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Chapter One


Hinata grimaced, eyes closed as the sunlight peeked through the curtains to glare into her face. Not a normal occurrence, since the bed in her room faced away from the windows…but lets not get into that right now. Our heroine did not feel like getting up. Her head was pounding in an excruciating way she had never before experienced and she was definitely not eager to get up and face it.

She turned her face away from the sunlight and sighed. It was just too comfortable to stay there like that. At least more comfortable than waking up.

'And warm too…'

"Hmm…" She snuggled up to the warmth, curling her arms around it. 'So comfortable…' It was winter after all and the Hyuuga compound was not known for it's warmth in more ways than one. Hiashi always said that hardships produced stronger fighters.

'Wait a minute…when did I get a heater in my room? Or even a hot water bottle?' A low rumble emanating from beneath her head disrupted her thoughts. 'Since when to hot water bottles do that?' With her eyes still closed she experimentally poked the source of the warmth.

'Firm. It doesn't feel like a hot water bottle…'

Hinata valiantly tried to guess what it might be, frowning with her eye still shut. Eventually (actually not all that long after) , she gave up trying to guess. It just hurt her head too much trying to think about it.

She opened one eye slowly and was met with an expanse of pale skin. Her hand was right there lying on top of it, looking all too 'at home'. At that moment she didn't have the presence of mind to move it as she blinked. And blinked again.


She turned bright red in embarrassment and hastily moved away from the body. Tried to anyway. Hinata was firmly trapped by an arm wrapped almost possessively around her waist.

Her eyes moved up from his chest to his neck, his lips… She gulped.

'Please let him be asleep. Please. Please…' His nose and finally his eyes. Open.

Her stomach plummeted. Not only was he very awake and staring at her (which was making her even more uncomfortable if that's possible), he was Uchiha Sasuke. The former missing-nin, Uchiha Sasuke. The man with all the girls after him, Uchiha Sasuke. The best friend of her crush, Uchiha Sasuke.


Sasuke just watched her emotionlessly as always as complete and utter horror mounted on her face only to be swept away by sadness. Hinata even seemed to have forgotten he was there. He was a little miffed and curious, not that he let that show, of course.

'She's probably thinking about the dobe.'

His expression hardened as he came to that conclusion. Meanwhile, Hinata was so absorbed in her memories of the previous night that she didn't notice.

'It doesn't matter anymore…Naruto-kun is engaged to Ino-san. The party last night…I cant remember what happened after. How I got here…'

All of a sudden Hinata remember where she was and with whom. She blushed cherry red and opened her mouth to say something, anything to get her out of this situation. Unfortunately, she couldn't think of anything. She jumped off the bed (the arm had left her waist while she had been spaced out) and backed away. Sasuke lay on his bed calmly, quietly, just watching her. Reflexively she looked down.

If everything else wasn't bad enough, now she noticed she wasn't wearing her own clothes, in fact, they were men's clothes. His clothes. She started to hyperventilate when she realised the implications…

'oh my gosh, he's seen me WITHOUT my clothes on! I'm So embarrassed…OH MY GOD! DID WE DO ANYTHING!'

Her head was beyond hurting now, she couldn't think straight. Neither could she ask him if what she thought was true, was in fact, actually true.

'Have to get out. Now! Leave!'

She scrambled around the room gathering her belongings frantically as Sasuke looked on silently. As soon as she thought she had everything she glanced at him. There was a strange look in his eyes that she didn't take the time to try to decipher.

Hinata just blushed more and put her fingers together into the seal for the transportation jutsu favoured by the jounin of Konoha and left in a puff of smoke.

If Sasuke had been one to sigh, he would have. A frustrated sigh maybe? Probably more exasperated than anything else. Here he was, Uchiha Sasuke, one of, if not the most sought after bachelor in Konoha and the only girl he had ever 'taken home' was or had been anything but pleased to wake up there. She didn't asked what had happened, he had seen the confusion in her eyes and thought it unlikely that she would remember.

'Not with the amount of alcohol she took in.'

It's true, Hinata, Hyuuga Hinata had been drunk. So plastered out of her mind that she woke up in a strange man's bed (which, face it, Sasuke basically is) without any idea of how she had come to be there.

'This is not the way its supposed to go…'

He leaned back against the headboard, shirtless, not naked as Hinata had thought and looked at the ceiling in silent contemplation.

When Hinata arrived home she rushed to her room. Luckily enough, she didn't meet anyone on her way. It would not have been a pleasant experience explaining why she was wearing a man's clothes (especially if the saw the Uchiha fan which she herself had not yet noticed.).

She walked straight into her adjoining bathroom and stripped down without thinking. There was a pile of clothes on the floor (both hers and Sasuke's) when she stepped into the shower.

The water was as cold as she could get it. It soothed her head somewhat and got her out of her numb state of mind. By the time she got out, she had decided it would be best if she just ignored the whole matter.

'And I'm almost positive Sasuke-san wont say anything…I think…No he wont say anything, he NEVER talks about his private life…I hope.'

Yes, she would start ignoring it right away. That lasted all of five seconds before she saw the Uchiha symbol on the back of the navy t-shirt she had been wearing. She blushed.

'I guess I'll start ignoring it as soon as I return his clothes. I hope no one sees them. I hope no one saw me in them…'

She stuffed them in the back of her closet for the time being. Who knew what would happed if her family found out she had spent the night with the Uchiha. Neji would kill him and her father would most likely force her into a marriage…with or without Sasuke. Her face turned cherry red as she thought of being married to the stoic male.

'It was nice waking up next to h- What? No! Don't think like that! I hardly know him, besides I'm still recovering from Naruto-kun…'

As fate would have it, Hinata was not able to keep her resolution for more than another couple of hours. She had been called to see the Hokage and guess who just happened to be there staring at her with his blank face?

'Of course, Sasuke-kun is here. It's just my luck.' Hinata froze in the doorway as her eyes fell on the Uchiha. 'Wait a minute…Sasuke-kun? When did that happen?'

She turned redder than Sasuke thought possible. All the while Tsunade was watching the interaction, vaguely amused. It seemed to her that something was going on between the two. She quietly observed the look they shared. It was as if no one else was in the room. Hinata had never acted this way around him and Sasuke's face was just a little too expressionless.

'Oh yeah, there is definitely something going on here. That Uchiha better not hurt her.'

Tsunade frowned at him sternly and cleared her throat. "Hinata."

Hinata jumped and broke eye contact with Sasuke. She rushed into the room looking flustered.

"Ah…Gomen, Tsunade-same."

Hinata was painfully aware of Sasuke's gaze. He hadn't taken his eyes off of her since she came into the room. It wasn't doing anything for her nerves. His face was, of course, unreadable as always, not that she dared look at him again.

Tsunade ignored the obvious inattention of the two nin and gave them their mission. "Now get out."

Hinata jumped again. Sasuke didn't react. Hinata was panicking now. She didn't have a clue what their mission was about. Shizune came up and handed her a scroll detailing everything they needed to know. She let out a relieved smile and they left.

I know, I know. Its a commonly used plot device but ill try to make it as entertaining as possible. So... Did they actually do anything? Will Sasuke make a move when they away on the mission? Will I think of a good third question? Who knows