K- Kids

L- Living Out

U- Unchild like

B- Behaviour

Chapter 1- Welcome

"Welcome," a female blonde eleven year old said, "to the KLUB!" she announced loudly and kids no older than twelve cheered.

Dancing started immediately and kids as young as six and seven were seen gyrating in outfits many teens aren't even allowed to wear.

Not that they (the six and seven year olds) were actually allowed to wear it, but who cared? This was KLUB one of the most notorious underground kid nightclubs in the world. Kids, Teens and Adult organizations a like have been trying to bring down illegal clubs like this for years but KLUB was not only amongst the few that succeeded to remain open but also one of the oldest surviving Clubs and the oldest one in America that was still functioning. The oldest ones were ten others between the ages of sixty-five to two hundred and twenty-five years old. But only four of these were as well furbished and highly classed as KLUB, and only one was better. That one's deep in Central Europe, called SLIDE, and it's nearly two hundred and twenty-six years old. But that one's pointless right now.

Stripers and dancers were making their nightly living on poles, tables, the dance floor with patrons or giving personal lap dances to males or females younger or older than them. A six year old could very well be giving a sensual lap dance.

Screaming five, six and seven year old girl girls could be seen by one of the miniature stages flashing money to an eleven year old stripper.

Meanwhile at one section where tables were blocked by a one-way mirror screen, rich children or those with some form of prestige or power sat and chuckled as they watched other children dancing on the outside. The one's on the inside of the screen could see anything outside it but those outside couldn't see within it. It was enjoyable for those who could afford it or just had the power to get a screened table. They could spy on others from the comfort of their tables. Sometimes they'd see a particular girl or boy that they liked and notify a guarding bouncer to call she or he over to them. The patrons chosen almost never refused.

Yes they were lots of things and people at KLUB. But like most clubs it had something else floating around. Drugs. These were mainly chemically enhanced and changed to suit children better by the club's fifteenth year of being open. So these 'children' drugs have been around for a while. Coin was the name for the younger age version of cocaine and other nicknames for them. There were also fume drugs for the most part were safer and less deadly addictive as drugs like Coin (Children heavily hooked on Coin later went onto taking Cocaine to get a greater high). But they could affect and deaden a person's perception and thinking similar to alcohol (but worse). Depending on the child's external and internal make up, taking a fume pipe (which usually had up to seventy puffs for the strong regular stuff and up to fifty for the extra strong stuff) could leave you 'muddled' for a few hours or up to a few or several days. Usually fumers (those who smoke fume pipes) had friends who didn't smoke and knew about it. So when they became muddled the friend could help watch over them until the fumer became 'right' again. Also the friend helped to keep parents, teens and adults from finding out. But forty percent of fumers had parents who took hard illegal drugs, so for some fumer's friends the job wasn't that hard.

Yes the KLUB was the place where children who felt like partying like adults could party. Too bad organizations adult and younger were trying to shut clubs like this down. Forever.

Chapter 1

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