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Love Me If You Dare

The birds chirped loudly and hurriedly got out of the way when Sothe came storming by, growling furiously and kicking at some unfortunate rock that was there. His hands shoved into his pockets, the boy grumbled under his breath as he stomped over to the stronghold. He walked briskly past Tormod, and wouldn't have noticed him had the red-haired teenager kept silent. "Been rejected by Volke again, uh?"

"I swear, what's up with that man!" the green-haired thief exclaimed, throwing his hands up. "I just want him to teach me to use knives like he does! I wanna be amazing too!"

Tormod looked at his exasperated friend and scratched his head. "Well, you know Volke is some kind of a loner, I don't think he thinks himself able to, err... put up with you, 'tis all."

Sothe sighed and sat down upon the ground. "He isn't able to put up with anyone for that matter. But still! I want to learn some skills!" Sothe crossed his arms and pouted. Tormod bit his lip to keep from laughing out; his friend currently looked like a big baby.

"Well, I don't know," the mage said instead. "Be persistent and patient, maybe he'll change his mind. Eh, after all, this is Volke, you can't very well force him to agree, uh?" Tormod chuckled at the mere idea of Sothe giving orders to the murderer.

Sothe was going to bite back some retort at his laughing comrade, but he then rubbed his chin in deep thoughts. "Hey, actually... your idea isn't half bad, Tormod."

The redhead immediately stopped chuckling. "What?" He searched Sothe's face for any hint that the thief was joking, but he didn't like what he saw. The boy's eyes were downcast and his fingers were fidgeting – he only did that when he was brewing up some twisted idea of his. Realisation dawned on Tormod. "Oh no, what have I done..."

"Come on, we have to find Volke!" Sothe jumped to his feet and grabbed Tormod's hand to drag him off to wherever he thought Volke was hiding.

The teenage mage sighed heavily. And I thought this day started so well... I should have known it wouldn't stay that way.


"For the last time, no," Volke growled as soon as he saw Sothe approaching, already irritated. It was a wonder, no scratch that, it was a curse the boy managed to keep track of him wherever he was when even Ike himself had trouble finding. And he had brought his red-haired friend, to top it off. What a great way to begin the day!

Sothe only stopped walking when he was standing directly in front of Volke, and he released Tormod's hand. "I know, I'm not asking you again," the young thied grinned.

Volke's first reaction was to feel relieved for a few seconds but then his instintcs took over and he got suspicious. What could have gotten the boy to change his mind so fast? Well, at least it proves I was right about refusing to train him, Volke thought and couldn't help but feel disappointed to find that Sothe wasn't as hard-headed as he thought he was. The kid doesn't know what he wants. Pity.

"Well it comes you know when to give up finally," Volke shrugged and tried to keep the bitterness out of his tone of voice.

"Nuh-uh." Sothe waved a finger, his grin widening more if that was even possible. "I said I wasn't asking you!" He then crossed his arms and smiled smugly, like he just had outsmarted his senior.

Volke glared and raised one eyebrow. "So what?" he grunted unhappily. "You think you can order me around so easily? Keep dreaming, kiddo."

"I wasn't thinking about that either! Geez, man, let me finish!" Volke only glared harder. "In fact, I was thinking about... a bet."

"A bet?" the killed repeated.

"Yeah, a bet, know how it works right? Yeah I guess... If I win, you teach me how to throw knives and daggers like you. If you win, I'll never bother you with that again. Sounds right?"

Volke scratched at his rough chin, thinking over the idea. Indeed this would be a good way to get rid of the annoying boy and earn himself some peace and quiet, but he'd better not lose to Sothe. And knowing the youngster, he was expecting anything and everything. "Sounds like a deal," he finally smirked. "But it has to be something serious, not a stupid "I-can-run-there-faster-than-you!" bet."

"Just a minute." Sothe had many, many ideas, but he was looking for one that would take Volke by surprise and yet be appealing enough for the killer to agree. After a few seconds of hard thinking, it finally clicked. "I'll find you a girlfriend!" Sothe shouted triomphally.

The three men stood there in silence with Sothe grinning and Volke staring. Tormod finally couldn't let it in and fell to the ground, nearly yelling with laughter. He rolled around some more before he was able to speak again. "Man, you are soooo never going to learn knife tricks!" he guffawed.

Even Volke chuckled at this.

"Well, what say you?" Sothe growled after he gave Tormod a good kick in the guts.

"I accept," the red-clad thief said, amused. "Say, I even give you the entire week so you can fully ridiculise yourself."

"So it's okay! Yeeha!" Sothe jumped up and nearly tripped over Tormod who was still lying on the floor. "Begin sharpening your daggers, Volke, 'cause it's only a matter of hours until you have a pretty girlfriend! Come on Tormod, we have work to do!" And with that the green-haired thug ran off.

Tormod moaned as he got up and dusted himself off. He looked at Volke. "How did I get involved into this again?" the mage whined before he took off yelling at Sothe to slow down so he could catch up.

Volke chuckled to himself. He had to admit he was very curious to see what would happen. He'll never win, the killer thought as he inserted his pipe between his smirking teeth. He can't win, what a pity. Volke couldn't have told who was to be pitied in the end.