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AN: Spoilers for Nesting Dolls.


I'm looking at Her body, and I'm wondering why I'm surprised. Her stab wounds are so similar to His. So. Damn. Similar.

When I look at Her, I try and remember something about Her. When He died, I could. There was one good memory. Him taking me to the beach, letting me play in the ocean. Helping me build sandcastles.

But… looking at Her… all I can see is that night. All I can see is Him about to hit me again. Him stopping midway- looking surprised. A sliver of metal poking through His shoulder. Him turning around and asking Her what the hell She was doing in a scratchy voice. She just stabbed him again. I was frozen- barely conscious on the floor.

She kept on stabbing. More and more blood covered both of us. And for the life of me, I couldn't stop thinking of Him building a sandcastle with me- smiling.

The police came. They had to pull Her off of Him. A frantic neighbor had been saying something in the background. Something about hearing screams.

He hadn't screamed. She definitely hadn't. Funny. I don't remember screaming. I had thought I was too far gone to do anything.

One of the younger cops was throwing up. There was so much blood… I couldn't blame him. A woman was there. She was trying not to look. She just looked at me. She had nice eyes. Blue. I couldn't let go of her hand.

The woman asked me if I wanted to call someone. I nodded. I don't know why. I looked through a phonebook and found his name. My brother's. I was in hysterics, sobbing while trying to get enough breath into my lungs to tell him what happened. When I did… he hated Her. I don't know why. But I think he was upset that She hadn't done it before he ran away.

She got out just a month ago. I should have expected it.

I look at Her, and try to remember. But I can't. Because of the stab wounds, all I can see is that night. And maybe that's what my brother intended. For me to only remember my fear of Her from that night.

It's funny how someone that looks so much like Him is going to jail for killing Her.

I'm wondering why I'm surprised.

Because I shouldn't be.