Chapter 13

Washington DC, White House

Mac quietly paced around her office as she wondered why her oldest daughter had yet to call her. She had heard from Horace earlier that day as he called to wish Amy luck on her swim meet. It was unusual to get a call from one twin and not the other, but Mac had yet to hear from Becca. She assumed that Becca was busy and didn't have the time to call her. Although, it was a little depressing and upset that she had to wait for a call from her but she brushed it off and continued with her day.

Kelly entered the room with a clipboard in one hand and her cell phone in the other. It wasn't unusual to see her this way as she had entered with Rod. They were often seen together.

"Are you busy?" Rod asked his wife as he entered her office.

"No," Mac said quickly back to him.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked, Mac store blankly back at her husband, "Amy's swim meet, remember,"

"Oh…" she said as he answered him.

They walked out of the office as Kelly followed behind them. Kelly was off for the rest of the night and Amy had invited her to the swim meet as well as her parent's.

County General Hospital


Becca walked out of the doctor's lounge as she threw on her coat and began to walk out of the hospital, Claire had already left and somehow forgot to tell her friend that she was doing so. It was bad enough that Becca had to stay a little later than her but for her to leave her was weird. Maybe she just had a bad day, Becca thought to her self as she walked out of the hospital and down to train station to leave. It had been a rough day and Becca looked forward to relaxing at home.

The walk home wasn't anything different to Becca as she put her key into the lock and began to walk up the stairs. The stairs never seemed to end and she was happy once she got to her room and threw her lab coat on the back of her chair and walked down the stairs. Nothing had seem to change between her and her roommate they were still cordial to one another and tried to work together as much as they could. Becca thought this would probably be the most appropriate time to call her mother as busy as she was and her mother was probably busier.