Hey, I just watched titanic and this popped into my head. I love that movie sooooo much! Plz review

I had been waiting for this for a long time. Since the day when I pried his icy hand from mine, and watched his once carefree and spirited face slowly disappear in the sea, farther and farther away from me, his one true love. Since the day my heart broke in two before the crewmember's eyes. Since the day that I cried so many tears that I hardly wanted to live anymore. But I had made a promise, a promise to grow up and marry and have children, so that he would not have died only for me to follow him into the great blue yonder. I had done my duty, and at 103 years old, it was time for me to leave this world. My eyes slowly closed, never to open again.

I felt myself being pulled into a dark tunnel. How cliche. But there was a light at the end of it, and silhouette standing there, at the end of the tunnel. My body changed to the body I had beheld at 18, when he met me. "Rose!" cried Jack as he ran to me. We embraced. I cried into his shoulder. " I have been waiting so long for you, oh Jack" I said nuzzling his shoulder. "So have I" he murmured, " you never let go, and I thank you for that". We kissed, and suddenly we were on the titanic again, just like in my dream I had had shortly before dropping the locket into the ocean. They clapped, and suddenly I knew I was home, wherever Jack was.

The titanic disappeared, and we were standing in the light again. We walked forward, hand in hand into the light. I feared not for what lay ahead for he was with me. Jack. Jack, Jack, Jack. "Are you ready?" he said. We were at the edge of the light, and ahead there was what appeared to be a pool of light. "I jump you jump, right?" I said. We dove in, and our atoms, intertwined for eternity, were recycled and became part the earth, the sea, the wind, and the sky, with the atoms of everyone else who had ever crossed into the heavens. I was reunited, forever, with my Jack. I was finally complete.

Kinda short. O well.