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Chapter 1

Connor couldn't help laughing as he watched his brother try to chat up some girls who had unwittingly wandered into McGinty's on a rather busy Friday night. They were glancing around clearly out of their element in a bar full of Irish men. The thought struck Connor, with a note of sadness, that it didn't used to be all Irish men. He still couldn't have a drink at McGinty's without remembering Rocco. It was surprising how much one moment could change everything. He still felt an incredible amount of guilt for Rocco's death, and he wasn't alone. He and Murphy had prayed about it and gone to confession. It had seemed to ease Murphy's soul but Connor still couldn't get right with what happened. After the storm of the trial had blown over, he and Murph had tried to find some information on Rocco's family, but the luck of the Irish hadn't been with them on that little quest. Now, nearly six months later, he was still dwelling on it over his Guinness.


Murphy glanced over at his brother and heaved a sigh, knowing exactly what was going on in his twin's head. Murphy had been hoping for a little help with the 3 ladies he was trying to convince not to leave McGinty's without letting him by them a drink, but one look at Conner told him it was hopeless. He made one more half-hearted protest before walking the ladies outside to hail a cab, but not before getting a phone number. Then he turned and walked back into the bar, a man on a mission.

"Pull yer head out of yer pint, Conn! Ye just let 3 very lovely ladies escape out from under our noses!" Murphy said, jovially slapping Conner on the back. Then he added in a lower voice "Yer thinkin' of Rocco, ain't cha?"

"Aye. It's just bein' here makes me think of the last time we were all here together..." he trailed off.

Murphy picked up his thought, as he so often did "…St. Patty's Day. Listen, Conn, we've been over this. In the end, Rocco made his own decisions, and there is nothing we could've done to save him. Rocco went out doing something he believed in, hold on to that thought instead of being a miserable arse." He reached over and grabbed Conner around the neck and ruffled his hair.

Connor managed a smile and his brother, then joked "I can't believe the adorable fuckin' Murphy couldn't manage to get those lassies over here for a drink…Ye must be losin' yer touch."

"Aw, fuck ye! I couldn't fully focus me charms anyway with ye over here cryin' in yer damn pint! It wasn't a total waste, though." He said showing Conner the phone number. Conner laughed, and waved Doc over for another round.


It was almost closing time, and McGinty's was starting to empty out. Only a few of the hard core regulars had stuck around for last call. Normally, there would have been more guys hanging out, but the thunderstorm that had rolled in a few hours before had drove out all but the serious drinkers.

Doc was wiping down the end of the bar, when the door opened and a small, sopping wet figure walked in the door. "C-Can I help ye?"

The figure drew the hood away to reveal a soaked girl with long, curly brown hair and a beautiful olive skinned face. She said, "I hope so. I'm looking for my brother."

"Almost everyone's gone home, but maybe he was here earlier. What's yer brother's name, lass?" Doc asked the dripping girl.

With all eyes turned toward her, the girl said clearly, "David Della Rocco."