She is lost. She travels through the maze that is her mind, searching for a way out. She can't speak – her only way to communicate is by using timid hand gestures. But that doesn't matter, because even if she could speak, she wouldn't know what to say.

She knows who her son is. He is the one person she remembers from before. He doesn't visit her often, but she never forgets him. In some ways, he is the only sane thing she has left to hold onto.

She wants desperately to be able to speak with him, to let him know she loves him. But she doesn't know how. She doesn't know how to do anything. It takes an enormous amount of willpower for her to even walk, and she never gets very far. She can usually make it to the doorway of the ward before she needs to be escorted back to her bed.

Her brain has been tampered with, her mind almost gone. She is standing behind a giant wall – she is on one side, the world is on the other.

Excruciating pain… Somehow, she realizes that that was what forced her into this lifeless existence.

She will never know, but she used to be a wonderful woman. Kind, generous, brave. She was an esteemed member of society, people looked up to her.

But none of that matters anymore. Now she is merely a fragment of the person she used to be. Now she is trapped within herself with no way out.

Now, Alice Longbottom is no one.