Logan is slow with her, careful, so unlike how it's been before, treating her like something delicate, fragile, even though he knows more than anyone else that he's not gonna break her.

He undresses her slowly, taking items of clothing off carefully, like he's unwrapping something treasured. Something loved. His fingertips trace over her body, over the lines of her palms, the curve of her shoulder, the slope of her collarbone, and then he replaces his fingers with his lips.

He starts at her neck, his tongue pressing gently at the pulse of her throat, feeling her heartbeat speed up. It beats faster and faster as his mouth trails lower, his lips dragging over her skin, teeth unleashing from lips to scrape gently across her shoulder.

He stops suddenly, nestled between her breasts, and he nuzzles against her chest, pressing his lips to her breast bone.

"I love you." She might not have heard it if not for genetically enhanced hearing, and his eyes - the blue so clear now, without the barrier of his glasses - glance up to her face, wondering if she heard, if it's too late to take it back.

She pulls at his forearms, pulling him up until she can connect with his mouth, kissing until she can't breathe anymore but she doesn't want to stop, she wants to keep drinking him in, for hours, days, weeks at a time.

Max finally lets him pull away and drag in a breath of much-needed oxygen, and her fingertips trace carefully over his features, lingering at the corner of his lips before she finally tells him.

"I love you, too."