Prologue; Mind Seal Kusari Isou

Kakashi stepped aside as the blood gushed out of his opponents face. With a single cut he had removed the ninja's front part of the head, leaving only the eyeballs and the bloody, naked muscles staring back at him. Motionlessly, the sharingan user wiped his blood covered kodachi against his clothed thigh, and sheathed it behind his back. The man traced the sensitive skin of his scar with a gloved hand and raised his head towards the sky. It would rain soon, he could feel it. He suddenly turned his head towards the side, his dull, expressionless eyes halting at a specific spot behind a tree. Kakashi inhaled sharply, feeling the saliva gather under his tongue. He could smell the panic which his victim emitted, resulting a twisted sensation of hunger emerge from his stomach. Without sparing his work a last glance, he disappeared into the woods, heading for the victim who had witnessed his massacre all along, leaving behind a mute testament to the violence of his profession...

Her lungs stung as she rushed towards the clearing. Her legs went numb, and black spots began to restrict her vision. Her muscles screamed in protest when the she sped up without preamble, knowing that Kakashi was close. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard the whiz of several projectiles ascending towards her direction. Aware that the simple move was to distract her from a massive attack that would follow, the woman had no choice but to fend them off anyway, even a kawarimi would now cost her too much chakra. She had to save her chakra for that last jutsu. After briefly closing her eyes in concentration, she slid eight kunai from her holster, four in each hand. Two shuriken, four - no, six kunai. Four high, one mid, three low range. After coordinating her targets, she swung her hands over her shoulders, forming an X in front of her chest. Allowing her projectiles to take course, she suddenly dropped to the floor and barrel rolled twice. Once her back hit the ground, her hands moved in a mad fury of hand seals, stiffening when the screeching of birds rung loudly in her ears. Chidori!

Abruptly, the sound nin clasped her hands together and brought them in front of her face, between her wide and panic stricken eyes. Velvety strings of raven smoke seemed to escape her fingers as she summoned chakra into her hands. The muscles in her jaw visibly tensed. He's coming. With her last chakra, the sound nin attempted to leap into the air in order to evade the deadly chidori. I did it, she thought anxiously when her blood soaked feet departed from the ground. The woman gasped. Blood soaked? Kakashi had aimed his Chidori towards the woman's head, but hit her chest instead due to her leap. Either way, Kakashi did not seem to care, his grave expression hovering a few centimetres above hers. He allowed a ghost of a smirk to briefly brush his lips when her convulsing body shook beneath his, her small hands unclasping painfully. Blood began to flood her lungs causing the crimson liquid to seep out of her mouth. She slowly brought her shaking hands towards the rim of his mask and slowly pulled it downwards and placed them tightly on his neck. Kakashi did not make a move to hinder her from doing so, piercing his hand further into chest instead. Obviously amused, he began to toy with her insides, twisting his hand so and so. His arm now fully pierced her little chest, and he began moving it horizontally, intending to dissect the writhing woman. She started at him, her eyes widened inhumanely.

"Like what you see?" Kakashi whispered in a silky voice. By now, the lower section of her face was covered in blood, so that it was impossible to distinguish her lips. Kakashi felt her smile triumphantly at his abrupt change in personality. The jutsu has already taken effect. Following her gaze, Kakashi eyed the area between his neck and shoulder, where she had placed her hands shortly before. A black circle with small patterns in it now decorated his shoulder, and Kakashi found that there was an identical one on his other shoulder. Snarling in confusion, he raised his other fist and pulled it back, his elbow angled in such a way that it blocked her view from the sun. She closed her eyes, unflinching, talking to the spirits of her dead comrades in her mind, before she too, joined them. Yoshikawa, Imue, Sabasakui... I have completed the jutsu you initiated in the forrest, may you all rest in peace.

An inhumane scream tore through the forest.

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