ceremony. He cried so loud when we marked him with the family symbol. Tokiya on the other hand was so silent you thought he might be asleep with his eyes open!" He went on and on about his family. Sesshoumaru felt like strangling himself out of boredom. He stopped in from of a large portrait.

Kujuyo sighed. "This was my late wife, Setsuna. She was such a strong woman. Her family was a distant branch of the Naren line and the marriage was arranged for us. I don't think I could have been happier though." He turned to Sesshoumaru. "Before I allow my guards to escort you out, is there anything you would like to ask?"

Sesshoumaru glanced at the portrait. The woman was tall, even sitting in a chair. Her delicate features were surrounded by thick red curls and her eyes were a piercing blue. A child stood on either side of her, obviously the two sons. In her lap sat a toddler, with the same hair and eyes. It had to be the whelp. He looked back at Kujuyo. "Why is she inheriting? Why not one of the brothers? And what did she mean when she said there was nothing else?"

Kujuyo replied carefully. "Because the Naren line does not always flow in a straight line. The power transfers to the strongest child in the generation, regardless of which line he, or she, is part of. Ayaka was 9 when her younger brother was born and she was proclaimed heir to the name and line of Naren."

He glanced up at Sesshoumaru's face. "The Naren line is not a line a rich in history. We only came to power as humans began to make their assent. We have no great artifacts to pass on, nothing of that sort. All we have is each other."

From out of nowhere, something crackled and a voice filled the hall. Sesshoumaru's instinct went psychotic. "Naren-sama. You have a call on line one. It's the leader of your latest project."

Kujuyo walked back towards the office quickly, not looking back. "Taishio-san, please feel free to wander around. If you wish to leave, Rin is in the room marked with the name 'Tetsou'."

Sesshoumaru fought to regain his calm. The voice had thrown him for a loop. Carefully he rose out of his crouch and rearranged his hair neatly. Then he set out to find Rin and get out of this madhouse.

Two hours later...

Mentally, Sesshoumaru was twitching. On the inside though, his face was dangerously calm and even. He had just spent the last two hours lost in the Naren mansion, searching for Rin. He had passed several guards and refused to ask for help. What would he have come to? The InuTaishio of the Western Lands asking a lower class for help? Inconceivable. He was now standing in a long hallway which looked disturbingly familiar.

His gaze shifted to the wall, taking in the now severely disliked portraits. An object on the wall caught his eye. A small black box with several buttons on it blinked in an inconspicuous spot. Sesshoumaru strode over and studied it carefully. One button looked promising; it was small and red, with a light under it. He mashed the button down as he saw several guards do. All the lights went out.

"This Sesshoumaru demands you tell him where Rin is." He barked imperiously into the box.

Nothing happened.

"This Sesshoumaru demands you obey him!" He growled even louder.

Still nothing.

"Grrrrr!" He raised his claws, preparing to rip the offending item off the wall in his anger when a small voice stopped him.

"It won't work if the button is off."

Sesshoumaru turned around to see a small boy about Rin's age standing there. He was dressed in expensive clothes, and had light red blonde hair. His arms were full of several toys and books and a wagon stuffed to busting was behind him. Sesshoumaru looked confused for a moment.

"I said, it won't work if the button is off, see?" The child placed the rest of the toys on his wagon and stood on tiptoes to reach the button. "Where are you going?"

Sesshoumaru sighed. It was a child after all and one's dignity didn't mean much to a child. "I am trying to find my daughter. She is playing somewhere in this house."

"Follow me." The little boy turned and marched down the hallway, not even waiting for Sesshoumaru to start.

Several turns and doorways later, they were standing outside a colorful door with a name written in a strange language across it. The little boy stopped.

"She is in here, Jii-san." He held open the door and entered.

Sesshoumaru peeked inside the room to see Rin playing with a stack of blocks, building a castle. The child walked right up to her and dumped out the wagon full of toys. That blasted whelp was sitting in there too, helping with the castle. She looked up and glared when she saw Sesshoumaru. Ayaka stood up with a nod.

"Tetsou-chan, I am going to talk to Otou-san. Stay in the house." She strode past Sesshoumaru with a huff and slammed the door behind her.

Tetsou shrugged. "I brought more toys, Rin-chan."

"Thank you, Sou-kun!" Rin glanced up to see Sesshoumaru. "Sesshoumaru-sama!"

Rin barreled into him, hugging him tightly. She smiled at him and chattered animatedly. "Rin was playing with Sou-kun, Sesshomaru-sama! Sou-kun has so many interesting toys! Can Rin have some more toys?"

Sesshoumaru smiled down at Rin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a guard appear at the door. "We will see, Rin. It's time to go home."

"Aww, ok." She turned to Testou. "Bye bye, Sou-chan."

"Wait, Rin-chan. I gots a DVD for you to watch." He rummaged through a cabinet, emerging with a small thin package, covered in bright colors and animals. "It's called Hamtaro."

The guard escorted them through the complex after they had said their goodbyes, silently turning and twisting through the hallways. Sesshoumaru was beginning to think that the house was designed to confuse anyone who visited. Finally they came to a large room full of the things Kagome called 'cars". Their guard walked to a cupboard on the wall and handed Sesshoumaru a set of keys. Sesshoumaru looked at them with mild trepidation as the guard walked off.

"What are these for?" He asked imperiously.

The guard never turned around. "A gesture of faith."

Just outside the garage was a black car, obviously foreign, with the strange writing on the side. Written in Japanese along the back bumper were two words. Astin Martin. Sesshoumaru looked at the keys again, turning them about. A small black object hanging from the key ring caught his eye. It had four buttons on it, two colored, two black. After his experience with colored buttons, he decided to push one of the black ones.

The car beeped and a tinny female voice came from the front end. "Good morning."

Carefully he put Rin in the back seat prepared to destroy the car at any moment. He climbed into the front seat and pulled the strange band across his chest as the car prompted him to. Finally strapped in, he trained a full out glare at the car.

"Take me to the apartment, car." He ordered.

Nothing happened. Before he could rip out the steering column, a familiar and annoying voice came by his window.

Whatsa matter, Inu-kun? Doncha know howta drive a car?" Ayaka drawled, leaning on the window. He turned the glare on her and she shrugged. "Move over then. I'll drive."

Sesshoumaru eyed her suspiciously. "Are you a better driver than most taxis?"

She cranked up the engine before replying. "As a matter of fact, yes I am." She mashed the gas several times, revving up. "The only issue is that I am not yet 16 and not legally allowed to drive. Hold on!"


Half an hour later and several barely missed semis and jumped curbs later, she pulled up to the apartment complex. With a demonic giggle, she shut off the car and tossed the keys into Sesshoumaru's lap. The lord of the west was sitting catatonic in his seat, gripping the handle like it was a life line. He kept murmuring something about needing to carry Tensaiga where ever he went. Ayaka left him there and made her way to the bus stop to wait for the inner city line.

Chapter four end.