Commander In Chief/ ER Crossover Story

September 10, 2006


Mac is the beginning of her second term as president, she has made Jim her VP and Nathan is no longer the Speaker of the House. He left his position after he suffered a minor stroke. Rod became Mac's Chief of Staff once again after she appointed Jim as her VP.

Horace and Becca are 23 years old. Amy is turning 14 years old. Amy is quiet and studious and is just beginning her second year of high school at the same school that Becca and Horace attended. She feels as she has a lot to prove because of her older siblings and that she is the daughter of the president.

Horace went to Duke University on a Basketball scholarship and is about to finish his third year up. He will begin Law school within the next year. Becca attended a local college in Chicago and is beginning her first year at a medical school. She wants to become an ER doctor. She begins her second year residency in County General Hospital, where she becomes quick friends with Neela, Abby, and Sam.

Story is set before and during season twelve of ER. Gallant has passed on and Ray tries to advance his feelings for Neela. All the characters are the same as the always were in the show.